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  1. don't know.. but the release date is tomorrow.. so you probably should try tomorrow
  2. for those interested, got my Bad Cop Bad Cop - Warriors and my Nofx - FDE records.. BCBC was on green w/ red splatter and Nofx was on opaque blue/green swirl
  3. missed this album when it came out.. shame on me
  4. got NOFX and Bad Cop, Bad Cop on colored vinyl.. should be interesting to see on which color.
  5. for anyone interested... they played their last show almost two weeks ago.. and for that occasion they released this album with a folded cover under the moniker of Twin Red.. that one was black vinyl and limited to 100
  6. is the Descendents record still available? and what would it cost to ship it to Germany?
  7. got the opaque blue.. which looks really nice..
  8. bought the clear indie version at my old workplace when I visited the town.. liking the record very much
  9. maybe a little bit of help for a fellow guy in europe.. thank you
  10. went to the show here in Berlin on sunday.. great concert.. but unfortunately they were already out of vinyl... in other good news, got the RFC variant and the deluxe edition today.
  11. bought a copy at the local media markt.. it was the standard red version.. not so much translucent.. and it came with an insert
  12. PO: Seaway - Vacation

    got the european exclusive today. excited to listen to the record tonight!
  13. finally bought the Milky Clear w/Red Transparent Smoke variant and a ticket to the show here in Berlin.. almost sold out.