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  1. No issues with mine. Good sound quality and everything.
  2. Damn, I should've bought them yesterday before the price changed.
  3. Also: "And also pressed on the following colors, these are unavailable for order:Clear vinyl (200 pressed, GLM 2017 subscription club & band exclusive color)Waxmage hand-made splatter (25 pressed, band exclusive."
  4. Very excited for this.
  5. Here's what my local store posted about it:
  6. Wait, where was this from?
  7. Also here for $24.99 (but without free shipping, I think):
  8. This album is great. I listened to it once yesterday, but I look forward to spending all day at work with it today.
  9. Pre-order NowShips on or before: 06/09/17 Pre-order and receive immediate download of the single, That's Why. "Loud, raucous, and passionate, the band has an unmistakable yawp that marks them as the heirs apparent to Jawbreaker." - Afropunk North Carolina's own Junior Astronomers return with Body Language, the long awaited follow up to their acclaimed 2013 album, Dead Nostalgia. Over the last few years, Junior Astronomers have made friends and fans across the US through their touring and shows, supporting artists including Manchester Orchestra, Modest Mouse, All Get Out, Piebald, The Weeks, and many others. In between touring, the band has steadily written and released new music through a series of 7" EPs, all the while working on material for their new album. Body Language is a record about love, growth, and the inevitability of change through the course of life. The album thoughtfully portrays the nuances of coming of age, the complexities of relationships, and finding a new normal in a constantly changing world. When it came time to record, Junior Astronomers set out to capture a sound that showcased their own evolution as a band. Working with engineer and producer Mike Pepe(Taking Back Sunday, Modern Chemistry), the band spent time exploring and recording sound in Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium Recordings (Dinosaur Jr., Wilco, Ben Folds Five), before having Dan Millice (A$AP Rocky, Townes Van Zandt) at Engine Room Audio add the final mastering touches. The culmination of their efforts was an album that musically and lyrically shares a theme of rebirth and growth. "Junior Astronomers keep us in the middle of the messes of humanity." - Paste Pressing Information 100 - Seafoam 100 - Black 300 - Light blue
  10. Wow, I hadn't heard that he had extended it to 24 albums. That's crazy.
  11. Haha, this actually gave me a pretty good laugh.
  12. well, that was pretty awesome. Hopefully all of these orders don't just get cancelled.
  13. Picked up the Clapton box set. Still on the hunt for Day of the Dead.
  14. WOOOOAAAAHHH!!!! Bazan is my favorite. Won't be able to listen to the single until after work, but a new Bazan album always has me giddy.