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  1. I agree that Opposite is their best work. Its just iconic. but I also think You come before you is amazing. I really couldn't get into Versions and by the time tropic rot came out I just wasn't following them anymore, but I do have a suspicion that I might dig that record from the little I've heard.
  2. I made $7.25 an hour (CAD) part time my first job. I wasn't about to start collecting records. Most early/Mid 2000s hardcore/metalcore had a fanbase that was broke ass kids. 15$ on a CD that I can bring anywhere was a no brainer. I wasn't going to buy CDs and vinyl at that age. Its not surprising that 15/20 years later we want to own these records when money is less of an issue (generally).
  3. That hoodie is really nice too, dont really wear band merch much anymore but it is nice.
  4. Feel so/so on the b&w cover. Makes it feel like a boot. But excited to own a non picture disk of this record finally.
  5. Shipping from bandcamp on that double LP to Canada wasn't too bad so pulled the trigger on that.
  6. This is accurate. I have those black pressings as well, and they are by far the best sounding pressings of those albums (from the ones Ive heard anyway). Just waiting on the deluxe TOYPAJ.
  7. What a shit take. This could also be considered "virtue signaling", friend. I'm not lecturing, or compelled to do anything and I haven't disagreed with anyone. Prancing around the internet? you have any other examples of this or just thought it made you sound good? give me a break. Find a better use for my time? You are aware this is a sub for collecting vinyl records right? Every post here could be considered a waste of time. Would you rather talk about what I'm doing with my life? Would that make for better convo on a vinyl site? What a joke.
  8. This is the thing for me. People still listen to MJ, Bowie, Aerosmith, and they all get radio play despite doing some pretty disgusting stuff. People just gotta empathize with people more and not think cause you listen to band you support pedophilia or something.
  9. It 100% is. Thats fair. I still listen occasionally, but I'm not supporting the shit he did. This is for sure a fair point for sure. Hearing something in the songs that brings the person into it, makes it much less enjoyable.
  10. I'm also not going to stop listening to a band I liked in some attempt to pat myself on the back and seem woke online. People who feel the need to tell strangers on the internet that they stopped listening to a band cause "bad man" are just virtue signaling. I dont give a shit about the members of this band, or any band.
  11. I only have the picture disk of this, so will likely be grabbing it. Wish I had got that 20th anniversary opposite of December a few years back.
  12. I hate spontaneous pre orders. Would have really liked this.
  13. I swear they release this record strictly around the times I cant afford it.
  14. I agree. I love this album, but I didn't know so many people cared about it. I think its their best album... Although I only like their first 3.
  15. yes, because a Norma Jean vinyl pre order forum page is where we all go to talk about our real struggles.

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