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  1. Finally picking up Miss Machine and Calculating Infinity.
  2. Don't care which colour, not looking to pay ebay pricing but let me know what you have.
  3. Love nightmare before Christmas, but realistically I'll never spin this. Looks nice though
  4. I got pretty lucky with the original OST, bought it on ebay for 40CAD, and the guy was local. Somehow that listing flew under the radar. I did get the red RSD picture disk when they found stock though.
  5. Sorry for the useless bump, but nan finally got around to listening to this.... This album is fucking amazing. Def hoping that alfredo vinyl comes back though. Great music and fun vinyl aren't mutually exclusive.
  6. Its not an incredible movie. But I enjoy it for what it is, visually pleasing with a easy story. Similar to a lot of that genre , like Star Wars for example.
  7. I somewhat agree, I think the slipcase cover and the gatefold look great. Hoping the actual cover does it more justice in person.
  8. This is what Ive always wanted, SUPER excited... I don't see any pressing info? I hope this is easy enough to get.
  9. Ahh, so more of a dish it out but can't take it type guy I see. But if you're scared of a math contest it's all good. Have a good day buckaroo!
  10. Slow your cheeto fingers mate. I thought you were referring to the latter release. You wanna have a math off? I'm game.
  11. 72 CAD shipped for a 2LP is nuts but TLOU is my amazing and the OST is special. Hoping the Tron OST is up before January so I can possible combine shipping.
  12. That is very sad, I grew up around all the UO bands in the more "punk" scene, for me thats all I really got into for protest. I get them not liking it, but no need to be embarrassed, they were kids and its a kick ass album.
  13. I just really wish these guys would press "a calculated use of sound"
  14. Tales From the Loop on Sale now: https://mondoshop.com/products/tales-from-the-loop-original-soundtrack-2xlp
  15. Never got around to picking this album up, this might be the time. Such a good album.
  16. Ok cool, i really hope that variantsl poster goes up too, i love it. Seems like the web copy isnt limited so i can wait a bit. Thanks
  17. That Blade runner poster was nice, i didnt even know that was dropping, would have loved that
  18. Morgan Kibby is amazing and sorely missed in my opinion, thankfully not needed for an album like DSVII. Very excited for this.
  19. I want to be excited but tycho' best work in my opinion was Past is Prologue. Once the whole band vibe started it got away from me. Dive was solid, couldnt get into awake and lost interest after that. Will def check it out though!

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