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  1. More presale tour tickets are released tomorrow apparently. Does anyone know the code/how to access?
  2. Seriously. this blew away my expectations. I will go out of my way to catch this tour.
  3. Agreed about the one flip. Still bought the 'deluxe' though because of course.
  4. Single is so good. Take all my money PV.
  5. Ugh, I could not pass on that No Good For No One test.
  6. So is "a field a flowers" a thing or was that a typo? I noticed it in George's instagram post originally, but didn't expect to see it printed in the gatefold. Spinning my clear copy from DW. I like this album.
  7. First song reminds me of the dracula rock opera in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Honeycomb slaps.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I grabbed the Owen ep with the 15% off code. Pretty solid deal.
  9. https://www.jeromesdreamforever.com/store
  10. we get all the lyrics now via the tshirts. that's cool. devils do not need a hell in order to exist.