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  1. Awesome. If only Blue Lips got a standard release.
  2. I know we don't like "PO soons" but this one should be worth keeping an eye out for. From: https://www.profoundlorerecords.com/heavens-club-complete-work-on-debut-album/ "HEAVEN’S CLUB (featuring Deafheaven guitarist Shiv Mehra and drummer Daniel Tracy) have completed work on their debut LP “Here There And Nowhere” set for release on Sept 27th on CD/LP/Digital. Listen to the first single “Mnemonic” below. Formed in Oakland, CA, HEAVEN’S CLUB began as the project of Shiv Mehra during downtime while off tour with his band Deafheaven. It then expanded to include Deafheaven drummer Dan Tracy, Nadia Kury, Chris Natividad, Ross Peacock and Luis Mayorga. Finding ground in introspective lyricism and progressive, ethereal sonics, HEAVEN’S CLUB achieves a careful balance between punching urgency and distant atmosphere. Recorded at Santo Studios in Oakland, CA, Heaven’s Club producer and engineer Andrew Oswald acts as a seventh member and brings rich texture and nuance to Mehra’s vision. Of the project, Mehra says: “Heaven’s Club is the fog of memory and insubstantial fantasy. The songs reside in the liminal space between love and the end of suffering. They reach toward an ambiguous desire for peace – a deeply felt longing.”" “Here There and Nowhere” track listing: Mnemonic Dreamboat Alone In Dresden Great Grief Here There and Nowhere Godiva The Frail Mother Strange Times
  3. US http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/648612-elvis-depressedly-depressedelica UK/EU http://runforcoverrecordsuk.limitedrun.com/products/648415 "In a sense, Elvis Depressedly’s stellar new album Depressedelica is something of a love letter to music itself, a synthesis of the broad spectrum of art and influence that shaped his youth and forged Mathew Lee Cothran’s singular sensibilities. ‘Depressedelica’ marks Cothran’s first album of new material under the Elvis Depressedly moniker in four years, and it finds him writing and recording more adventurously than ever before, pushing sonic boundaries and blurring genre lines with gleeful abandon. As wide-ranging as the arrangements here are—autotuned vocals and remixed video game samples sit side by side with hazy guitars and droning synths—the collection as a whole feels remarkably cohesive and sharply focused, the unmistakable vision of a songwriter and producer with a voracious musical appetite and a firm grasp on his identity." Pressing Information: 300 Black & White Galaxy Swirl 700 Clear with Black Smoke 1000 Neon Purple
  4. Around the time the album came out I definitely read that it was going to be black forever after the colored sold out. This album deserves more buzz than it got.
  5. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/forum/4-vinyl-collective-message-board/ You'll want to use this thread.
  6. Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen anything posted about this one: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/new-store-items-1/products/knocked-loose-a-different-shade-of-blue Blue with yellow splatter.
  7. Midnight EST according to some articles. UK articles mention midnight their time.
  8. Everything is good. I can't pick a favorite but I checked out the demo, 7" and 2 song promo right after this EP.
  9. My thoughts were the same. This EP is super good and left me wanting more.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/blink-182-detail-album-nine-141843345.html The article didn't mention the new song "Darkside" that's out now but pre-orders launch at midnight tonight.
  11. "I’m not hating on people younger than me, it just means you weren’t around for the aforementioned bands’ heydays and therefore don’t know any better so you have a good excuse" This is a bad analogy for literally anything. Barf.
  12. https://store.melaniemartinezmusic.com/ Ultimate Vinyl Bundle The Ultimate Vinyl Bundle here features K-12 Exclusive Mint Colored Gatefold Vinyl with Pop Up Packaging, Limited Edition Heart Shaped Vinyl Single, CD/DVD with Pop Up Packaging and Cassette. You also receive your choice of Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lilac or Mint Green K-12 T-Shirt, The K-12 Class Ring and K-12 Rainbow Socks. *Proceeds from the socks will benefit The Trevor Project, Powered by RPM. The Trevor Project is the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning) Young People. Exclusive Mint Colored Vinyl + heart shaped single The K-12 Exclusive Mint Colored Gatefold Vinyl with Pop Up Packaging + Limited Edition Heart Shaped Vinyl Single. Exclusively Available from The Official Melanie Martinez Webstore. *Note the film is not included with purchase of this item.
  13. Continuing, if anyone is interested in how he's manipulating his wife (he got married while serving jail time for crying out loud) check out her Instagram for some super cringy, brainwashed content.
  14. My prime ended before the price increase and I don't regret shopping elsewhere. I haven't missed out on anything worthwhile since.
  15. Nah, they've still got Mike Jeremy and Andy. 3 out of 6 beats 1 out of 15+. Or is it 0 out of 15+? Idk.
  16. At least someone agrees with me. Usually Norma Jean stans get all up in arms and go "well Cory's original enough" but like...is he? Aside from that, the drummer quitting after a year, Jeff after 8 (both this year), no originals for 4 years and no song before launching a pre-order that's more than 3 months out is bad news to me. I still enjoy their catalog but this looks questionable. Artwork is janky too.
  17. I read only Cory and Phillip are in the band now. I've been saying it for a while but it's time to call it a day. No originals since...2015?
  18. http://thrilljockey.com/products/context https://eyeflys.bandcamp.com/ Eye Fly's debut EP "Context" out 9/13/2019 on Thrill Jockey on smoky red vinyl. Members of Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac.
  19. Tip for anyone still needs Knife + Heart, I ordered it with this and got free shipping from Bullmoose. They shipped it Friday and I got it today and DSVII will ship when it releases. Bullmoose is the best.
  20. I'm lucky I went to both your cycles and I can definitely say both vocalists are phenomenal and doing/did M83 justice.