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  1. That really stinks. Fortunately, my order has already been packed up and shipped, so at least some of the Bullmoose orders went through this morning.
  2. I will take a Nativity in Black if they have one. Not holding my breath! Thanks for this offer though.
  3. Maybe you just want to see if they finally made Adrenaline Part 2!
  4. There will be a man inside the box, and he will be buried in his shit. Shipping is going to be expensive.
  5. So you listened to it in the background while working and labeled it as background music? I don't understand how people can listen to music in the background and then give a review on it. Try listening for real and then sharing your opinion.
  6. I ordered all of the latest reissues the day they went live back in 2017 I think it was. The only special thing I got with them was a 10% off apology coupon that I never used when it took 6 months to get my records. I think I'll just wait on these.
  7. Merchbar won't let me complete the checkout. It tries to process, charges my card, then refunds me and throws an error message.
  8. Is this a PJ site exclusive? If not, I will wait to order from some place that doesn't gouge on shipping charges. And it's sold out...
  9. Damn, I wish I had waited and ordered the Zia exclusive. I like that better than the Nuclear Blast one. Oh well.