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  1. The inner monologue of the poster formerly known as the ghost of randy savage.
  2. i placed two orders. one order ( i placed saturday afternoon) I actually got an email saying stuff was shipped (with non working tracking) and mentioned I had like 2 items that could not be included. my second order (that i placed Friday afternoon) I just magically received some of the items from but never got any notification of if I will receive the others. on the website it looks to be broken down into 3 shipments with 2 working links that take me to non working tracking info again. it looks like they not only had these items on sale online but also in their store. thats an inventory nightmare.
  3. Ordered from thrill jockey as well and no shipping notification yet. Boo! Trying to listen to this record...
  4. It seems like there inventory was working as stuff was listed as OOS and/or taken out of your cart if already sold out. You would think if the order went through there would be a strong chance you would get the stuff.
  5. As of right now I have not been charged for either order in full or partial. We shall see I guess.
  6. Just saw the 4th season coming out in 2019 will be the last. Im not sure if this was done by the creators or USA pulled the plug. I am totally okay with 4 strong seasons and walk off into the sunset. I still need to watch season 3 and glad i have a bit of time to catch up since season 4 isint coming on soon like it was in past years.
  7. I ordered 20 items. I got a shipping notification for 7 of them. I am in the same boat where some are still on the webite for sale. Received no cancellation or refund email either. Wonder if some are just being shipped in seperate orders. We shall see!
  8. That kerasaphorus record is a banger too. Hells headbangers quietly puts out some awesome stuff. We dont talk about them enough in this thread.
  9. I know some people were looking for acid witch stuff a while back. Hells headbangers is doing a 5 for 50 on a bunch of their releases. Midnight movies and stoned are a part of it as well as a bunch of death/doom stuff. https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/5-HHR-LPs-for-50.asp?pgID=1&gnsPvar=&gnsPatt=&cID=886&gnsScat=&gnsBrnd=&gnsPrge=&gnsRev=&sortBy=&attL=&varL=&catL=&brandL=&priceL=&ratingL=
  10. I kept not paying attention to this thread for some reason. Missed out on some good stuff and stumbled upon some things i need to check out. My desire to not buy stuff is hard with this thread...
  11. Their website is brutal. It bas reset and gone back to the beginning like 5 times and takes forever to load.
  12. Ordered from bandcamp and never got an email confirmation which is strange.
  13. Got an email from moviepass that you now can see what movies are available each day on their website. It has like one big named movie and a bunch of indies. In the next week you can see some movies only on one day, and some are showing the entire week. In all the theaters near me I can see the meg (which i have seen) or the new spike lee movie. They said they were improving it but that is far from an improvement...
  14. True. I guess my idea only works if they unfuck everything that is wrong with the app.
  15. Couldnt you check into a movie you dont give a shit about and just walk into the meg?
  16. All that is heavy is doing a 35% off sale today only. code:365Days i am beginning to like the site less and less. The new owners are really focusing on the like 60s occult stoner rock stuff way too heavily. Some of it is good but most just all sound the same.
  17. That flix stadium theater is like 2 seconds from my friends house and pretty sure i have been there. I also dont live in buffalo.
  18. Neat. I ordered a copy of this years ago from a member here and it got taken from my porch so that was cool. Have been bitter ever since and was holding off for a repress. Hopefully they will do more dates for this. That parkway drive tour kind of screws with it i am sure. I also hope this means they will play an older music type set. They are becoming somewhat frustrating to see as its the same set each time and like all stuff off the last two or three records.
  19. This album is going to be great. Really excited to see them at migration on Saturday.
  20. Im with you on that. I think he is the type he has a hard time deciding what to get rid of so he just rips the band aid off and does it all at once. He really goes down the rabbit hole too (one collection he sold off had everyrhing Tom Waits including singles, bootlegs, etc.) like 80 pieces later he realized he didnt need that at all and sold all but his favorite waits record. I have never been a variant collector at all but im starting to feel i dont need every record from a band minus a very select few.
  21. I have a friend who unloads his collection and starts over like every 5 or so years. He likes to go in a different direction than he has so he wipes clean. Like a month ago he sold all but 15 records and is on the rebuild again. Im cool with unloading chunks like I have been but dont know if I could do that. Selling some records i bought like 15 years ago and still enjoy would be tough.
  22. I have been really trying to slim down and limit purchases with the dudette coming. Makes me look at things like my question above. I feel i have alot of bands that i have all or almost alll the discography and dont really ever listen to them. I found even selling the not as expensive records feels nice. Clears out some shelf space and makes me not feel bad for never listening to them.

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