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  1. What else are they selling on this tour? Shirts? Any other fun merch? I’m not even holding out hope for the 7” but I’m psyched for the show!
  2. Stoked! http://www.bullmoose.com/search?q=Melvins&UPC=038161003318,038161003417,038161003219
  3. Southern Lord version of the Clarity is up for order: http://southernlord.com/bands/view/sleep
  4. Do we have even a rough idea when these records are going to actually come out? I'm ok with waiting, but waiting without a date really bums me out :/
  5. Popmarket is having an insane sale. Crazy discounts on vinyl box sets, LP's, CD box sets, vinyl bundles, and a ton of other stuff: https://www.popmarket.com/
  6. No news from me, but I'm dying to get my hands on these once they're available.
  7. Can you explain to me? I'm unclear, but would love to get copies (even though I already ordered the black copies).
  8. Honestly confused why everyone is so interested in canceling? Is it because it's not as limited as you initially thought? Or that there's a minor delay in shipping? Or something else entirely? Just curious.
  9. @The405 I'd love to chat: https://t.co/5Je9wnIyJu

  10. Anyone have any idea of the pressing info on this? Just curious. Got the Deathwish version. Stoked.
  11. Really? That's great news! Where'd you hear that?
  12. Anyone got it? Looking to trade or sell? PM me. Thanks! Very seriously interested.
  13. Hello Just looking for a regular pressing of this. I had to sell my record collection years ago due to financial hardships and there are a few albums that have special meaning to me that I'd like to get back. Anyone got an extra copy? Not looking for color vinyl, just a regular copy. Let me know, thanks!