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  1. Let me know when there is a bacon scented, limited vinyl release.
  2. I'm waiting for granite to appear on Rough Trade UK. They usually split allocations like that, so hope the others don't sell out in the meantime.
  3. HMV arrived. And they sent out a mail as the OBI isn't with it, so I need to send off for that.
  4. I bought a copy of Loveless the day it came out back in the day, and that copy was carried around to parties, left at friends houses and just played a lot. So I am saying it's seen better days. My deluxe has just arrived, and as you say, it's such a nice copy, and album worthy of treating properly, looks and feels gorgeous. This is how to reissue records.
  5. Won't be in the US AFAIK, it is a Blood Records press and I have not known of a US distributer in the past.
  6. I managed to get a deluxe from HMV. I have an original press, bought the week it came out. But taking good care of it wasn't top of my priority list back then, so it isn't in the best condition. So I am happy to get a replacement.
  7. They charge when they ship (90% sure they do) so it just works out without any hassle.
  8. Yes, I ordered as soon as it was announced, and got an email saying the price had dropped.
  9. Someone with better eyesight than me noticed the obi says /1000 but I would be amazed if that were the case.
  10. Mine arrived unscathed. Distressor just sounds wrong. No crackles or pops, but just muddy as fuck. Feels like has a pretty big warp, looks like a rollercoaster. Doesn't affect playback too much. Sound not great either. I am just glad I didn't get charged import fees (yet anyway). That would add insult to injury.
  11. I've got this, and briefly got confused as I thought they sent me black. I am colour blind, and it's just really, really dark green. Only can tell by holding it up to the light. Cool story bro, eh?
  12. Yep. I am in the UK though. I know the LPs came from the UK, not sure about the 12. Pretty sure I ordered from the US webstore though.

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