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  1. Bugger, sounds I backed the wrong horse, it sounded better than pinwheel.
  2. Thank you. GoE is easily one of my favourites of recent time, cemented by seeing them play most of it (B&E especially) in a tiny club over here. Each LP since then has been not quite as good, but with some highlights, so fingers crossed to get that love back again. I met Nicky when he was on the merch stall at another gig, and just chatted and shook his hand. Honestly, I was just so happy to just meet him.
  3. I got an Ariana Grande single via DHL, cheapish, no fees and it was very, very quick too. So might switch as well.
  4. Got shipping notice on my red tape. I just need to get my tape deck back. Someone borrowed it as they bought a murder mystery game and the only way to play was with a tape. Cool story bro. etc. etc.
  5. Same. But I've only ordered 2 variants so far, plus a cassette. But I only really count the vinyl as catch 'em all things.
  6. Course : 100$ Course + exclusive course completion variant : $120 It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  7. Thank you, I didn't see that. In which case I am in. 👍
  8. ...at 2AM for me. I'm too old for that shit! Gonna be getting my much needed beauty sleep.
  9. That tie-dye shirt is giving me heavy Grateful Dead vibes.
  10. 5PM BST, (what we are currently on) is 12EST, so basically an hour from now. 5PM GMT would be an hour different so yeah, maybe 1.
  11. Sounds like they set the timer wrong. I have always read it to be available in about 8 hrs from now. I am standing by with my poor abused bank account waiting for another variant.
  12. I saw that when it was released, but didn't' realise it was a limited/timed thing. Now I want one more than anything of course.
  13. Thank you, got shipping notification using USPS for mine now, so I will see how it compares to yours. Even though we aren't in the same country, it's Europe at least.
  14. I didn't like the sound of the $10 shipping, it almost sounded too cheap? I was scared they were going to tape it to a turtle, put it in the Atlantic and hope for the best. Mine hasn't been sent yet, but if your copies turn up OK then I will use that in the future. Please let me know.