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  1. Yep. I am in the UK though. I know the LPs came from the UK, not sure about the 12. Pretty sure I ordered from the US webstore though.
  2. I can't remember seeing the FYE Reputation at all, so can't kick myself for not getting one. I lucked out on a RSD 1989 though. £53 on eBay. This is highly unusual as it's normally me who is the schmuck selling just before things get bananas on the pricing.
  3. Same. I haven't got an ME variation I ordered, but got shipping on the 12 inch pic of Cardigan. My Snow Globe has shipped too.
  4. I am pretty sure there is one colour available everywhere at the moment. It's just that we are expecting 103 different variants as we've been conditioned. Pokemon, gotta catch em all.
  5. I was both happy and sad when I saw the phrase 'physical release '
  6. I didn't want to rub salt into anyone's wounds, but...I didn't order any variant back in the summer, I assumed the deadline was made up then missed out. I was kicking myself for ages. Couple of weeks ago some variants popped up on the UK store. I grabbed a couple and they arrived last week. Look great. Sounds a little splashy I think. Might be my turntable needs adjusting. I am posting now as it looks like yours are all on the way!
  7. For some reason a few of the variants appeared back on the UK site and I grabbed a couple. Assume cancelled orders. Very happy as I didn't order any before when they went up as I didn't think they would actually stop selling on the 'deadline'
  8. Imagine how many variations and how much merch we are going to get when she releases her re-recordings!
  9. Didn't double dip on the LP itself, which I don't regret at all, but didn't pick up the live 10inch and regretting it now. I've got the remixes record, so would have been nice to have the set.
  10. FFS. My red tape arrived a while ago. I thought my /100 butterfly would be following really soon. Checked tracking today and it was 'delivered' on the 29th Oct. I was out all day, so someone in my block of flats must have answered and taken it or something. Much rather have lost the tape. 🥵
  11. Yeah, I didn't have this, so went straight for the signed print /300 version. Very happy
  12. Interview from the other day is anyone is interested. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/oct/30/theres-something-to-scream-about-bring-me-the-horizons-pandemic-political-awakening

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