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  1. Yes. Good points. Even though the size/resolution on Instagram isn't great...there are some nice shots that people put together. I've tried to combine all of this. Sometimes a couple of sentences about the band, and collections in an approximate theme, grouping. Nobody want to see my cans.
  2. I own about 5k records, but on discogs I 'own' about 20. I don't know why I don't keep it up to date, it would help me out. And as for the sales history, I had noticed that. I've bought things, then noticed they have no sales record at all, but someone above explained that it is to do with invoicing sellers etc. Which sounds reasonable. Be a shame if that feature just didn't work at all.
  3. Got the Transient limited to 500 copy. I have the OG gold pressing I bought on the day of release, so I am very happy. My favourite LP of theirs, Now wish I had snagged MAQ as well. Got the OG with 7, and thought I would have time to go back and get it too.
  4. Oof. At least I didn't see it and didn't get it. Usually when I see it and don't bother, then it sells out. It eats me up until I pay 5x cost on the aftermarket. Stoopid.
  5. Oh, yeah. I get what you're saying. When the records become part of a 'lifestyle prop' more than anything else. I can't think of what record pictures I like seeing the most actually. Maybe collections, or nice setups. I can't even be sure myself.
  6. Another one here. Got 2/3 of the 7s. Missed 7 Rings. Just on the verge of paying a lot for it.
  7. I don't mind them so much. Makes for something a little different than just a shot of an LP cover and nothing else that could have come from Google Images.
  8. I've got tonnes of this kind of stuff, early piano house. Sounds like something you would find on labels like Cleveland City or something like that. As the others have said, proper house heads will know it.
  9. I saw them in the early to mid 90s a couple of times, some shows around the era of Transient... Amazing shows in tiny venue when the wall of sound was intense.
  10. This is my pet hate. Discovering a band weeks or days after they toured. Missed Nothing touring GoE due to this.
  11. Yep, single LP. Can't remember much more than it not being great (but that is a given). It is now so long ago and I have so many records stashed in storage/unmarked boxes that it's tricky to locate. But put it this way, I am in no rush to listen again.
  12. I've got this on the original pic disc, but I've lost it somewhere, and can't remember how it sounded. It's still in the plastic I think, so 'not great' is probably the answer.
  13. Glad MM are still around, I spent a reasonable amount on buying that EP they put out as I loved it.
  14. Yep. All it takes is one newspaper article about the rarest variant of a Beatles LP selling for thousands and people assume theirs is worth a fortune. The fact that the one sold is the mono edition, first press and theirs is the million pressed reissue is just beyond them.