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  1. Ahhh, all the downloads are gone. anyone else got the hookup? Message meee
  2. They have a July 11 release date now not sure if they’ll go up before then
  3. Not ready yet, but they have them on their webstore w/ pressing numbers. MCMLXXXV http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-RF02 The Comfort of Home http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-RF03
  4. I expected that to sound bad for some reason.. but it was a nice surprise when I put it on. I think Field Day is working with them and they do a good job with their reissues.
  5. Hope they do it good because the og demo is amazing. I didn’t look at the tracklist, but now I’m def in!
  6. MCA/Geffen funded the label at a certain point when they started to get popular, but DTR still had ownership of the label itself. However, since they were funding them, MCA/Geffen had first pick to the DTR roster which is why a handful were released through them and DTR just being the parent label. NFG, SoCo, Finch, Fenix TX, TSL. Some early albums are straight up owned by DTR so pressing them has no red tape like Finch’s first EP, TSL’s first EP and LP. I always check who currently owns the copyright by just going on Apple Music/iTunes and it’ll say at the bottom.. not sure if Spotify lists the copyright. This is important too since some bands buy out their masters and keep them or release them through another label. It happened awhile back with Lookout Records, but I think they were forced. DTR still held on to most of their releases which I’m sure a lot of bands who wanted to re-release them themselves weren’t/aren’t happy about after all these years.
  7. NFG.. most likely a Nothing Gold Can Stay repress. Possibly FTSTYS 1 or even 2?! I think those are the only straight up DTR (non-Geffen) releases.
  8. Damn that /200 did go in seconds! Luckily you all rule and I just nabbed a /200 180g from their Bandcamp (after first asking Triple B for a digital download followed by a 'can I cancel my /500' email)
  9. Glad to see they’re on Rev. I wonder if if’s a one-off thing or if their next proper album will also be through them.
  10. This just sounds like a rowdy, shit talking punk rock band not giving a fuck lol I wanna hear the turkey story.
  11. Plot twist: DTR folded when advanced smartphones started to appear on the market. He wouldn’t have wanted a bunch of videos of this act on the web 😂
  12. This!! Represses would be great, but some short-run, first time on vinyl pressings would be awesome.. SoCo - Audioboxer EP HIPV -S/T EP I Can Make A Mess - S/T Halifax - A Writer’s Reference Houston Calls - Both LPs! The Track Record - S/T EP
  13. Which version of ‘Blue’ do you have? The version the band released on blue vinyl has the full/vocals version. I remember buying this track from iTunes and swapping it out with the instrumental version in my library haha.

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