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  1. Just throwing it out there that this album fucking slaps hard. In my top 3 Larry Arms for me along with Greatest and Calcutta.
  2. Wish they were selling the 2 bonus discs + book only. I pretty much have everything. Still looking for an OG ‘Last Dog And Pony’ though.
  3. Hook me up buttercup https://www.discogs.com/user/brianhoussock570/collection
  4. Leaving this here (peep the story before it disappears Friday afternoon) https://instagram.com/stories/fielddayrecords/2369982754128173414?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=1q9v2j92o2u4s
  5. Liver - Capital livertheband.bandcamp.com/yum 4txu-j2qr
  6. Just saw this announced on instagram via Pulley and Dusty Wax Records. Both were never released on wax before, stoked!
  7. I dig this record! It was a grower, but love most of it for sure!
  8. Anyone receive their copy yet? I’m seeing a bunch pop up on instagram, but nada for me.
  9. Much The Same - Quitters Never Win (remixed/remastered) http://lockjawrecords.bandcamp.com/yum a9aj-k54k
  10. Like I said before, we got everyone who got sandbagged by sandbag (see what I did there?) Come on people, keep one copy and hook everyone up with the extra you bought for your ‘friend’ aka your wall frame
  11. Still waiting on my 3 TOYPAJ 7”s.. I know, I know.. it’s a lost cause.. but I never asked for a refund 😑
  12. I’d get it for the ‘Cruising’ sessions! I’m also curious to hear a remastered ‘GI’. My og sounds fine, but I hear this label does it right with their reissues. Which color sleeve do you have on your Lexicon? Just curious 😉