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  1. These will be on Fat’s webstore sometime, but not sure when. I was creeping the comments section on IG.
  2. Pressing numbers are on Fat’s webstore *spoilers* 783 on white vinyl (WEB STORE VERSION - NO LONGER AVAILABLE) 196 on clear vinyl with blue and grey splatter (BAND TOUR VERSION) 149 on half white/half baby blue with grey splatter (EURO RECORD STORE VERSION) 98 on transparent baby blue w/ smoke (US RECORD STORE VERSION)
  3. Tug has the world’s cleanest closet link us @tug so we have something to watch until April
  4. Also in for this.. especially if Aimee Mann or Dave Alvin/Maron is on it In The Garage: Live Music from WTF with Marc Maron 1000th episode next Thursday!
  5. That one’s a soundtrack, not the blue compilation from the 90’s.. I haven’t seen the film, but tracklist looks good. Weston is the shit.
  6. Definitely in for.. Twin Peaks, Green Day live, Bad Religion 7” (was hoping this song made it to a single even thought it’ll be on the new album) and Menzingers 7” Interested in that Goo Goo Dolls 5xLP, but there’s not details on what it is.. hmmm The rumored list had Bowie’s ‘Sound + Vision’ 3xLP, but I’m not seeing it on the official.
  7. That sounds right. Senses Fail is doing it with their first EP and Allister just released a ‘best of’ with re-recorded versions of JUST the Drive-Thru tracks. I’m not in the music business, but wouldn’t some money still go back to the label since they are the same songs? The songs are just re-recorded so they could at least release something. It gets confusing too since I believe Victory owns all the publishing. (??) Doesn’t one of the dudes in Silverstein post on here?
  8. Curious about the DTR description as well. Sounds like an odd theory, but maybe DTR still owns the title ‘From The Screen To Your Stereo’. NFG owns the recording, but may had to license it to DTR for release? also, if anyone doesn’t follow them on IG, they recorded this with Will Pugh of Cartel
  9. I usually keep mine without an outer if it’s too big, but check these two links. Here and here I’ve used these guys for years, but haven’t tried the oversized sleeves. They sell through amazon too so the shipping works out better, but it may be cheap shipping if you’re not buying many.