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  1. Definitely in for the Gratitude LP. Those variants are weak though.. classic black it is!
  2. I wish they released a song before the pre-order went up. They had a /100 glow in the dark variant up not too long ago. Wasn’t crazy about those two songs they released digitally.. well the first song. Track 2 is aight.
  3. RUNOUT20 should give you 20% off until the end of the year The Germs live 2xLP keeps getting pushed back so they sent an update with that code
  4. It’s odd because there are eight reissues total, but with two different release dates according to that German website. Maybe the second set was pushed back and they don’t want to put them up until they have them in hand? Best Of / Swoon / Langley Park / Jordan on 09/27 Protest Songs / Andromeda Heights / Steve McQueen / Let’s Change The World With Music on 10/25
  5. Nice, I’ll have to check this one out. I have a few tracks from this album on a best-of CD. Love all the albums that came before and just got into ‘Jordan: The Comeback’
  6. The Rocket Summer - Sweet Shivers http://www.samomedia.com/download-cards/ 721-1150XFFHS5DP
  7. They have been dormant for years, but as a company I believe they still technically exist and own the releases MCA/Geffen/Universal had no part in. An easy way I find out (for any label) is to search the release on iTunes/Apple Music and look at the copyright at the bottom. Once in awhile, a new label or the bands themselves will take ownership years after the original release. Back in Drive-Thru’s heyday, MCA/Geffen/Universal did not own any part of the label. The deal was MCA/Geffen gave them money to operate, but had first pick to certain bands and releases (i.e. NFG, Finch, Fenix TX, Something Corporate). After awhile, they started Rushmore. The idea was to move bands to Rushmore since it was a loophole from MCA/Geffen taking more bands. It gets more complicated and I wasn’t directly involved with that label, just a fan especially in that time period.
  8. Anxious - Never Better 7" bandcamp.com/yum b27r-ejkx
  9. Probably a standard pressing through Amazon/retail. Although, I think PN presses a few thousand for retail and on some variant (not standard black).
  10. Yeah, they had to re-record because of Drive-Thru similar to what Silverstein just released because of Victory. I think when you re-record, it’s not the og so it’s your recording again. What lyrics did he change? Hmmm.. 187?! Still curious to hear this.
  11. Nooo Satan! This explains your top secret thread from earlier. p.s. it is up tho
  12. Hmmm not sure, but the last time I ordered through Antagonist was at 2am EST back in November when the live/solo Trevor LPs went up so it may be midnight.
  13. PO is up now https://www.tinyengines.net/products/650216-somos-prison-on-a-hill 400 Translucent Yellow 400 Translucent Red 700 Black
  14. Not a Fat release, but since we’re talking F2F.. PO tomorrow https://antagonistrecords.bigcartel.com/product/face-to-face-ignorance-is-bliss-2x-lp