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  1. All in for this too. They had a live video on youtube I saw a few months ago and it sounded really good. Plus BRIAN BAKER on guitar, duh.
  2. I was and still am a huge fan of this band's earlier releases (GOOD early/mid-2000's emo/screamo)... New 5-track EP comes out this Friday (03/27) and ships soon-ish? Also produced by Beau Burchell of Saosin! 150 - Clear Vinyl 100 - Opaque Green SOLD OUT 100 - Opaque White (Disconnect Disconnect Records / Euro Exclusive) (Disconnect's webstore says /50) Wiretap - US https://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/663630-the-beautiful-mistake-youre-not-broken-i-am-12-vinyl Disconnect Disconnect - UK https://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-beautiful-mistake-you-re-not-broken-i-am
  3. Zach Quinn from PEARS and Brian Wahlstrom from Scorpios and Gods Of Mount Olympus (check their EP out too) Didn't see a thread for this, but it came out digitally not too long ago and there is a PO up for their debut on wax. You can also grab a double A-side single from their webstore. They pressed those for their UK/EU tour so they are leftovers. There were two variants for the 7", but one is sold out. There are three variants for the LP, but the splat is sold out. It's a pretty good album and self-released so go and support them! Way different than PEARS, but really catchy and lots of cool keys. LP- https://smartpunkshop.com/products/bandaid-brigade-im-separate?variant=31524483563563 7"- https://bandaid-brigade.com/merch/7inch
  4. I’m still working, but I’m torn. I have been there 10+ years, but just started a new role as a trainer a few weeks ago which puts me in close contact with people. I’ve been working jobs since I was 14 so I’ve always had a good work ethic. That part of me wants to keep going, but my brain and anxiety about this whole thing is telling me to be smart and say fuck it.. stay home for at least 2 weeks which I have plenty of PTO to cover so that’s not a worry, plus management would totally understanding. I know it sounds crazy, but I would legit feel guilty if I took 2-3 weeks off and stayed home even though it’s for a legitimate reason. Hmmmmm. Thoughtcicles?
  5. Picked one up! Love that acoustic song even though it’s digital only.
  6. Sum 41 - Order In Decline www.atozmedia.com/soundcard FMWAFJPBCZ8Y82
  7. The Bombpops - Death In Venice Beach (5 times I think?)
  8. Keep both since one is a standard and the other is a double lp, deluxe, etc. I didn’t dip this time because I have the standard, but hope they release the extra tracks on itunes or somewhere else.
  9. This is off the topic of this album, but I wish I can find that digital only EP they released before they split. I used to have it a long long time ago on an old computer.
  10. I initially passed on voting, but Machine Head just got one from me
  11. Nahh, they moved on. A lot of people from my area migrate to Philly eventually and I don’t blame them. Just as long as they remember where they came from 😉
  12. Saw a picture on instagram. Looks fuckin’ tight. I sat out though and only picked up that tasty 7”.
  13. Also already have a copy of Chamberlain Waits, but it’s cool they pressed 570 of them. (our area code for WB/Scranton)
  14. Not too bad this year.. def in for live Replacements, live Bob Mould, Best Coast 7” and maybe Tegan and Sara if they would describe what it actually is. Remixes, no.. Live, yesh.