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  1. Thanks for the tip! I already bought the NFG release at my local shop, but I did however grab the Cruel Intentions OST. Kind of wish it wasn’t a UO exclusive, but I’ll take it.
  2. They give out cards for retail (black), but none for mailorder (color) since they’re supposed to email one.
  3. I believe Universal owns the rights still since it was released under MCA/Drive-Thru at the time like NFG, Fenix TX, etc. I actually think SRC would make a decent pressing of this, seems right up their alley. I have an og Drive-Thru press that sounds bad and has song cuts all over the place. I can’t speak for the reissues, but I know Universal messed up the album art on one of the pressings and it’s super pixelated.
  4. Beach Slang - MPLS bridge9.bandcamp.com/yum ed6t-5av2 V/A - In The Garage: Live Music From WTF w/ Marc Maron **I just redeemed this, but maybe there's more than one?! furancemfg.com/redeem B5nUX7g4L3B
  5. also, that horror soundtrack book looks awesome. Is it worth grabbing? I’m not a superfan of horror movies by any means though, but I have store credit
  6. Lucked out and got everything my list and went in around 11am. Only missing Green Day, but it should be an easy pickup online. Heading back later for Beach Slang live!
  7. I’ve never been to Limited, but like @pepperonigin said, they put out a lot of crazy rare stuff. I love when shops post stuff like that on IG the weeks leading up to RSD whether they participate or not.
  8. There was a mercury spill there less than a week ago, but they said it wouldn’t impact mail. I just googled it since I sold a 7” that had an exception there yesterday morning.
  9. I believe Jeff from RFC said awhile back that the band didn’t want to do that.. but I would love that comp on a 12” for sure.
  10. Great band and probably going to be a great album, but that album art *cringes*
  11. Can you imagine if Fat threw in some colored copies with the standards for distro!
  12. These will be on Fat’s webstore sometime, but not sure when. I was creeping the comments section on IG.