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  1. New song is pretty awesome. Here’s the PO link http://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/628311-audio-karate-7-ep 150 - Red 350 - Black Came to a little over $10ppd for me (in the states). The product page has more info about the new songs. These are 2 out of the 13 recorded in 2005/2006.. and the new LP is called ‘Malo’.
  2. Didn’t even know about them until after, but I grabbed Return for cheap which comes with both.
  3. Awesome. I loved Arkham Knight, but haven’t gotten to City or Asylum yet even though I bought them awhile back. I’ve been all Fallout 4 recently. I’m trying to 100% on PS4. Almost there at 92.
  4. curator

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I just noticed ‘Reinventing Axl Rose’ under my new releases on Apple Music with a 2018 Fat Wreck copyright. Maybe expect a new pressing? Not that there isn’t enough out there already
  5. Also received my green/blue copy today! I interviewed Jason a few weeks ago for my college radio show. He didn’t confirm anything, but I mentioned a pressing of Lady Melody would sell well after he told me the first press of Space Camp selling out was a surprise for everyone. Next year is the 15th anniversary and he said.. “if your a fan of that record, things are probably looking good for you next year” ..also, new music coming soon that was supposed to be the third AK record with Rufio’s og drummer! They found tapes/protools files when putting this reissue together. No details yet though
  6. Hoping these get a standard release that we can pick up locally or on Amazon.. (probably.. right?)
  7. curator

    various download codes

    The Bombpops - Dear Beer dropcards.com/vinyl TV5F47K7FR
  8. I want to know how to get that 7” that was in the VIP bundles. People are posting pics of them and I wonder if it’ll get a standard release. I’d rather grab that than the LP since I believe it has all 3 tracks.
  9. curator

    various download codes

    White Lung - Paradise www.dominorecordco.com/claim 3FZDAZEB / WIGLP373 Front Bottoms/GDP Split www.soundtrax.com XKPTgAua
  10. Saw the post on IG and bought that shit quickly! I love this band. @wiretaprecords are they an active band again? I wouldn't mind some new music or a tour since I never got to see them first round.
  11. curator

    various download codes

    Punchline - Lion The page said I had 1 of 5 downloads left.. so give it a shot! http://invoguerecords.myshopify.com/apps/downloads/orders/bhoussock%40yahoo.com/7922182
  12. Grabbed the small bundle. About $40 after shipping, but this album is great and I want to hear more! I wish they sold the 7” seperate too. Still need a copy.