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  1. I enjoyed the Wisp ep the few times I've listened to it, and knowing that these are 'collaborations' with her vocals and other bands' instrumentations doesn't so much hamper me liking the sound of it, but it would at least make me hesitant about going to a show, not knowing if there would be any sort of cohesive band. It would also halt a blind buy of her future music, as she tries to actually learn to play instruments - which she said she is now doing. Who knows if she'll live up to the hype and praise she's being given or will justify some people's distain. Time will tell.
  2. Such a solid cohesive album, tons of energy
  3. Howso? In what way? Please elaborate for those of us that heard about Wisp like a week ago?
  4. If any of you missed The Big Hurt Singles/Rarities lp drop - act fast - they have some leftovers up now!
  5. Brandon Setta (White Lighters, Oubliette, previously of Nothing) has a new (digital) album out under the name You Wish, mastered by Nick Bassett. Some of you will probably be into it.
  6. Brandon Setta has a new (digital) album out under the name You Wish, mastered by Nick Bassett. Some of you will probably be into it.
  7. Damn, those prices, but I'll be glad to have this since I don't have the the og press.
  8. Hoping Tobias has a quick and full recovery after having a stroke this weekend (on their social media yesterday).
  9. 2nd press /500 gold is up now - to ship the same time as the first. I have yet to be let down by a SK release.
  10. I'd love to see some pictures of the alleged moth
  11. I think this album is going to slay - that first single is a killer, and the artwork (esp. with black, orange, red variant) is gorgeous - looks like a solar eclipse and it reminds me of the poster from that live stream they did.
  12. I guess you could say you ordered this...secretly edit: still waiting for shipping notification. Listened digitally a few times but holding off on too many listens for now. I think it's a solid album.
  13. I find those rainbow variants underwhelming tbh...maybe I'm just rationalizing not jumping right on this atm. Is it just me? Those appendix variants are beautiful though.
  14. Choke is a good place to start IMO, but my first exposure was Heresy - which is a completely different vibe and sound than Dead Kids and Canary Yellow. I understand the criticism of CY, definitely explores some lighter facets of their sound. But what can I say - I grew up equally loving Boys Don't Cry and Faith, So, I dig the bi-polaresque mood and sonic differences between albums.
  15. Yeah, I love their demo sound as well as the polished album sound, so far they've never disappointed!
  16. Stoked for this - new song dropped today as well
  17. I've like a handful of songs off all of his last number of releases, but they lose my interest as a whole.
  18. Well, the one song (the well) isn't representative of their range. They do certainly have some metal heaviness. Check out their previous releases: https://esbenandthewitch.bandcamp.com/

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