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  1. The Cinnamon Red doesn't sound great, as was my experience with their Rainbow Pale Horses. I'm rolling the dice with the Orange this time, but I probably should have just gone with the black for better sound quality.
  2. They've added copies of CFUTF (and Brother, Sister -if it had been sold out?) to they US webstore - jump on them if you missed out before.
  3. Got my red but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet - looks fabulous, hopefully the sound is alright.
  4. This would have been amazing in an alternate reality where they hadn't just price-gouged the fuck out of Fantastic Planet
  5. Nick told me this a.m. that mine will ship Monday *yay* :)
  6. Yes, i don’t think I’ve had any corner bumps or seam splits. I believe their mailers have extra padding at the sides, but my memory isn’t the greatest...
  7. Thanks, I was too lazy to search. It does make me want to give the album another go...
  8. Link to review? Maybe I'll give this album another listen. . . so much praise being thrown around.
  9. I'm struggling with some of the Greet Death vocals. Musically I like it, but idk...
  10. If anyone is in Nashville this friday and is willing to pick up Billie Eilish's live black/blue for me, please message me.
  11. You guys were on fire - great set! Glad to hear that the lp is doing so well.
  12. Are you with the band then? I managed to grab one of the last band copies of the blue galaxy (and one of only 5 copies of the album they could bring over the border).
  13. So I ordered the earplugs, and they didn't do a damn thing. I suspect it was because I forgot them on the table at home. Show was amazing though, and I survived.
  14. okay, ok, I hear you already maybe I'll order a pair before the Nothing show next week. $13 is do-able.
  15. people keep telling me that, but it goes in one ear and out the other. It's like I don't even hear what they say...
  16. If it is 12 pm, it will be noon tomorrow, eh? edit: nevermind, it says midnight, not 12 pm
  17. So - this happened last night. My ears are still recovering, they've got that muffled, detached feeling today. Excellent show! I'm not sure if Blushing has been mentioned here before, but if not check them out: https://weareblushing.bandcamp.com/album/blushing Ringo DS mentioned that they just got the masters for their new album, and they played a few new songs.
  18. such a great idea - please pm her shipping deets. I'm sure I have something I can give.
  19. may be unpopular opinion - I think Sway is their weakest. ...sorry, for the double-post
  20. Speaking of Iris, just found out they are opening for Nothing in Toronto at the end of the month. Pumped for that - and just a week before that Ringo Deathstarr is playing (with Blushing).