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  1. Choke is a good place to start IMO, but my first exposure was Heresy - which is a completely different vibe and sound than Dead Kids and Canary Yellow. I understand the criticism of CY, definitely explores some lighter facets of their sound. But what can I say - I grew up equally loving Boys Don't Cry and Faith, So, I dig the bi-polaresque mood and sonic differences between albums.
  2. Yeah, I love their demo sound as well as the polished album sound, so far they've never disappointed!
  3. Stoked for this - new song dropped today as well
  4. I've like a handful of songs off all of his last number of releases, but they lose my interest as a whole.
  5. Well, the one song (the well) isn't representative of their range. They do certainly have some metal heaviness. Check out their previous releases: https://esbenandthewitch.bandcamp.com/
  6. This is where i am at too. MaybeI'll just wait and see if I can snag an indie from my local on release. At least then I can save on shipping
  7. Reading the last couple pages was way worse than the offending Taco Bell commercial in question. And no matter how often I hear that song, no matter where or in what context, I cannot help but fuckin' groove along with it. What a great riff - end of story!
  8. I quoted @Shelby, responding to his "one reasonable take" comment, which seemed evident from my quote. I don't think what I said contradicted anything that you said specifically. If anything, I think I was clarifying what I thought was the intent of one of the initial 'takes' you offered (or at least a valid take-away from it):
  9. It's perhaps reasonable to have an adverse reaction to a song you like being used in a commercial, especially for a product you don't like. What isn't reasonable is to think anyone else gives a fuck that you had that reaction, or expecting that a band using something they wrote to make money somehow signals a deficiency in character.
  10. Last time I had taco bell, my wife said "yikes" when she went into the bathroom after me. Also, maybe the guy from the infamous shitting in the pit incident recently had a run for the border? Could potentially answer some questions I've been having.
  11. Topographies have a couple new tunes: https://topographies.bandcamp.com/album/tied-arch Also, check out Fearing if you haven't heard them. Lesser Care is also worth a listen.
  12. I just recently moved to flip through as well - I love it!
  13. Yeah, I love this album from start to finish
  14. I don't believe it will be in-store until Oct 31st. I haven't seen any online pre-orders for it...
  15. Canary yellow vinyl 2nd pressing of Canary Yellow is available (how meta!). First press sold out.
  16. I came here to suggest the same thing - i saw another photo with that cover and it was def. Orange vinyl
  17. Sorry, I was unclear - what I meant was that I haven't heard anything about where or when those ones will be released...
  18. I'm glad this picked up some more steam, I knew there were more of us! Down to Gray and Splatter (and then the Retail Orange in store on release day). I haven't heard anything about the orange welcome, but I also assumed they'd be for a release show..
  19. Cool, so we have 3 soft kill fans here, haha. I grabbed the red as well, but kind of wish I'd gone pink. Doesn't matter, these guys can do no wrong!
  20. Canary Yellow We are excited to present to you our sixth studio album, "Canary Yellow", produced and mixed by Rob Schnapf. 1. Joey 2. Cracked Candles 3. Magic Garden 4. Rocks & Blows 5. Dibs 6. The Line (feat. Ruth Radelet) 7. Congratulations Text 8. Cicero 9. Domino 10. Lake Shore Drive Instead of hiring a publicist or paying for promotion we have decided to handle the release of this album totally independent and removed from the standard music industry model. This is 100% funded and assembled in house by Soft Kill. This deluxe first pressing features a 24pt jacket, printed & embossed inner sleeve with a two-sided insert on a myriad of color vinyl variants exclusive to this edition. 20 - Test Pressings w/ Special Sleeve 50 - Orange Vinyl w/ Welcome Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Chicago Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ New York Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Atlanta Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Halloween Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Texas Sleeve 100 - Pink 100 - White 100 - Red 100 - Baby Blue 100 - Green 250 - Purple 250 - Gray 450 - Orange (Retail Exclusive) 500 - Baby Blue w/ Red Splatter As always, manufactured locally at Cascade Record Pressing. While this is a preorder with a release date of 10/31/22, we submitted this order and already have most of the variants in hand to avoid delays on shipping normally associated with vinyl projects in modern times. We will be shipping as many of these early as possible as a thank you for supporting our band. As a small ask, if you receive your copy before the release date, do not rip the audio and put it on YouTube or we will do dramatic, unnecessary things. Also, vinyl costs have risen dramatically so prices have too. This was sadly unavoidable. European customers: copies will be available over there shortly.
  21. Thanks for that . I didn't realize - don't really follow Mark. edit: Regardless, her version of that song is great

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