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  1. Just got my Through Love Rec. copy to Canada 👍
  2. I guess everyone was ... russian to get one
  3. Speaking with absolutely no authority - totally fine to post the pre-order You've also been mentioned here recently. Good luck with the new album - single is great!
  4. Yeah, Blushing killed it when I saw them open for Ringo Deathstarr - I picked up their first album that night!
  5. I'm enjoying the album - I am all for the atmospheric-beauty-whispered-hope-mumbo-jumbo
  6. I hear you man, every once and awhile I get that thought in my head...probably the only thing that stopped me a couple times was laziness hahaha. Hope it was at least worth your time.
  7. I currently only have one and it definitely negatively impacts the frequency of my listening
  8. Ordered from Evil greed (to Canada, but still...) I'm still waiting. I emailed to ask about it last week, here is the response: "thank you for reaching out. We just received our first delivery of 'SHELLSTAR - CLOUDLY BLUE' vinyl variant. As we will ship orders chronological we will do our best to bring your order as soon as possible on its way. We do hope to receive our second delivery of our copies soon and will hopefully be able to send all pending orders soon. Thank you so much for your patience."
  9. Came for Reznor/Ross, stayed for Halsey. This is damn catchy and she is crazy talented.
  10. The FOMO is what made me spring for Don’t Look For Light in Tunnels more than anything. If it is just a live album, I'll probably end up getting rid of it at some point, unless it is absolutely stellar. But on the off-chance that it has new stuff or is 'something more than', I had to go for it. Plus, that black on black on black...
  11. I went for the smoke, even though I liked the striped best. Feeling cheap today, and that's still plenty for 3 songs. gah, some days I hate logic and restraint. . .
  12. Seems I missed the boat too, edit: all good.
  13. Yeah, we should set up some sort of...umm, system... for sharing this tennis system.
  14. Let's just take a step back and not be so argumentative. My brain didn't force me to 'wipe them away', nor did I disagree. Just for balance I pointed out that there are also artists that were not able to 'grow out' of a mental disorder. I am not trying to make Adams into a victim, and I haven't 'callously dismissed' anything. The part of your statement I disagree with is "...who grow and age into mental wellness." I am sure that a lot of struggle, effort, and time went into their mental wellness, and I think if anything, you do them a disservice by presenting it as something as simple as 'growing into' it. What I am trying to do is present mental health issues in a way that is not black/white, victim/victimizer. I do speak with a professional, I am not avoiding reality, and I have not pretended that none of it happened. Even re-reading my comments, I can't see the lens you are viewing me through. What I do see is that you've disagreed with some opinions that I expressed, and now you are attacking me personally - which is the 'toxic' part of the exchange. While I will discuss ideas, I won't take part in your character attacks.
  15. My stance is based on an assumption of actual mental health disorders: Narcissistic personality disorder or Bipolar disorder, or something similar. However, I am not a Doctor. I suppose my point was that it is one thing to operate for many years (your whole adult life) in broken and destructive ways, while being ignorant to hurt and damage you cause. And because if your skewed reality that the disorder causes, you don't see the error of your ways - until something like the NYT article, after which you can no longer claim ignorance. But I am speaking more about the stigma of mental health issues generally, and less specifically about Ryan Adams - justifying/rationalizing or enabling was not my intent, nor is it a hill i'm willing to die on. I would argue that having fame and money doesn't mean more access to mental health supports, though it should. More often than not, money & fame means that those around the rich and famous ignore and tolerate bad behaviour, and the warning signs go un-checked. There are also a number of examples of downward spirals, suicides, overdoses, etc. and mental wellness isn't something one just 'grows into' - that is like telling someone with depression 'just cheer up' or someone with ADHD 'just try harder'. This part here I take issue with: "he clearly hasn't [changed], and has no intention to." A number of you claim to have insight into another's intentions and motivations based on - what a couple articles you've read? And while I agree, real change takes buy-in - you have to want it. However, wanting to change isn't enough on its own. But I love the word 'intention' when speaking about this, intention is key. You assume incorrectly - and that is a dangerous and damaging assumption. I totally believe Mandy, Phoebe, Karen, and any of the others who have negative experiences with Ryan. That doesn't exclude me from thinking that Ryan is broken/damaged, and hoping he can heal, change, and become a good person.
  16. I get that it has been long-standing, and from an outside perspective it appears as rock n roll asshole. . . and perhaps that is all it amounts to. Another take is that those with a mental disorder or atypical neurological condition may go undiagnosed for a large part of their adult life, lacking a self-awareness about their (often symptomatic) behaviors. 'Getting caught' is a loaded term, and certainly it is the catalyst in this situation, but that and the subsequent downward spiral would certainly trigger some self-awareness. He is definitely depressed and self-pitying, but I don't think that is the same as making himself out as the victim. Reality often differs depending on your lens, and most of our lenses only show us part of the story. "truly copping responsibility" - what would this look like to you? And how are you sure that he hasn't? edit to say I hope no one interprets what I am saying a defense for or denial of shitty behaviour.
  17. Yeah, I have complex opinions on the matter, but don't really have the energy to write it all out. the tl;dr version is basically: Good or bad, right or wrong, Ryan hit rock bottom. If he is able to actually work through his shit, and get help, I think it is possible for him to come out a good/better person. This is based on me believing that he has legitimate mental health issues, and not that he is just an asshole who chose to do shitty things because he is a shitty person. Some of you guys are ruthless, and frankly I am sad for you. The world is rarely so black and white, and we are all complex flawed people. I hope if any of you truly screw something up in your life, those around you have a more compassionate and forgiving attitude toward you.
  18. Ordered the German variant to Canada. Ended up being the most economical shipping. edit: I couldn't order the Belgium only variant - so I guess it is location-controlled. Love the new song - hopefully I'll be able to catch the tour in Toronto next May!

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