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  1. I like your optimism here, but… nope. You may be onto something with the dove drawing, and the packaging paying a nod to Tom’s drawing of it. Not denying that’s plausible. But some others sites are starting to stock this abroad, and their production translation spells out that these are 10”s. You’re correct in that the mock-up is not accurate, because it’s actually 10” x 3, and a 7” with Jet Black New Year. I believe it also mentioned some “never before seen photos” (😦) or something, too. The good news is that it really does feel like these went up early. Think about how much the band loves to build anticipation – they make announcements to tune in for announcements. Also consider how many variants there were for Waiting. Even these last few live albums have had 3 choices to order from, and that’s a live album. They know how many fans have been clamoring for a FC (and WATT) reissue; I truly cannot imagine them sneaking some weird 10” boxset under the radar and letting that be it. I foresee them going nuts to butts with variants and buying options, t-shirt bundles, etc. I could be completely wrong but it feels like the cat got out of the bag here. Hopefully we see more soon, and hopefully if we get a 2LP option, it isn’t $50 again.
  2. That's why I bumped the Full Collapse Live thread even though this is the more recent one for Thursday.
  3. Huge Glassjaw energy from this release, I agree. Pretty big overlap of fanbase too. Already saw a comment from someone they had to pre-order this set because they'd kick themselves if it sold out... so, yup. Can't even really be mad at Thursday for milking such a dumb demographic.
  4. Anyone see this yet? It's so gimmicky and unnecessary that I don't think it deserves its own thread. https://www.impericon.com/us/thursday-full-collapse-20th-anniversary-ltd-4-vinyl.html Appears to be a 10" boxset. I think this is such a dumb approach to reissuing the record. Band hasn't mentioned anything about it so I feel like there will be an announcement next week, and I can only hope this isn't the only version they'd offer. Not sure why we can't get the album on a double LP @ 45 RPM or something. Super surprised that hasn't happened at any point in the last 20 years.
  5. Hell yeah. How do they look / sound? Doubt you've had a chance to sit down with both already but I'm curious. Either way, I love Numero's mix of these "ready-to-ship" exclusives alongside their traditional pre-orders. I almost feel spoiled by the idea of seeing a record drop online, buying it, and having it show up in <2 weeks. A rarity in 2022.
  6. I’m convinced it’s an alt account from a longtime VC member who’s just bored. Which is embarrassing in and of itself, but actually funny that the shtick has run dry and literally no one gives a shit anymore. It got a reaction and some curious head-scratching 5 years ago, but the last page of this thread is proof that whoever runs the account is no different than a toddler who rolls on the carpet and screams when you don’t give them enough attention. We’re all just wise enough to not buy in anymore.
  7. We still are, but it’s July. I suspect Relapse haven’t forgotten about it.
  8. Yeah that’s super silly, and I suspect the same is true of their Zia listing, too. Oh well, didn’t hurt to try. And if anything, kudos to them for figuring it out so quickly instead of waiting until the week of release to update / cancel orders. (I feel like that’s definitely happened with Bull Moose in the past.)
  9. You’re all welcome. At the end of the day it’s like 30 minutes of boxing records and sorting out who has what… and a weekend trip to the post office, but outside of that it lands me a copy for quite cheap so I’ve got nothing to complain about. Now to just hope the Deathwish (US) distro copies aren’t the same variants for dirt cheap. 😅
  10. Yeah, I’ve also never seen a Zia exclusive available through them either. At $35 you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s even cheaper than bandcamp for me.
  11. That was my bad when creating the post. I just updated it.
  12. Was fishing around Bull Moose and noticed they have 3 variants available. $34.97 [almost free shipping] and no charge until it ships in September. • "Project M" Exclusive – coke bottle, black splatter /300 here. (RIP any doofus who gave Revolver $50 for it this week.) • "Zia" Exclusive – neon-black galaxy mesh /250, here. (Calling it a Zia exclusive amuses me.) • Coke bottle green /2,000, here.
  13. Alright all, the deed is done. Order placed! The screenshot above was my cart mockup at Red Creek, so all I did was submit it as is. Bank flagged the payment, I authorized it, and it looks like it went through the second time, automatically. There was no spot to add a note to the label so I just e-mailed them and asked them for a little extra love & care when packaging the order. Thanks for the speedy turnaround and payments. Probably the fastest group buy I've been a part of, from conception to order placement. The last buy I orchestrated took over a year to manufacture the variants we needed, and after being strung along with "your new shipment expectation date" e-mails – every 2 weeks, for about 5 months – we all decided to cancel. I hope the production and shipment of this release goes substantially smoother.
  14. Alright guys, it's time for a final roll call. Now that I believe I have all PMs, here's the breakdown I've got. ☑️ Myself – clear, purple marble ☑️ Bronchitis – Pink ☑️ FEN1XD0WN – clear, purple splatter ☑️ Deathbyart – clear, purple splatter ☑️ Hallowken78 – clear, purple splatter ☑️ Achillesstand7 – clear, purple splatter ☑️ Swisherprice – clear, purple marble 💸 ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED 💸 I mocked up both carts from the band's bandcamp and also their Red Creek label. Bandcamp is factoring in tax and substantially higher, so Red Creek it is. Here's what I've got: €238.83 / 7 = $34.12 + $3 Media Mail = $37.12. I'm going to ask 🔺 $37.50 Paypal'd from each of you, since Google conversion never tends to equal out favorably to the US dollar. And checking now, it is not a clean 1:1 like it was yesterday. (The Euro is actually just barely stronger at the moment. So the sooner we can place an order, the better.) I've fixed my account so I can accept Friends & Family payment which I would truly appreciate. I have 50 positive feedback on this site, and I recognize all of your names – I've been a part of VC for over a decade and won't bolt with $240 in my account. You're in good hands. Please note that very, very often – almost like clockwork – with these bulk group buys from abroad, there always seems to be a bit of transit damage that gets spread to all copies. It could have something to do with the weight of 6+ records in one mailer, traveling halfway across the world, but I'll usually see something like 1 corner ding in the same spot for everyone's copy. Like the entire box was dropped on one corner or something. Etc. I will add a note asking for extra packaging and care but there is no guarantee that will do anything. Please know that I will ship your record very securely once it arrives at my place... but you may want to prepare for a lil' cosmetic damage to the record. If it happens, there is a very good chance we'll all get fucked in the same way, in the same spot. Like Eskimo Brothers but for vinyl imports. It could be a bonding experience. I will be messaging each of you with the total due and Paypal address to send it. If we can secure all payments today, I will pull the trigger this evening. Thank you.
  15. Cool catch on that variant. I feel like DW will get a US exclusive and it’ll still be $30 PPD and probably pretty decent. I’m pleased with the options we have to choose from at present though, and am confident I’d be content with my choice. ⚠️ We are officially at max capacity since I got 1 more PM just a moment ago. Sorry folks; I have a stack of mailers for everyone, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t think we’d have so much interest. That being said, as much as I hate to say, please no more new PMs. I have an AM meeting that needs my attention over here, but afterwards I will compile the latest and final list of buyers. The good news is that since we’re at max, if everyone pays today I can place the order this afternoon. Thanks all.
  16. I actually think it turned out better than the mock-up but I also have a bias against splatters these days. I dig how subtle that purple creeps in around the label.
  17. I'm gonna' do a comparison between the Red Creek website and Bandcamp to see if we can't eek out just a smidge more on the grand total, for whatever reason, but I'll be extra mindful of the URLs before I submit the order this weekend.
  18. I got you covered, thanks for the PM. Just need a message from @swisherprice and @hallowken78 when they get a chance. I think we may be at peak savings so I'l maybe take 1 more since I'm not looking to juggle 10+ orders.
  19. Realized I'm jumping the gun a tiny bit by asking for payment way before the cutoff, whoops. For now let's just to the plan on PMing me your details. Tomorrow evening I will respond to everyone at once; please pay over the weekend and I'll place the order as soon as all payments clear. Much better plan. Here's who I've got so far. Myself Bronchitis Hallowken78 swisherprice FEN1XDOWN That's $37.77 a head. Not bad at all considering most domestic LPs are like $29-34 PPD anymore, it feels like.
  20. Here’s what I’d like to do if you guys are cool with it. I don’t do group-buys often… when I do them, I like to do them right. ⚠️ Right now, if you’re for-sure in, please PM with the following: • Your Paypal address. • The URL for the variant you want. There is too much grimace going on and weird descriptors like “sparkle”. Please go here and copy the URL for your desired variant so I have it in writing: https://red-crk.com/collections/vinyl • Your preferred mailing address. This doesn’t always match Paypal so I need you to give me at least your first name, street adddess, city, state, and zip code. ⚠️ Cutoff is tomorrow, Friday (7/15) at 5:00 PM (PST). You have until then to PM me and coordinate a payment. Unless I am sleeping, I will be very quick to reply to you on VC with my PayPal address to send a payment. If you guys could do Friends & Family so I’m not dinged even more than I’m already going to be, that would be awesome. I think my account is set up as “business” so it may not work, I’ll try to fix that tonight. Thanks all.
  21. Wish we could include ya’ Negron. Will do. Do we want to give it a few days or… get the ball rolling since they’re small press sizes? The savings are like $1 off for each extra person at this point. No real point in waiting weeks, especially with the limited interest here. Lemme’ know the exact variant you guys want so I can mock up the cart.
  22. Deserving of its own thread to talk shop on a potential group buy. (Specifically, so far, @Bronchitis + @hallowken78) Worth noting is that at the moment, the USD [$] and Euro [€] are basically 1:1. It's been a while since that's happened, so it's actually a great time to import if you're in the US. That being said, the starting price on these things is pretty gnarly. Like $30 a pop before shipping, and some steep prices to import, too. I would place an order for anyone interested. I'd also ask $3.00 for Media Mail, from me to you. I'm probably losing a few bucks in the long run, there, but if it's just a few of us... I don't really mind. 3 copies comes out to €111.87. After the $3 "me to you" shipping fee, that's still about $40.30 a piece. For perspective, ordering a copy yourself directly from Bandcamp is about $51 PPD. Any additional copies really help to chip the price down too. 4 copies would be $38.97 out the door. 5 would be $37.77. 6 would be $37.31. I can't imagine there being more than 6. And it seems that the savings don't exactly ramp up. Note that there will be some US distro, but likely just a Deathwish Inc. exclusive or 1-2 variants. It also won't happen until September at the earliest – per the band's IG comments – I'm told. So if you want your preferred variant and you want it anytime soon, this is probably your cheapest bet all around. I have plenty of mailers and this isn't my first group buy, either, so. Consider that as well – if you're reading this and on the fence. I've loved everything this band has put out up until the last album, which stumbled a little bit for me in comparison. Both new tracks are killer this time around though, and there's no shortage of awesome variants to choose from either. https://birdsinrow.bandcamp.com/album/gris-klein
  23. Lemme’ fiddle around with quantities / cart options later today and see if it even makes sense or offers a savings. I’m sure that if there’s even a savings to be had, interest would be minor and it’d be a small buy that I wouldn’t mind facilitating.
  24. I wasn’t really blown away by their last album but the newest singles here are actually really tight. Any interest in splitting shipping costs or looking at a mini group buy?