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  1. "Opaque creamsicle" indie version up in the usual places too.
  2. Has anyone that ordered the artist exclusive version of this through the website received a shipping notification yet? I've had nada,
  3. Did any of the other recent Nirvana colour presses end up being sold anywhere else internationally? Want, but ideally not with US to UK shipping charges.
  4. Was the clear splatter available outside of a bundle at any point?
  5. The Yellow indie version worked out way cheaper for me than the Earache colour versions would have been, I’m based in the U.K. though, so don’t know what international shipping is like. Swedish blue version looked cool too.
  6. Up on the EU Kings Road for any European types that can’t afford US postage: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=14066
  7. Couldn't agree more. You can't blame it on inflation when plenty of new release single LPs are generally available for <$20.
  8. Lol. I thought they were being made to order and a one time run?
  9. Up on the EU KRM! No word if this is a Euro press. There's a black option and bundle too. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=12871 EDIT - saw this has already been posted. Nevermind.
  10. Same thing happened to me. Not sure if it's just sold out completely or down from the site. Probably for the best tbh. The more I think about it the less I wanna spend 60 euros after shipping for 9 songs and a book...
  11. Me too: https://www.instagram.com/chucks_records/ Happy to follow back etc.
  12. Rad. Managed to get Small Change, Blue Valentine, Foreign Affairs + Heartattack & Vine. Were there colour copies of Closing Time, Heart of Saturday Night etc up earlier too?
  13. They typically end up on Webstores of EU indie stores. Banquet Records and What Records from the UK are usually a good shout for them.
  14. Rad! Got it now. Thanks very much. Doubt these will hang around too long.
  15. Anyone been able to order the Rough Trade vinyl? I keep getting a 404 when I click pre order.
  16. Double LP repress up for pre-order on One Little Indian. Yeah! This has been hard to get for a few years now. http://indian.co.uk/shop/rftc-album.html
  17. If you click on "music" in the menu at the side you should see the standalone versions. Front page is littered with unnecessary bundles!
  18. Ordered the French version - sacre bleu! Be interesting to see how limited the ones with foreign language sleeve notes are.
  19. Y'all see the below on the pink? The After Laughter Vinyl here is a paramore.net exclusive. The pink vinyl is not a limited pressing but will only be available in the official Paramore store. The first pressing on pink is limited to 4,000 total units. The vinyl includes a card for a digital download of the album. Sounds like there will be multiple presses on that colour, always available through the official site.
  20. Yeah. That's giving me the fear too... Need to wait and see I guess. Hopefully there will be communication one way or the other today.
  21. Ordered the Distillers off Bengans on Saturday night. Anyone got a shipping notification from them yet?
  22. That might well come back in. They're selling the self-titled and Enema for £15 (marked down from 25) at my local just now. They evidently bought a lot more Blink than was necessary...
  23. White's on the UK site too. Links below. http://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/Descendents/ http://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/Descendents/
  24. Not Euro, but Amazon US has them up. Good shipping rates for the EU
  25. Exciting... I'm guessing Vagrant will have colour versions of these on their KRM store too, as-per the other 20th anniversary reissues.