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  1. I nabbed Good Riddance and Swingin Utters but I skipped Let's Talk About Feelings since it was a 10inch. Hoping for Twisted by Design next!
  2. I'm almost positive I ordered the Southern Air from bandbox but I don't have any email confirmation or anything in my inbox referencing the order. Did anyone else order from bandbox? Did you get a confirmation email?
  3. This'll be the first 25th anniversary repress I don't buy. I love this album, hate the 10". I have the 2011 repress already but I wanted it in color.
  4. I'm also comfortable saying that it is annoying that double 10s don't appear flush on my shelf. It might sound petty or superficial but that's just the truth for me.
  5. Shouldn't the 25th Anniversary represses start going up in May or June? Excited for this year!
  6. I bought the Vagrant we store version before they updated it to say it was a 2x10” and canceled my order as soon as they updated the site. I really wanted these but not spending that kind of money on a 2x10”
  7. Why would the band or the label care about the value of the older pressings? They don’t get any money from those Discogs sales.
  8. Stay What You Are double 10" still on Newbury, this should have sold out in 2 minutes. It's crazy that they are pressing double 10". Even if it's quicker and cheaper they obviously aren't selling.
  9. So I got an email over 2 weeks ago saying that these were shipping imminently and haven't heard anything since. Has anyone gotten theirs?
  10. Got mine today, I honestly didn't think it would ever show up.
  11. Are we gonna talk about how Remains isn't a double 10" pressing?
  12. Honestly I haven't really liked either of these singles. The newest one is better than the first but not by much.
  13. Ehh fuck it I ordered it. Never was a Mad Caddies fan but I’m a completest and I’m always happy to support Fat Wreck.
  14. So I got an update in July about this being delayed and now it's December and I haven't heard a thing about it. Anyone have any info on when these are shipping?

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