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  1. 3 tracks in, fucking loving this... Never got into Myrkur much might have to revisit
  2. Went and had a dig at my fav local store for their RSD sale picked up some gems: Asunder - Works Will Come Undone Clear (beer with maroon, green and tan splatter) /100 Khemmis - Absolution (first press black) Amarok/Hell split lp all brand new and sealed Anyone else find anything cool?
  3. I dig, only gripe is that snare sounds a bit like a brown paper bag. Can't see anything to link them to NSBM... Although their label is called Purity through fire I'm sure that could be interpreted many ways lel
  4. Yeah it never got much love, but it is creepy as fuck and in all the right ways
  5. The best thing Yellow Eyes related imo is the Ustalost album Gilead put out a couple of years ago. Having said that I did enjoy the last YE more that their previous stuff.
  6. Holy smokes! album of the year alert, nothing physical yet https://anisolatedmind.bandcamp.com/album/im-losing-myself Edit: OMFG THIS IS SO GREAT
  7. Exciting times: Jon Chang and Rob Marton (Discordance Axis) have reunited to create a final album, No One Knows What The Dead Think. Fall, 2019, Willowtip Records.
  8. Yeah I think last time some people got Nasum and AxCx stuff I would've been happy with. I however got mostly shyte ala Culted and Royal Thunder the exception being Hooded Menace and to a lesser extent Fuck the Facts which I was ok with...
  9. Stupidly expensive Opeth repress anyone? https://candlelight.merchnow.com/products/v2/288199/my-arms-your-hearse-blue-and-yellow-vinyl-2x-lp-gatefold
  10. Need to find somewhere I can get this for less than $65 shipped to Australia.... Love the track very much in line with the Angels of darkness... Albums which are amongst my favourites from Earth.
  11. Interesting episode of the Radical Research podcast detailing the early 2nd wave of Norwegian BM recorded at Grieghallen. http://radicalresearch.org/episode-25-pyttens-chamber-music-black-metal-in-grieghallen/ Some choice cuts in here Immortal, Hades, Emperor. I easily forget how good early Burzum is due to the massive Varg taint... Enjoy!
  12. You could pick up Jouhou pretty cheap from HH not long ago, might still be able to... I'm considering shelling out for a first press of The Inalienable Dreamless there are some on discogs at a semi reasonable price.
  13. Haha I knoww, and I was metorphrically trying to express that I find the album bland/uninteresting by comparing it to other things I find to also be bland /uninteresting... Brick is ok at best OCHL is below average, borderline lame imho. Strike 1 for Deafheaven, I hope I like the next one more. I would suggest to anyone who hasn't already checked out the last Chaos Moon or Mare Cognitum albums to do so as they are full of tasty postness, riffs, carbs and gluten