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  1. Damn. I have been looking for Team Sleep. Jealous
  2. So far Newsbury is the only one with Team Sleep but their prices are inflated. Jerks
  3. Assume you fine folks will start putting up links when they're available? Hunting for Team Sleep and Horse the Band.
  4. Someone post some pics. Mine is moving thru the shipping process at a snails pace
  5. Think I rather have an NFT than only being able to get one if they happen to be playing in your city.
  6. The caption on IG states there will be bundles available.
  7. Great call, I feel like that's spot on. It has to be that
  8. First Single: Hold Tight Music Video PreOrder Link: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/codeseven
  9. I love Thursday but I am way more intrigued by Keith's new band, Many Eyes, being on this tour.
  10. I am glad people are excited about it and I do love this band but $50 is just insane.

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