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  1. I've always been fine with how the 2012 Remaster sounded and but going back to the original southern lord press release it is kind of strange wording now that you mention it but I don't know if it's sneaky word play or what. They said "the original tapes have been remastered" not "mastered from the original tapes". I don't know if it's worth making anything out of that but in light of the Third Man claiming this was the first time mastered from the original tapes it makes me wonder.
  2. Minor rant: Mine arrived with the box coming apart and a pretty major seam split in the spine of Glow Pt.2. I know this was quite an undertaking for an independent artist but definitely agree packaging should've been more considered than a layer of bubble wrap. Was offered a replacement jacket but there's no overrun on the box itself so no replacement available. I was also offered a refund on "components they could reuse" if I wanted to return it, I didn't ask for a refund nor do I want to return it but that sort of rubbed me the wrong way. The Microphones are a very important band to me and this is a cool release and I was able to sell off some old records to offset the cost but if I'm being honest between lackluster attention to detail with shipping and handling and the fact that they apparently sold a bunch of these with one less record for the same price, I feel like they definitely could make more of an effort to do better by fans purchasing an expensive set like this. That being said, the book is well done and I'm glad all the linear notes are still included for all of the individual records. Also very happy the digital content is redeemed through bandcamp so I don't need to actually download everything. A lot of the Live/Unreleased material I've listened to so far is pretty cool. End minor rant/review
  3. Just got a shipping notification as well. Super cool they didn't announce the release until they must've had stock in hand to assemble and have a reasonable turn around. On the other side of the coin I'm still waiting for the Kid A special edition that I ordered back in September
  4. Same, there seems to be a pretty deep well of unreleased live/studio recordings so this seems like a cool opportunity for them to get stuff out there and engage with fans in a more meaningful way rather than just dump out RSD releases or what not. Hoping for the best on the follow through, would be cool if they stuck to just regular black pressings for special releases but maybe that's just me.
  5. My first press copy of this has a pressing defect during Rape Me, a small dimple which causes the needle to jump, I'm guessing this was caused by a dirty stamper? Anyway, I've only seen this lightly referenced on discogs so I'm thinking maybe it was only present for one batch of this pressing, can anyone else speak to their pressing having or not having this defect? I've always wanted to buy a clean copy of this but haven't motivated on it
  6. Yeah, I hesitated for sure since I already own the main vinyl releases. But I figure since all of these are somewhat recently remastered I'll feel ok trading in my old pressings to pay back part of the cost, I'm certain the new pressings I don't own are improved in terms of sound and packaging anyway. There are very very few artists I'd justify spending on this kind of indulgent feeling release but he's definitely one of them.
  7. Thanks for the info! I just ordered in case. Will sort out my inner turmoil about it later, haha. Out of curiosity where are you able to check inventory?
  8. This is super cool, bummed this only includes physical records that have already been repressed. Would've totally loved a Song Islands Vol.3 or something like that to push me over the edge but that's just me. Considering parting with some of my original pressings to finance this, hoping I make up my mind before they're gone or just get the book. Has anyone heard if there's a way to get the digital component of this release outside of ordering the box?
  9. I've seen on reddit and other forums that some folks in North America started receiving Scarry Editions late last month. I tried inquiring with Waste about when others might start going out but just got a copy and paste response, anybody have any better luck getting info on this? I ordered the art book as well and noticed amazon lists that as shipping in March so I'm hoping they're not getting that much further delayed.
  10. Agreed! I think a collected b-sides comp would be great to see eventually but for this anniversary release the bonus disc kind of perfectly ties the mood of the records together so I'm glad they went that route. I loved the OKNOTOK cassette as well for similar reasons, I find that I actually listen to that as much as OK Computer but that may largely be due to how much I've already listened to that record in my life.
  11. Excited to hear this is getting a slightly wider release as I missed out on the Important Records Kickstarter project. Does anyone know if this is the exact same release just on a different label? The Third Man press release doesn't mention it being co-released with Important but on the surface it seems like it's exactly the same... https://thirdmanrecords.com/news/harry-bertoias-complete-sonambient-collection-due-december-10-2021-exclusively-on-vinyl
  12. This is a quote from the black release, it's sort of buried as a reply: "my copy has a constant whooshing noise that's at a low volume, at least on side A. it's really noticeable in the beginning when there's no/minimal guitar, but as it goes on you don't really hear it over the music. That could be how the original is, since there is that tape noise, but mine was definitely whooshing and not a static hiss" This was almost my exact experience with the cloudy pressing as well so I guess it's reasonable to conclude it's not a variant exclusive issue but obviously hard to say how pervasive it might be. Based on the similar experience with Amplifier Worship posted above it sounds like it could be bit of luck of the draw. I will say the other Boris reissues I've purchased have all been great
  13. There's mentions of it in all three of the posted variants, before posting I hadn't noticed it being mentioned in the black but it popped up there too that was my main curiosity I guess. Most people just comment on noise issues that are understandable with something with such long quiet sections
  14. After spending a couple listens with the "mistake" variant, there's a sort of a troubling "whooshing" noise, especially noticeable throughout Side A, I see on discogs that this is a not uncommon issue. I'm wondering if anyone with the other variants, especially just regular black could comment on the noise level of their pressing. Debating about whether or not to send this back in hopes of a better sounding pressing or if this issue is just across the board and I just keep the one that looks the best. Third man is so hit or miss with the quality issues
  15. FYI The final remaining copies of Trout Mask Replica vault exclusive pressing are up for sale in the Vault Store. I missed this the first when it was released but have an active membership still from the Bob Dylan box vault package so I was happy to grab a copy. Also just received the Vault exclusive pressing of Boris' Flood which I'm very happy with. I'll never get why they don't use lined inner sleeves in all their releases but that aside I feel like the pressing quality is slowly getting better at the Third Man plant
  16. Just picked these up, this isn't my favorite of her records but so far it might be my favorite of the demos discs. I'm amazed there's not more of a buzz surrounding these releases that have been steadily rolling out. In my opinion it's easily the best reissue campaign outside of the Neil Young Archives Releases in terms of audio and pressing quality.
  17. I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find a definite answer. Does boomkat charge for pre-orders right away or when they ship? Definitely interested in some of these Caretaker represses
  18. Do Udiscover and and Sound of Vinyl typically send out shipping notices?
  19. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I was able to grab all 6 of the PJ Harvey Reissues for under $90. Glad I waited on those!
  20. Has anyone gotten their Secretly Society version of this yet? Usually they go out the first week of August but I haven't seen any out yet
  21. Yes but mine doesn't work, I haven't e-mailed Secretly Canadian about it yet but I'm guessing maybe those won't be activated until the August release date?
  22. Yeah I hadn't received a shipping notification or anything so it was a nice surprise
  23. Got my copy in the mail yesterday, amazing record and nice pressing. After a couple listens I'd say it's really unlike anything else he put out, short, meditative and almost gospelly. Great compliment to the rest of his solo catalog

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