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  1. I'm a bit limited with local stores, but will try and hit up two or three of them that day as I really want this and Mansun. Else will keep an eye on out banquet, norman, Piccadilly, specialist subject etc as they post leftovers pretty sharpish.
  2. FYI Oceansize's Home & Minor EP is getting a run of 1000. Peep it.
  3. Not quite sure where to put this, it crosses over a few places. I guess it a drum and bass record? But the features are shoegaze artist? You decide. It's my fav release from last year and it got a limited vinyl release, Turquoisedeth Se Bueno. UK/EU https://plantasiarecords.bandcamp.com/album/se-bueno US https://longinusrecordings.com/products/se-bueno-2xlp
  4. Real happy to see him thriving as a pure independent on this one. Good lad.
  5. Shit me, this one of those albums that starts off okay and then just builds and builds and gets more intense and better throughout. Belter.
  6. Fruity boys are back. PO from the place where music goes to die: https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/artists/standards
  7. What the hell is happening with this Max Payne 3 ost?!
  8. I'm finding I'm waaaaay less immediate about preordering/buying, unlike pre-covid where I would splash the cash a bit more. I'll will really wait it out until the album is out and I've given it enough time before I purchase anything, and even then, I'd like to buy a bunch of other records I've liked in one fell swoop to reduce postage (and probs better support for the indie retailer too). This would happen maybe once every 4-6 months now, instead of as and when a PO/release happened. It's much easier to keep track of my outgoings on this bullshit that way and it's nice to buy stuff that's actually in stock instead of waiting forever. TBH, I'm sort of glad I've reduced this buying habit as I can spend the money on "us" (family/friends/causes/excursions/hobbies/life) rather than "me".
  9. Prediction: $40/50 single LP edition of whatever the fuck this is. $3000 single sided per LP boxset with etching "feel free to participate" all over.
  10. The "Feel free to participate" blab feeling more and more like NFT bro patter every day, so wouldn't be surprised at this point.
  11. Hope they do MGS2+3 at some point. MGS2 especially, because the music in that is fantastic for sneaking about and doing some espionage to!
  12. This Jane Remover album is a bit gorgeous. Nice that. (Vinyl pricing, not so nice) https://janeremover.bandcamp.com/album/census-designated
  13. Machine 15 repress (finally). Actually feel this is the last solid Millencolin release before they got too dad for punk. Clear (bandstore) /300 https://millencolin.com/store/shop/new-products/machine-15-limited-15-year-reissue-clear-vinyl/ Silver (UK/EU) /700 "Dolphin" epitath/kingsroad /1000 https://millencolin.kingsroadmerch.com/product/25537/machine-15-lp-dolphin
  14. €39/€45 for a 3LP????? Other labels take note, this is the correct pricing to make people want the thing. This is such a huge part of gaming through the 90s that I insta-copped. Never expected to see this released on vinyl, so well happy to finally own it and to jam it out without having to crash a metal frisbee into a wall.
  15. Hello, this is whoa's mother. I found him passed out in his basement room, covered in his own blood and hotdogs after he started punching an invisible entity in his room last night. He was screaming "PORKDAD" all night. His cave bed is soaked in hotdog water. So I'm taking away his Nintendo DS and Jeff Rosiestock records until he can apologise for using the internet after a few beers. (Sorry)
  17. Thanks @scottheisel, will defo go check that out, wasn't sure if it was open to public outside of concerts. My Morning Jacket are playing Red Rocks, but can imagine that's sooollld out! I'll live, just happy to be out of the UK!
  18. Necro bump and jumping on another thread (some great recs here), but I've landed a real fluke thing; I'm screening an animation wot I done at Burning Man festival this year and I'm flying into Denver first before road tripping over to it. I'm there for 4/5 days with car/bicycle access: what should I go see and do? Touristy stuff is good with me but there's a lot to do there and I doubt I'll ever be able to afford to come back again, so what would be vital must-see things? ❤️ Thanks all ❤️
  19. On my first listen through of this and it's alright. Nothing standing out, but it's pleasant enough. Might grow on me with more listens. ┐⁠(⁠ ⁠˘⁠_⁠˘⁠)⁠┌
  20. Actually the worst company. I remember the Hyper Light Drifter og box taking nearly a year and everyone up in arms about that. All like "we were detailing the jacket" which was a bit shit in the end, let's face it, a box shouldn't feel that fragile after a year of waiting for it.
  21. Saw them in London yeeeeaarrss ago and their amp set on fire just as they got into the last song (I think it was "… We Were Alone"). Still managed to play the final song out though! Probably peak time to see them, playing a nice set of their core, classic material. Not sure how much I'd engage seeing them now as a lot of their stuff sounds a bit too "jammy". Still enjoy listening to whatever they put out, but holding out for the full album. Haven't snagged a record of theirs since All Of A Sudden…
  22. … *breathes* you can stop reading there

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