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  1. Really REALLY love this album hard and is up there for me for AOTY. Even my husband loves it. Wished we were in the UK when they toured here, just missed them by a day.
  2. http://www.pinegroveband.com/products/632340-skylight Not sure what merch site they're using but it's super broken on mobile. Also yay, this is great album.
  3. whoa

    Athletics - BFRSD

    Looking forward to seeing the new sleeve for the 2xLP, but I still appreciate the craft that went into the original sleeves. Definitely not a disappointment.
  4. whoa

    Athletics - BFRSD

    YAY affordable international shipping too!
  5. whoa

    UK vinyl deals

    This is the thread's Deal Of The Year!
  6. whoa

    Athletics - BFRSD

    Thank you kind soul
  7. whoa

    Athletics - BFRSD

    https://intheclouds.io/collections/black-friday midnight EST. (are some available right now or just me?) - 2xLP deluxe Who You Are... /??? - 1st LP is normal album, 2nd LP is instrumentals. - Why Aren't I Home - /150 Transparent Blue Splatter + /150 Grey White Swirl - When to Run, Where to Hide 7" /???
  8. whoa

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Far Cry 5 LP + Game is 40% off for the console only versions in the EU/UK. https://store.ubi.com/uk/far-cry-5-x-mondo-edition/5a4bab4eca1a644b199566ff.html
  9. I feel Transitions was ultimate ETE, and was lucky to see them live on my doorstep when they toured that album. And that Unusable Love EP was outstanding. I'll grab this now, but I didn't get on with this album but I hope maybe a few more dedicated listen will turn me. Be interested to hear how people feel about this record now months after.
  10. This is the true end-to-end analogue solution for REAL audiophiles.
  11. Dunk have these for all us euro twinks. https://dunkrecords.com/products/tides-of-man-every-nothing-2xlp The disaster splatter sold out though.
  12. Good to know, sadly mine didn't arrive today after all, but think it was sent second class so it'll probs be here mid next week if that's the case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I'm in the same boat. They might arrive today as I've ordered from BSM before and they're spotty on those shipping notices.
  14. I cancelled in the end. I like the record but not enough to spend $60shipped (excluding import charges). I wish your splatters all the best. Also, ahem, top shelve records do the best sounding and looking splatters. Like that G?G! looks great but the music is outstanding so married the best of both.
  15. Channelling Kele's grump.
  16. Downloads are out. Stream dream https://mewithoutyou.bandcamp.com/album/untitled edit: Wait, maybe not out just out, link in MwY email goes to bandcamp. Probably need to wait for the download link to come in from your distro.
  17. Surprising album of consistent bangers, listening to this at the allotment and even the neighbour wanted in on this. So bought that purple/black merge before he does!
  18. Up now. Black with pink splatter /200 <3 Shame they're not doing a bundle with their last album, but I'll live.
  19. Nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile*, and you use it only for me** *Wallet **Semisonic
  20. Aw, sadly my order was cancelled (and fair enough, they would've been really out of pocket). But I've read on their Instagram that euro shipping is coming soon. Woo.
  21. Whoa, that is nuts. I had a $5 (somehow) and $28 option. I guess with that shipping price hike I'm expecting my order to be cancelled (and fair enough).
  22. Leave a note and tell them to value the stuff on the label as $14 or less to scoop in on under that limit. They've done it with Pale Horses deluxe.
  23. BSM is up http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/625149-mewithoutyou-untitled-album-untitled-e-p-vinyl-bundle-preorder EDIT: But dropped dollar on the space bundle already so... whoops. International shipping was insanely cheap tho,
  24. New song bangs. UK Rough Trade also states it's /200, and we're getting a "handful". Hype! https://roughtrade.com/gb/music/cloud-nothings-last-building-burning
  25. This song is as soothing as an aloe vera kleenex <3