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  1. Silent Hill 3 represses incoming, but first, a Data Disc exclusive, limited to 500 going up today at 6pm GMT. Also the DD newsletter mentioned a SH4: The Room vinyl, but might be way off yet. Probs something to look forward to next year.
  2. The thing is, seeing how the CWA pressing went, you'll have this first batch and they've released it like "this is limited woooooOooOoo" but then a few months later there'll be just regular black vinyl. Then a signed copy. Then a limited edition print + record. Then a super special limited edition that comes with Drew's gold foiled pubes.
  3. I tried to buy a couple copies for EU/UK folk but fucking hell that shipping. Sorry. Nice to see the Failure pricing model bleeding inspiration for other bands.
  4. Bundle (With t shirt) $50 https://dredg.merchnow.com/products/v2/335728/leitmotif-20th-anniversary Just the record $40 https://dredg.merchnow.com/products/v2/335715/leitmotif-20th-anniversary-green
  5. Resent all the UK/EU variants being red, but okay!
  6. I'm not a collector, I really couldn't be bothered to play my copies of Kid A because it was two songs per side and when I'm sat down working it's a pain in the arse having to get up every other minute. Also I didn't own Amnesiac. I guess if you wait until Black Friday/Christmas, you'll find these cheap when every bitch is throwing their copy out because it's ever so slighty off-centre and their shit player can't handle it.
  7. I love when discog comments are like old man ramblings. Anyone getting distortion? Radiohead came to my school, back then I used to like milk warmed up on the radiator, but my friend became lactose intolerant and we always thought he lacked toast and was being tolerant of that. He went on to become a famous drag queen and my record sounds scratchy towards the end of one track because I have a shonky 1940s tuba attached to a diamond my ex girlfriend gave to me when she ran off with Marc Bolan.
  8. 80 copies of IAC!IAF! CE back up https://mewithoutyou.com/collections/featured/products/its-all-crazy-its-all-false-its-all-a-dream-its-alright-vinyl-collectors-edition
  9. Got mine in today and did a quick comparison of the Kid A 10" vs this (red). Basically sound the same, but I'd say this newer press sounds better than my 10" copy, the bass is deeper without affecting the mids and highs. Kid A is squeezed hard onto each side in comparison to the other two LPs in the set. I feel the only track that suffers is Motion Picture Soundtrack; It's not a dealbreaker that is has the slightest, I mean ever so slightest, sibalent artefacts on the singing, but I only noticed because after my first playback I hopped through the 10" and that's really not fair (no one's going to do that every playback, are they?)! It could be the slight warp my copy has, or it could be how it sounds, but I'm hardly going to be playing both side by side to nitpick, I imagine the other two LPs will sound just as great. Solid mastering to get this to fit, so well done to them.
  10. Got my grey in today, beautiful packaging. Will spin it tomorrow. I'm glad they released a live album instead of a best of. Ideal for me as I'm a casual fan – I like a few albums, some albums I couldn't get into but they had moments I tuned in to, seen them live a few times too – so it's great hearing them smash out pretty much every song I've ever loved at peak abilities as a band. A perfect send off gift to fans.
  11. Holy shit I am ALL ABOUT this latest SEIMS LP https://store.seims.net/album/four (If you dig it, Dunk/Thousand Arms/Church Road has vinyl)
  12. I am loving the hell out of this new album, but also never heard the discography until this thread so ended up buying the other albums too; they're all such solid albums. So thanks all for bringing this into my life.
  13. Ha, I thought that was it! There's still quite a bit of stock of these in stores for the dad albums that were repressed. Regardless, I'm in it for the Frankie LP (despite already having 2 copies of this already). So glad they're hogging all the pressing plants with this!
  14. Open to all now https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/hyper-light-drifter/products/hyper-light-drifter-vinyl-soundtrack-4xlp EU https://blackscreenrecords.com/products/hyper-light-drifter-original-soundtrack-by-disasterpeace UK: Check ChipFreq I'm guessing that'll grab it soon. Do note this is limited, BUT apparently a huge amount.
  15. @MCDELTATsorry for not checking sooner but glad you've snagged one. Brutal wait, but it's an outstanding pressing and great set. It's looks like the packaging is the same from the website, which isn't a great thing, the box is such a faff. It's needlessly overcomplicated.
  16. FYI if you happened to have joined the wait list for Disasterpeace's masterpiece Hyper Light Drifter on iam8bit, emails are being sent out so you can preorder it. I think you can just join the wait list and it might email you a link, but not sure how it's working. Looks like it's up to $100 now (could've sworn it was $60/75 when I purchased mine).
  17. The version in the white sleeve is the lighter version, the one inside the main package was super dark and gloomy. I actually thought the latter looked more on point with what we'd expect, but this band has unknown perfectionism and I'm here for that.
  18. My A--B Life CE arrived. Also with two bellybands but also an additional C/D record because the variant inside the package came out much darker than they thought (like, it didn't matter). Instantly listing this on discogs as OMG SUPER RARE two bellybands and 2x c/d side extended, super collector's vintage edition. £1000 ono etc
  19. order link for vinyl https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/fotocrime-heart-of-crime-vinyl-lp/?
  20. So, it's little bit prog/bit post-rock, really enjoying this Closet Disco Queens album https://closetdiscoqueen.bandcamp.com/album/omelette-du-fromage Apart from having a banging band and album name, I saw they have vinyl for this release https://hummus-records.com/product/closet-disco-queen-and-the-flying-raclettes-omelette-du-fromage-lp/ Was just curious if anyone had any experience with laser cut discs? Are they just lathes or something else completely? Really can't find much on it, and the stock is gone, but just curious what that processing is. Regardless, enjoy the music!
  21. Oh boy, www.pitchshifter.com domain is available for a smooth $6000 if anyone wants to group buy it. Edit: not sure how useful this is for international shipping, but Norman have copies https://www.normanrecords.com/records/188581-pitchshifter-wwwpitchshiftercom
  22. some kind soul has made an exhaustive list to grab the record from:
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTgRJUqF_ud/ Can't get embed thingy to work but repress in a Chinese store, limited to 500. Looks like a nightmare to purchase, as no links on web store and they're saying you'll need WeChat store. EDIT: According to band https://www.instagram.com/p/CTgVYcgtbjm/?utm_medium=copy_link send an e-mail to [email protected]
  24. Didn't quite think this release merits its own thread, but new Jon Hopkins released digitally and on CD on the 12th of November, and on vinyl on the 11th of February, 2022. PO (Domino Mart) http://smarturl.it/MFPTlp Limited edition double clear LP with signed lithograph artwork print Black vinyl is available too (a few UK stores have it listed).

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