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  1. Yeah, can we also pretend there's an issue with the Brother Sister boxes so they can repress those colour variants so I can buy one? Looks more like a #20 than a #21 y'know!
  2. Loving the new Molly album. They're describing themselves as Celestial Shoegaze, but to me that's really more smatterings of post-rock with shoegaze vocals. Some huge cuts on here too. https://wearemolly.bandcamp.com/album/picturesque
  3. My copy had been sat in my US mailbox since December (thanks @joneboonfor the heads up on emailing them, all sorted, my copy is enroute), I think the intercepted EU/UK variants have been in-hand for quite some time, probably just catching up with the rest of the orders now.
  4. 7 years!!! PO links: https://daughter.ffm.to/stereomindgame Rough Trade have an exclusive green /1200 Standard edition is eco-mix Single is lovely:
  5. I like how Spartan experiment on making cool, unique packages for their releases. Like the Reader zoetrope release - such a small band to be taking a dip on making something different with, but glad to see it's sold out (and too right, it's a great album). Anyway, will check this out, sounds great and I like the idea of the handpoured wax and reasonably priced in this economy?!
  6. A bit late to this and apologies if it's been mentioned here already but I am fully 100% into this GIFT debut, absolutely fucks. Got a sort of Toy vibe from some of the jams on this. Healthy doses of physc, kraut, dream-pop and noise. Just good, else i wouldn't be hyping it. https://giftbandnyc.bandcamp.com/album/momentary-presence Vinyl out end of Jan EU https://www.google.com/url?q=https://shop.bingomerch.com/products/gift-momentary-presence-opaque-red-lp&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwj2ocLL3Yv8AhWlolwKHVQiBPEQFnoECAkQAg&usg=AOvVaw0xgm4IIZdeYE2sy3TRjVHn US https://www.hellomerch.com/products/gift-momentary-presence-vinyl (also on sale rn)
  7. Would be great to get an update on how they're planning to handle those orders; it's a mess and really hope they're not sending from the states and losing money on it.
  8. Man, we rarely get any deals huh!
  9. https://godalone.bandcamp.com/album/etc This has got something going on with it! Is this the best ever? No. The search continues…
  10. MEGA 8LP Hotline Miami 1&2 box set. Including slipmat, sticker + two art prints Shipping estimate April 2023 Open pre-order for a week or two Laced variant £150 - https://www.lacedrecords.co/collections/hotline-miami (also available on US site) Devolver variant $165 - https://merch.devolverdigital.com
  11. Anthony Green-from-all-that-dollar-you-keep-throwing-at-him.
  12. I've ordered a juturna because I am so bored of getting crap copies and I just want one that plays without skips, running over hill warps, off centred, or picture disc fuzz. I just want some normality. Please. I've been so unlucky.
  13. HOLY SHIT listened to the hell out of this during uni, thanks so much for posting.
  14. It was pot luck for a while. From the same pressing, people would get a good copy, some would get a distorted mess. Sadly I got the latter and thought I'd wait it out until a repress that was solid.
  15. Great set for huge fans of this, but I'll be finally replacing my 2xLP that sounds like arse dragged through gravel.
  16. Totorro (and friends) are releasing a soundtrack! https://www.recreation-center.com/product/totorro-friend-x-fabcaro-et-si-l-amour-c-etait-aimer-soundtrack
  17. Looks like an etched centre too. They're up about 40 demos towards that.
  18. According to their stories, there's an anniversary pressing of el cielo coming "very very very soon".
  19. Gutted that I'll no longer have the /1 early access beta exclusive limited edition sexy just for me copy, but also happy for everyone to be finally getting this.
  20. Ah fuck sake ya beat me to it, mods delete my thread Looking forward to this but also RIP WL. Gonna miss Kenneth's frantic guitar work.
  21. Hoping that what I said is going to be the case; porting everything under new company. 🤞
  22. Wait what https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2022/09/01/awesome-merchandise-bankrupt-investors-lose/ and https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/investors-to-lose-ps650000-as-leeds-firm-awesome-merchandise-goes-into-controversial-administration-3821577 A lot to take in here, so let me try and synopsise: Luke (owner) wanted to rid of CrowdCube investors due to moaning they were not seeing any ample return on investment (typical) because he was reinvesting the money back into the company (growth, USA warehouse etc). He's dissolved the company, bought it back with investment from family loans, and - what I am hoping for - he will port all of awesome distro's stuff over to the new company and continute operations as usual. What's NOT cool is, this is all in limbo, all the staff layoffs in the USA are not mentioned in this and there's no assurance he's going to maintain the Austin warehouse. ALso this This all screams dodgy business dealings and I would still poke some money into the Topshelf/No Sleep fundraiser as I still belive this company is about to collapse… very slowly.
  23. FUCKING HELL. I think the worst part of this situation is that the liquidation of stock includes every labels/artists/small businesses materials being hosted there here and US, proper pikey cunt shite thing to do to everyone and so selfish. I would also steer clear of the original company, Awesome Merch, unless that's folded, but that should also fold now because people need to stop using all related companies to these cretins. @MCDELTATreally REALLY hope it's NOT on its way to the warehouse and it's going to the label first. Fuck, man, the logistics of this one. I'm fed up of enjoying this record on myself. It's lonely.

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