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  1. Totorro (and friends) are releasing a soundtrack! https://www.recreation-center.com/product/totorro-friend-x-fabcaro-et-si-l-amour-c-etait-aimer-soundtrack
  2. Looks like an etched centre too. They're up about 40 demos towards that.
  3. According to their stories, there's an anniversary pressing of el cielo coming "very very very soon".
  4. Gutted that I'll no longer have the /1 early access beta exclusive limited edition sexy just for me copy, but also happy for everyone to be finally getting this.
  5. Ah fuck sake ya beat me to it, mods delete my thread Looking forward to this but also RIP WL. Gonna miss Kenneth's frantic guitar work.
  6. Hoping that what I said is going to be the case; porting everything under new company. 🤞
  7. Wait what https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2022/09/01/awesome-merchandise-bankrupt-investors-lose/ and https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/investors-to-lose-ps650000-as-leeds-firm-awesome-merchandise-goes-into-controversial-administration-3821577 A lot to take in here, so let me try and synopsise: Luke (owner) wanted to rid of CrowdCube investors due to moaning they were not seeing any ample return on investment (typical) because he was reinvesting the money back into the company (growth, USA warehouse etc). He's dissolved the company, bought it back with investment from family loans, and - what I am hoping for - he will port all of awesome distro's stuff over to the new company and continute operations as usual. What's NOT cool is, this is all in limbo, all the staff layoffs in the USA are not mentioned in this and there's no assurance he's going to maintain the Austin warehouse. ALso this This all screams dodgy business dealings and I would still poke some money into the Topshelf/No Sleep fundraiser as I still belive this company is about to collapse… very slowly.
  8. FUCKING HELL. I think the worst part of this situation is that the liquidation of stock includes every labels/artists/small businesses materials being hosted there here and US, proper pikey cunt shite thing to do to everyone and so selfish. I would also steer clear of the original company, Awesome Merch, unless that's folded, but that should also fold now because people need to stop using all related companies to these cretins. @MCDELTATreally REALLY hope it's NOT on its way to the warehouse and it's going to the label first. Fuck, man, the logistics of this one. I'm fed up of enjoying this record on myself. It's lonely.
  9. They'll do an LCD Sound System and be back for a comeback tour in like 6 months or something!
  10. When I ordered this the UK/EU website it said "March 2023", which lets face it, sounds about right. Huge shame, but I can wait, this album is fucking fantastic.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm not fussed about the final thing looking like a mock up, especially when it comes out this awesome. That subtle a/b variation is just a nice (probably not intended) touch. Also, so glad it doesn't sound like it's running over gravel like a lot of splatters; Whole LP is clean and sounds great and that bass is niiiiicceee for a single LP too, so punchy.
  12. Can't remember, but my order just says Splatter. Need to bear in mind I bought from the UK store, I'm guessing these records are pressed from an EU supplier.
  13. My god… I… I just got shipping notification…
  14. Thanks for the heads up on this, I was lookint at one of these for ages but didn't know how legit they were, which one I should use or how much tax I would be stung with once landed here, so thanks for the spreadsheet cost breakdown. Going to set up one. It's annoying because my purchases from the states are always so spread about so will need to plan it out before going in on this.
  15. If you're bland enough to preorder this dross. Dinked Edition /400 https://www.normanrecords.com/records/193634-turnover-myself-in-the-way https://dinkededition.co.uk/turnover-myself-in-the-way
  16. Hello, I'm from the UK and I can legit say this is the type of pikey shit we would pull off. Regardless: Change your password, enable 2FA.
  17. This is soooo good. The singles that I weren't too fussed about at first work so well as a whole. It's refreshing hearing Anthony's voice outside of wailing in a post-hardcore backing and branching out a bit. Boom. Done. Good.
  18. https://am-overcast.bandcamp.com/album/a-m-overcast A collection of short noodling bangers with a lovely little emo-edge to it. /110 limted vinyl too for you 'muricums.
  19. Might need to wait it out, and check distros on Amazon and eBay too (nearer the time of release, usually stuff gets listed then). If you get stuck, give me a shout and I'll post it over. The only issue with posting from here (UK) to EU is including a customs form on the outside, and if you mess that up the whole thing gets caught in customs for a month.
  20. UK/EU peep it https://www.banquetrecords.com/holy-fawn/dimensional-bleed/WAX-021
  21. Memory Lame is an instrumental surf rock record. Yeah it's mathy, and I snapped it up with excitement but I don't revisit it near as much as Milk mouth. In fact, I still think the best of is this live performance, absolutely impeccable. Regardless, this is totally different approach, and it shows, because it's no longer a complete noodle fest, they're focusing on making some catchy moments and it's far more enjoyable. And yeah influences are worn the sleeve but in the best way. Hope this gets vinyl at some point, it's really fantastic.