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  1. This records really good. It’s been on my want list for a while. Grabbed the BV variant.
  2. Just had a pretty great experience with VMP. Ordered the Jose Gonzalez represses and someone in my building lifted them. Reached out to VMP and they shipped me new copies immediately no charge. Wasn’t their fault some jackass stole them so I was pretty impressed.
  3. Government issue “boycott stabb complete sessions” pink vinyl https://governmentissue.bandcamp.com/album/boycott-stabb-complete-session?from=fanpub_fb_merch
  4. Set it off is by far the superior record here, but there’s quite a few euro presses that aren’t hard to come by so I voted for supremacy.
  5. Left & Leaving sold out too fast which is kind of a bummer, but assuming there will be more variants coming.
  6. Haha, in my old apt I actually kinda did this with extra sleeves I got from rev. I didn’t have an eating surface, just a leather bench I used as a coffee table. Put them in glass frames i had laying around and would I pull them out when I needed to.
  7. 2002, was that when they played the house show in hilltop Tacoma, or the one they played the house show on 50th in Wallingford that the cops came to? Or possibly neither.
  8. 1234go just not so subtly hinted at their next exclusives today… ” Last time out we gave list subscribers first crack at our Operation Ivy and Rancidexclusive vinyl color and you wiped us out in less than 6 hours! We won't make you Suffer long to find out about our next two exclusives. In a few weeks we'll be announcing the next pre-order and we'll keep it simple. Nospecial FX. We've got a ton more coming up over the next few years so between these and our own new releases you'll definitely want to stay subscribed. “Suffer” and “NO”-“FX” were bold.
  9. Platinum and deluxe seem ridiculous, but the standard seems reasonable. May pick it up locally.
  10. Received mine today (even though usps informed deliver didn’t say I had anything coming) and I checked the tracking number. Yes, says Greensboro so that should be it. Also, didn’t know they were going to mimic the first pressings on all the 7”s. Nice touch.
  11. Never liked black flag based solely on their anti orange cat stance.
  12. Yes, sometime late last year. They were shipped together. Another question to tack on though, did anyone who ordered the s/t from Brooklyn Vegan get an obi strip #/750?
  13. I think “store exclusive” may mean indie store. Would make sense that rough trade has it available but Dais doesn’t. The whole neon as a “rough trade exclusive” may be a mistake though considering it was up on the Dais site as well.
  14. Looks like the next reissue is Devil Between My Toes. Been seeing it pop up for preorder. Here’s one link: https://redyetirecords.com/products/guided-by-voices-devil-between-my-toes-colored-vinyl-colored-vinyl-vinyl?_pos=2&_sid=8c40f59b8&_ss=r Seen it on pop up a few other places but sold out. (Color, black seems like it will be widely available like vampire)
  15. $50 is a bit steep, but at least it’s free shipping. Slept on ordering cause there were so many variants, but I love a screened cover so grabbed one.
  16. I’d be in for a simple lp repress, but don’t want an 80 page book talking about their good ol’ days in the Christian Hc scene, so I passed. Give me something around $25 and I’ll pick it up.
  17. Revhq does as well, but same. I’d assume it’s probably the color one though, considering it’s been OOP for a bit. It’s a gamble considering they don’t have killer “color vinyl” hype stickers.
  18. I already hit that $600 so I’ll be getting one I assume. They should take out the eBay fees and send a net amount right?
  19. Wait, you didn’t permanently stick those googly eyes on the cover?!? Unfollowed!!!
  20. First look I thought this was pretty dumb, but some of those had me cracking up pretty hard… simple, yet kinda brilliant.
  21. Exactly. Plus, semi causal sellers are small potatoes to the irs. Think about how many new tax reports they’re going to get from this.
  22. I mean, if you’re pretty honest about what you paid, the likelihood of an audit seems pretty slim.
  23. So I picked this up “opened but unplayed” some years back and just found out there’s supposed to be a track listing glued on the back. Never knew cause discogs didn’t have a photo of the back and there isn’t any residue or indication anything was ever there. Does anyone else that still has this and did theirs fall off, or get one without? *nm. Looked at some being sold on discogs and there are a few where the same thing happened. Too bad the original owner didn’t at least keep it.

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