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  1. Are there a variety of shirts or anything else up for pre-pre-order? Didn’t do Legrand so I’m just waiting till tomorrow. Could use another shirt.
  2. Nice, that’s sorta what I figured. Pretty cool. Now to decide whether to give my friend the more aesthetically pleasing splatter or the more rare regular clear haha. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Just got my order today. I got multiple variants, shirt, etc. and was supposed to get two clear splatters (one a surprise for a friend). Turns out I got a clear splatter and one that’s just plain clear. I don’t remember seeing a variant of that, and maybe it’s just one of the clear splatter that didn’t get splattered upon, but I’m curious if anyone else noticed this. I don't really care that much and it’s kinda cool if it’s a mistaken color, just wondering if it happened to anyone else.
  4. Just posting to say I was listening to Act of Depression and Cries of the Past today. Sure wish they’d get a proper pressing one day.
  5. Ordered. Good look, been dying for this. I also just requested this on the MOV request submissions earlier this year so I’m taking full credit for this finally happening and you can’t stop me.
  6. Motherfuck. Been looking for the Sioux Falls “Rot Forever” test press for a while and I missed it apparently. Please someone let me know if you’re willing to part with it.
  7. Someone with a subscription who’s able to get one of the rarer cover 7-inch’s, please let me buy it from you. Thanks
  8. That makes sense. I was half awake in bed when reading this thread and posting that so that’s likely the source of my misreading. Stoked on this one to finally be out.
  9. My impression is that “Dance on the Blacktop” is the name of the single coming out next week, not the album. Could be wrong though
  10. Pre ordered. The nu-metal vibe is strong with this band, and unapologetically so. This and Secret Cutter are what I wished Code Orange sounded more like.
  11. Been waiting years for this one to be pressed. Stoked.
  12. S/t gone already? Have been putting off buying it forever, figured an MOV press would be cool. Oh well
  13. Still waiting for mine to come to my parents house in NJ, USA. Here on Xmas now, was hoping it'd be here but nothing yet Great pics above though, looks great. Excited for mine to come!
  14. I've been waiting for these to go online for months. Hopefully soon
  15. Thanks for the pressing info and noooo wayyyyyu about Cursed. That's one of the few bands left I need to see above all else. Already saw Jawbreaker and Neutral Milk Hotel and Refused and a ton of others I never thought I'd see reunite. Would die for a Cursed show. EDIT: Just watched that video and Kurt was definitely just busting balls about Cursed, definitely still no reason to think there's any plans to reunite
  16. Burning Love is unofficially on indefinite hiatus. Chris talked about them in the past tense on a podcast with Damien from Fucked Up and was like "we were... were? I guess past tense yeah I don't know" so it seems like there's no plans for anything. Im prob going to the Brooklyn record release for this. Anyone know of the overall pressing of the colors?
  17. Last Lights Hi all, I've been a really big fan of Last Lights and all Dom's work for nearly a decade now. I've always wanted to work on trying to assemble a complete discography but the amount of variants on the 7" is staggering and scared me away. I now have a bit more money so I figured fuck it, might as well. I am also interested in any Dom-related stuff, especially Last Lights shirts (any size), posters, flyers, etc. I have multiple copies (hard and soft cover) of his poetry book as well as the Haunted Like A House record. "Last Lights" 7" First Pressing: 14 Test Presses 02 Super Light Pink 04 Grey/Purple/White Marble 05 Black 06 White w/ Purple Smoke (HAVE IT) 14 Dark Red w/ Black Smoke 86 Solid Pink 102 Transluscent Red 138 Solid White Second Pressing: 02 Clear Yellow/Clear Orange 02 Clear Orange ("X1" stamped on the a-side label) 05 Blue/Purple Swirl 63 Clear Red ("X2" stamped on a-side label) 109 Clear Blue 169 Clear Yellow (HAVE IT) Third Pressing: 03 Dark Orange 03 Grey/Blue Swirl 03 Green/Brown Swirl 05 Green/Blue Swirl 05 Dark Green 11 Light Purple 21 Dark Grey 28 Light Blue 68 Clear Orange 90 Light Grey (HAVE IT) 94 Lime Green Last Lights/Bad Habit split 7" HAVE: - black /300 - clear gold /300 NEED: - test pressing /??? "No Past No Present No Future" HAVE: - half black, half green /375 - clear rainbow splatter /375 - white w/ black splatter /150 NEED: - black /100 - test pressing /20 - CD Thanks so much! Anything helps!
  18. Thanks for the heads up on this. I actually checked like 3 months ago if this was ever pressed on vinyl and was sad it wasn't. Only album I really listened to from this band but it's really very pleasant.
  19. Grabbed a clear, seems to be going fast if not gone already. Good look
  20. Anyone get an extra of the AFI All Hallows' EP on blue they can part with for reasonable price? I was out when it went on sale and apparently the limit was 5 per person so obviously it sold out immediately. Fucking bummed
  21. Yeah true. I guess in my memory it seemed like it was a longer album just because there's so many tracks but I just looked it up and it's only like 44 mins. It just caught me off guard haha