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  1. Getting closer! An update from David: "Hello Apex Friends & Family, The vinyl are ready for shipping, but one slight detail, we had promised to sign them... As we speak they are in transit to Washington State for Sammy J to sign, return to us, for the rest of us to sign.. The USPS has been super slow on getting this to him, but we are working on it. Apologize for these delays, we are trying to get these out as soon as we can. "
  2. New singles "Wildfire" and "Zagrues" out Jan 12th, along with the album pre-order that day. Same 3 variants as shown above.
  3. @V3XED Nothing had sold out yet last weekend before they took the links down. They have a daily countdown on Instagram. 3 days left, so that looks like the big announcement is Monday the 9th, likely around 9am EST (like the countdowns).
  4. Preordered the Black Ice variant. Wondering if 3DOT will drop other variants. Looks like the band dropped a video teaser almost a month ago. Since been deleted from their social media.
  5. Got the same emailed from David. I replied back with the same address I used when I made the original purchase, just to be safe. Nothing yet. I did see (and save) some photos and videos of them unpacking all of their bulk vinyl from the plant/manufacturer. They are real. I’m just going to patiently wait as always. Side note: @phillybhatesme you should really check out the entire album!
  6. I know. My living room is miniscule and this is the only wall where the TV can go. Not pictured on the other side is the theater-like recliner sofa. Shit is comfy. I do plan to size down to a 2x4 Kallax and move the TV down quite a bit. One of many things on my to-do list.
  7. @mitchard Nice Broyhill Brasilia end table! I've got a Broyhill Emphasis cocktail table that I restored. I've cut my collection in half the past couple of years. Helps pay for other hobbies (and the dog).
  8. Since a floor pic won't work with 47 albums. Here is a grid of every Rage Against The Machine self-titled album I own. It was released 30 years ago today, November 3rd, 1992.
  9. Dude didn’t read the auction fine print and got stuck with the 18% buyer’s premium. Amazing. This is the main reason I mostly avoid online or even in-person estate auctions.
  10. Drive-Thru Records 26th Anniversary Exclusive Vinyl Pressings Coming Soon We planned on celebrating our 20th anniversary...never got around to it. Then we planned on celebrating our 21st anniversary with a booze theme... never got around to it. Then we planned on celebrating Drive-Thru Turns 22 because it rhymed... never got around to it. 25th was a big one...never got around to it. Now here we are. Drive-Thru's 26th anniversary...and it’s actually happening. Hope you’re happy. We are. Subscribe to our Newsletter Be the first to know about new and exclusive vinyl offers. https://www.drive-thrurecords.com/
  11. Oh damn… ”***5 random orders will be shipping the "Cloudy Black" Friends Press limited to 100 copies in addition to this for free”
  12. How did you pay on PayPal? If it was a credit card you can probably dispute the charge.
  13. Used to work for Coconuts/Record Town/FYE back in the early 2000s. Yes, we had midnight releases Monday night into Tuesday, sometimes. I distinctly remember having to sell tons of pre-orders for *NSYNC’s Celebrity in the summer of 2001. Stayed open late that night for people to pick up their CDs.

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