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  1. Same boat technically, but my USPS Informed Delivery is now showing a that a label has been created for something from MerchConnection!
  2. Yes, scanning barcodes is a feature on the Discogs app. Like everything else, it's based on the accuracy of the user inputted information, though. And unfortunately multiple versions of the same release can share the same barcode, so it's not always going to give you exactly what you're looking for.
  3. If only that was true. They don't like to respond to messages/emails regarding widespread pressing defects.
  4. Same story I have been seeing in other groups. Hopefully mine hits the mailbox soon!
  5. Ordered! Was hoping to see these pop up soon. I've been so close to pulling the trigger on Discogs so many times, but never wanted to drop the cash required to do so.
  6. They are all Swiss modernist style interpretations show flyers from the 70s-90s, done by an artist named Mike Joyce. He released a book called Swissted, which is 100% pull out posters of his artwork. You can also buy varying sizes of the prints from the book (and tons more that aren't in the book) directly from him. https://a.co/d/gNGH6Sw https://www.stereotypenyc.com/
  7. $15 pickup at a Habitat for Humanity store! I was pretty shocked to find one there... it was a pretty lucky find. The table top needs a bit of work, which I'll get around to eventually haha.
  8. Yeah, those 5x5s start filling up faster than you'd expect...
  9. I probably won't be back up to Bellingham before the end of the year, but if I see any hit my more local shops in the mean time I'll snag them.
  10. It's great! Structures is one of my two favorite breweries in the state, and their lager game is top notch.
  11. They marked the Maiden down for me, after I showed them in store signage that said "Vinyl Music $15".
  12. That's a rad collection. But also reminds me why I am glad I stopped collecting variants.
  13. I don't believe it was, had to be just the bundles. I had been refreshing the store for awhile before it went live, and there's no way silver was ever available on it's own.