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  1. I was hopeful when the guy a couple pages back said he got his in Melbourne Australia about 3 weeks ago - but no sign (or shipping confirmation) of my order. I do wonder if they are least storing tracking numbers in the background so we can at least determine at some point if your order is lost in transit, or just not yet shipped.
  2. Australian link https://store.warnermusic.com.au/artists/fall-out-boy/take-this-to-your-grave-silver-vinyl
  3. Curious for this will be a new master for this release. It was in the complete box set via Universal, and I assume FBR is still Warner so unlikely they’d hit up another major label for the existing plates? The last several US reissues of FUTCT and IOH via Universal are pretty widely panned, anyone have info on a consensus opinion of TTTYG from the box set if in a worst case that’s what we get?
  4. These are limited to 500 of each colour according to a Two Minutes to Late Night Instagram reply.
  5. Orange pre order is out there. I’d expect to see this at an EU retailer or something as well, as is often the case with the JB Australian exclusives. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-tbc-medicine-at-midnight-jb-hi-fi-au-exclusive-orange-vinyl-lp
  6. Red vinyl, exclusive retailer for Australia https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-tbc-we-are-chaos-jb-australian-exclusive-red-vinyl-lp Other formats and bundles can be ordered in Australian dollars, in case you aren’t on the mailing which redirected here: https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/marilyn-manson
  7. Volume one has popped up for pre order. These Universal Music owned stores are doing an ‘exclusive’ yellow LP. Presumably all retailers will be offering the black at least, at some point. US: https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/fall-out-boy/products/fall-out-boy-believers-never-die-limited-edition-2lp Cheaper on black: https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/fall-out-boy/products/fall-out-boy-believers-never-die-2lp 30% off code works on pre orders. UK: https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Believers-Never-Die-Greatest-Hits-Exclusive-Yellow-Vinyl/6FRO00000
  8. Some of the titles are up for preorder as JB HiFi exclusives in Australia. Don’t appear to be on a separate ‘exclusives’ page at the moment but listed part-way down here: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/Pre-order-Titles/?p=2&s=releaseDate&sd=2&fc=*_sATTRIB-2134_s::Vinyl;&mf=*_sATTRIB-2134_s
  9. The NJ Facebook posts mention this album has Australian distribution but I've been unable to dig up a preorder (CD or vinyl) in local currency/with reasonable AU shipping. Anyone got any leads? Maybe it's streaming release only for us here...
  10. I didn't see the mint green mentioned in the last couple pages, apparently Australian exclusive: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/punk-rock/the-things-we-do-to-find-people-who-feel-like-us-green-vinyl/698804/ Not a fan and haven't been following the thread, so apologies if you're all over this.
  11. I have a coloured original and the sibilance is unbearable too, thought it was just my (bought used) copy had been played on a beat up turntable at some point ruining the grooves. I'd sell it but I'd feel bad for the person buying it...
  12. Being this is a Universal Music worldwide release and they were the original distributor of this album, it surprises me that Futures is being pressed from essentially a CD rip/redbook WAV master and not a hi-res mixdown? Surely in the day and age that this album was produced they weren't laying down Pro-Tools tracks in 16/44.1? Giving they are touting the resolution in the announcement I guess it may actually be the case and there never was never a hi-res master?
  13. The UK and US are also issuing this album under different UPCs so can conceivably be different products. Didn't the UK get the 2LP deluxe and the US just the single disc last time? Though this time all versions are 2LP...
  14. Would've loved to have seen the B-Side 'Trash' on that SRC Neon 2LP track listing rather than AY2K choir version.
  15. Yeah, I dumped my NJ box set as it was obviously CD-R sourced, with 2 second gaps between (segued) tracks on at least one of the titles if I recall, and the horrible clipping distortion on O' God that's present on the CD.
  16. I bought a Deftones "Covers" LP off them, haven't followed its value closely but was stoked to grab it for $20 plus reasonable overseas shipping to Australia. Still waiting for it to turn up but it shipped in the xmas mail rush.
  17. I was happy with the 2M red on my Rega P3, but it just wouldn't co-operate with my Technics for whatever reason, couldn't shake the inner groove distortion, and needed a finer stylus to satisfy it. I'd recommend the 2M cartridge for the price range, and plenty of people throw them on Pro-jects without issue. Hopefully Carlton AV help you out with the install.
  18. These guys were good to me when I was starting out. I bought a 2M red from there and I took my table down and they threw it on for nothing when I knew nothing about balancing a tonearm, setting the anti skate and all that. http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/
  19. This is the new 2013 re-release. I haven't seen any conversations where it's been determined if it's using the 20th anniversary remaster or using the ORG plates or whatever. The 20th anniversary master wasn't made widely available on single LP (outside of a UK retailer exclusive, according to Discogs). Maybe check the deadwax for some mastering engineer's initials, or any other markings in common with the 20th ann. remaster. I only have a German original and early 2000's '320' however so someone else will have to jump in with comparison markings. FYI, you can search Amazon by UPC http
  20. A MOV release of Core will follow apparently, have no date info though.
  21. No notification for me, and I don't think there's anywhere on that site to log in and check status of your order either?
  22. Any Aussie fans, Sony brought in some stock and shipped it to stores last week. I got my copy and it was an RTI pressing and numbered in the one hundreds (must be RSD pressing stock?) Should be reasonably priced too.
  23. Being in Australia, was lucky to get Botch (only one in the store) and Cave In (3-4 in the store), both being the coloured variants. Also got Deftones, No Alternative (day after from a record fair), and JEW 7" and White Stripes on the way in the mail via a UK connection, though White Stripes ended up being available here anyway. Missed out on Soundgarden, I'm thinking the EU pressings weren't ready in time as no one had it and haven't seen any black vinyl pics online yet.
  24. Anyone else opened/played their army green AN and the first LP has two side B labels?
  25. presumably you are American and I am not, so would be cost prohibitive to ship this to you but if all else fails I may part with this item.

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