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  1. the violet press in the box sounds like ass. tried cleaning it and it's still a bit of a mess. muddy, compressed, a bit noisy. I know the Pumpkins are not the pinnacle of audiophile mastering but I expected this be a bit better. $50 was a lot of scratch for what's in this box.
  2. I wish Discogs had a feature that would let you compare your collection against other users to see what similar records you have... unless they do and I'm just dense? anyway, here's my fab collection (wife's jazz collection mostly not included - about 300 pieces): https://www.discogs.com/user/jedilips13/collection
  3. I wonder if the 7" will be the same on that was sealed in the gatefold sleeve of the original. I think it's just a locked groove of a single short loop from All the Shit U Do.
  4. yeah that's probably annoying for them. they've been managing their back catalog quite well, albeit a bit slowly. I'll keep my OG and pass on this (have the Edam Anchorman/All the Shit U Do 12" also).
  5. I trust Sub Pop's quality of artist more than most labels. Might give this a go.
  6. Aphids/Puppets and what else? Really excited for this now that it seem (lol) imminent.
  7. New song is... not bad? Iha is a good influence. Darcy back-up vox on the chorus would have been sweet, but I like this as much as anything off Machina (which was the last album of theirs I really enjoyed).
  8. Is the most recent re-issue of Adore out of print? I see it on Amazon from some 3rd party sellers. Had a backorder for it canceled by another vendor... seems to be scarce at the moment.
  9. My Plain copy actually doesn't sound too bad? I'll probably get this because I'm trying to purge my collection of all Plains, but this one they didn't mess up at all.
  10. I missed J in Provincetown by like 2 days. He did karaoke at a bar on Commercial St that we walked by every night on vacation. I probably would have fainted if I saw him in there singing Don't Do Me Like That in person. One of these years his and my vacations will collide in Cape Cod.
  11. Love my MOFI Surfer Rosa... can't justify $50 for the live show (though it looks killer)
  12. love Nick Cave don't care. ordered. missed him on this tour... how have they been playing Jubilee Street this time round? Saw him on Push the Sky Away tour and it ripped
  13. it's bottom feeding. they are inject themselves as middle men into a process that doesn't need them at all. most of these records would sell out anyway, likely to people who really want to have them, without the flipper putting themselves into the mix. they just make it harder for everyone else and contribute to an artificial mark-up in price to make a few bucks.
  14. I ride hard for the Speed Racer movie. It's insanely entertaining. Pretty sure watching it on mushrooms would be a life altering experience.
  15. Shit is jokes. GnR became a corporation a long time ago and this pricing just re-emphasizes that.
  16. Some details and photos. I'm really into the idea of this, but the elaborate box is a joke. Just give me the 7 LP box like the recent Liz Phair set for $100. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/05/guns-n-roses-to-release-deluxe-edition-of-appetite-for-destruction/ A total of 73 tracks (49 of which are unreleased) are spread out across four CDs and seven 12-inch 180-gram LPs. The original album has been remastered from the original analog tapes and will be presented across two LPs. Also included are a pressing of 1986’s Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide EP, a second EP containing B-sides from the era, and 25 unreleased recordings from the band’s 1986 Sound City sessions and two unreleased tracks from their sessions with producer Mike Clink. The super deluxe version also boasts a 96-page handbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive, 12 new illustration lithos visualizing each song from Appetite For Destruction, and replica memorabilia from the era. See a few screen grabs from the unboxing video (which has since been deleted) below.
  17. Got a shipping notice for the vinyl box from Matador this morning. They are usually early with stuff, but was surprised to see it so soon. Of course, it could just be the label is ready and it will sit for a week somewhere before moving.
  18. I got this from Amazon this week... seems to be the same as the old press as far as I can tell. Amazing record!
  19. cool loser color... wish the END sessions were a separate LP and not just digital.
  20. also at bullmoose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27208093