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  1. Thanks for posting this, Cointoss! I play guitar and sing in this band and just had so much stuff going on yesterday when we released the vinyl pre-order, so I couldn't get around to it. Should be receiving the test presses within a week or two and hopefully can get production going soon after that, so if there are any setbacks on the release date of 4/20, I'll post it in this thread. We also announced a tour with Beartooth, Of Mice & Men, and Hands Like Houses for the spring, so come out to a show if we are in your area!
  2. Absolutely love this band and can't wait for this to come out - the two tracks that have been released are bangers.
  3. This song (like all of Kintsugi) is a banger. Can’t wait for this album to drop.
  4. Just posting so I can be included on page 420. Going down in history.
  5. Repressing of this happening on pink vinyl with a release date of September 26th - Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home
  6. Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo // $32.93 Could be the RSD version... not too sure, but worth a shot.
  7. Just had my first little one a couple weeks ago, so sending some good vibes for the health of mom, baby, and be process - the hobby comes down to paper and plastic, so enjoy your new human at the end of the day!
  8. Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet... definitely the cheapest it's been thus far. Star Wars - Ultimate Vinyl Collection // $86.33