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    gig-trips abroad.
    Converge's & Karnivool's gigs are my top choice.
  1. kilahda

    new tattoo appresh

    ^ After a request for more traditional feels fitting to post large scale of the quite the opposite style haha. You can spot part of my more traditional to be added arm though. After a long wait, finally got my back piece started. This is after getting tattooed two days in a row, around 11-12h altogether.
  2. Best thing to come home to after seeing Converge live just couple days ago? Have a note saying ya got You Fail Me mail from Throatruiner and when finally able to pick it up, discover two copies -one being the clear one. My favorite Converge record so I'm freaking stoked and it's a keeper for sure. They have the black with white splatter on the tour.
  3. kilahda

    Recent purchases

    Picked up from show: Oranssi Pazuzu: Värähtelijä 2LP, orange/350
  4. kilahda

    Cog - Just Visiting *SOLD OUT*

    ^I'm also sure I saw a more promising answer from RR regarding The New Normal than what screen capped above. I managed to secure7 a signed copy. In some way it feels a bit silly to get one as I do have some stuff signed by the band with a personal touch added to them buuut Cog is one of my faves and it's very unlikely they'd return to Europe so might as well go for all the possible extra I can get. Especially cos it was the same price.
  5. kilahda

    Cog - Just Visiting *SOLD OUT*

    Stoked to have secured a copy. Already stressing about when the time comes for The New Normal pre-orders haha. They better press heaps more copies of that record. *edit* Autographed copies sold out I'd say in 15min.
  6. Eurostore has the same variant as US KRM https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=9303&cid=2882
  7. Got mine. 2 out of 3 in unplayable condition...and of course those two being Sound Awake and Themata. Woo-fcking-hoo! The tone of the next message that I'll be posting to this topic is totally now in the hands of 24Hundred. That being said, is everyone's labels on Themata all ok? Seen a few people posting how their copies have labels for Asymmetry or Sound Awake. Also interesting that Themata sold less copies than Asymmetry. No surprise Sound Awake being the most popular one.
  8. Thanks for the tips, will look into it! Coming down from Scandinavia so I'm used to seeing high price tags, ha. Only the PO is over so you just have to wait for the records to show up to be able to order again.To quote the band: "Will be back insane when the pressing is in."
  9. I have such high expections for the crowd after (sometimes/often) lame Eurocrowds. Sorry off topic but if you got any record store recommendations around Melbourne I'd be glad to hear them! I just know jb-hifi and that Fist2Face is no longer around. Also keen on used cds as some Oz music of interest might be amongst. cheers!
  10. kilahda

    PO: Miles Away - Tide (DW/SFU)

    Also on SFU soundcloud! Https://soundcloud.com/sfu_records/sets/miles-away-tide I kept listening to this on repeat yesterday until my phone battery died. Last two tracks are so far my favorites. So typical their gig with Blacklisted just happens on the same day as something I like even more. Which has now led me to look into some flights. Would definitely be rad to pick the record up from a show.
  11. Delays don't really bother me that much as it's just amazing these are even happening in the first place. Side note, 24hundred webstore has now Sound Awake slipmats if anyone's keen. To get something Vool on one's table sooner than expected haha. I did this now. It has been my dream to see Karnivool in Australia and on 12th it should become reality. I'm going to lose my mind. Sound Awake tour is something that could work in Europe as Vool's crowd over here prefers that material wayyyy over anything Themata. Here's hoping!
  12. Saw someone posting on instagram "definitely worth the $40" about the Palehorse print.I'm stoked for DW-fest Europe even when I don't know atm if I'm able to attend any of the shows.
  13. Sige's mobile version is annoying as hell. Interested of this album but there's no "place an order" button after filling in the shipping details. Only "back to cart" and that does not help. Wtf? I have no idea how to get to the full version with my phone dammit.
  14. kilahda

    So, am I the only weirdo

    Keeping the stickers (+pretty dl cards) and planning to one fine day making magnets out of them.
  15. kilahda

    new tattoo appresh

    I got the horse design I've been in love with since she first posted it in June/July: http://instagram.com/p/w1nlpXE4E6/ (I was on my phone the prev time and couldn't figure how to get the link from insta). I'm so happy (and a bit surprised) no one else wanted it before!