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  1. Raiders have a rookie CB still struggling. I'd start Alex Smith!
  2. 1 Hour on this Fuzz LP http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuzz-S-T-Deluxe-CLEAR-Black-splatter-Vinyl-Velvet-cover-Garage-Psych-Ty-Segall-/231070796535?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item35cce48af7
  3. Oh shoot, I just noticed I have less posts! I could've sworn I was around 408 or something. Lol oh well.
  4. Ahhh I see. Sorry for the misfortune and thanks for the update!
  5. Anyone know what happened too, "ChardeeMc...." Can't remember the full user name? Apparently his account is deleted. How does one go about deleting an account anyways?
  6. I'm not 100% on this but don't they communicate with you first before deducting from your PayPal?
  7. Why is it in the indie record community the price is "never right" or over priced but in the emo/pop/punk scene fans are more than happy to pay 100$+ for valuable records. I don't get it. If the price doesn't seem right for you, keep it to yourself, why put an OP on blast? I've seen this happen sooo many times here including myself, and it seems like there are more and more entitled feeling people who aren't on their game and able to pre-order items on time so they go bash, "flippers" like people aren't going to buy those records anyways. If record labels cared about "flipping" they'd either price the records high themselves or put a cap on how many per customer. Slumberland Records does this and it seems to work just fine. I'm getting fed up with the young entitled people of our society these days. This isn't just a hang out spot, people conduct business here and if you don't like what they're selling, best move on. Or better yet, search Discogs, Gemm, Pop Sike, eBay sold listings to get a better view of the price range out on the market. Vent complete.
  8. I finally get it! After so many hecklers have PMed through eBay and other forums telling me how they are "real fans" and selling records that they weren't able to obtain makes them upset and whiny like they're entitled to it.
  9. I think the Warriors are going to have a really great up tempo offense.
  10. That's the thing though, they're a safe bet to have a strong season and always tend to play way above .500 but I don't see them making it to the Finals over teams with obvious talent in the Western Conference.
  11. M Theory Records in San Diego You'll find a lot of newer indie, reggae, world, used rock, used indie, new and used cds Three listening stations of CD's for brand new arrivals and vinyl hearing for used records before purchase. Highly recommended you hit this place up if you're ever in San Diego for whatever reason. Also so hip places at the bottom of the long hill.
  12. I would not start Terrel Prior vs Kansas City defense