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WAXWORKS RECORDS Official Mega-Thread

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I emailed waxwork records if they would let me know if I'm in the initial 300, hopefully they give me an answer, don't see why they wouldn't

I asked them on instagram what are the order numbers for the 300 orders. They replied saying "The first 300 customers will receive the zombie flesh and blood variant. You'll have to wait and see if you get lucky". Those were the exact words. I guess they won't be disclosing who got it until we get it in the mail and know we got it. :/

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They should at least give us a bundle option for all three. That price point pisses me off

Lordy this thread died. Shout out to Waxwork. The Fog finally came in. Fantastic. The pressing is gorgeous, I think it looks better than the mock up. Sounds fantastic. Great packaging with a sturdy sl

Just rec'd the Child's Play '88 OST via my subscription and a slipmat of Chucky... nice surprise on a Friday.

The real reason is what I said above - but if you want to see it working - go on their facebook. I have been trying to explain my reasoning and they are clueless (the guy who was asking deleted most of his posts).  people on facebook who I guess don't really order a ton of in-demand records think that the first 300 will still be available until the end of the week. They are already gone.


Others are confused and think the Pre-order is ONLY the variant. So people are adding everything they can to their cart and think there are still 91 left... We've already seen order #s 300 past mine at 881. So, there's no way.


I'm not trying to be like "I was first! I'm so cool!" I'm just showing my work for my reasoning.



And, when I placed my order, I ran here and posted right away because cool people deserve cool things :P.

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Well, yeah, I agree. But basically what WW did was garner a ton of attention for their drop, and sold 300+ copies in about two hours. Then, they noticed no one was interested anymore. So, they announce that 200 more orders could get a zombie flesh var. Then everyone who was like "aw shucks I didn't get one" instead of being like 'f* waxworks I'm not buying one' is picking up a copy in hopes of getting a var. It's all marketing.


If they keep doing random inserts I wouldn't be surprised if it was a set # at start of sale, and then a lesser # randomly inserted. To award the vigilant, and the random.

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And I think this is completely fair. Those of us who purchased at the drop are guaranteed a variant and there is still some random incentive, similar to ReAnimator, for folks that couldn't be hovering over a computer on a random Tuesday morning. I think Waxwork also deserves kudos for having produced beautiful colored vinyl for their standard releases thus far. As opposed to Mondo who only makes one randomly inserted variant to encourage multiple unit sales. I, for one, prefer the green to the glow vinyl on ReAnimator. And on DOTD, yellow and green version's description sounds top shelf as well. I bought one of each and wouldn't be surprised if the standard version was just as nice, or nicer, than the variant. Death Waltz also has some colored versions that I prefer to the subscriber colors. Light in the Attic as well.

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I would so buy that one on there but international shipping blows.

I bought international once on discogs, it was the Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack that was released only in Europe for some reason, took like 3 weeks to arrive but it was in perfect condition. Depends on seller ratings

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