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PO Now: Interpol - Our Love To Admire (10th ann'y repress)

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Dammit, of course this comes out during the two months I don't have a UK address. 40 bucks is on the pricey side for me right now but I could probably swing the 30 bucks from the link above, this would look so good with the TOTBL splatter from NC.


Edit: Shipping from Recordstore to the States is literally only a couple pounds more than UK delivery... alright, I give in. $39 total.

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Thanks!  I went ahead and ordered it because I'm a sucker for this Interpol album and clear with white smoke sounds wonderful!  I wish it had the DVD but honestly I would probably only watch it once.  I don't even think I watched the DVD in the TOtBL 10th Anniversary.  

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Extremely excited about this. I have the original pressing of this (found it in a local store in 2012 for $8, just about pissed myself) but the sound quality is fair at best and unlistenable at worst. I think this is already a terrific sounding album, so a general remaster doesn't excite me, but I'm assuming the important part is that it's actually mastered for vinyl this time.


I'd really enjoy having the DVD (bummed it's not Blu-ray but I guess back then they were still shooting SD), but there's no way I'm paying an extra $15 for it. Skipping the colored edition because my Interpol collection is exclusively black vinyl and I've always thought this album with its labels looked rather handsome on black. That being said, I do wish they had done something new with the packaging. I realize most people don't have the OP, so they're giving everyone a new chance to own it as it was originally intended, but I do agree that a box set would have been very attractive. They could've done the standard gatefold option and then a box set option with the DVD and made out like bandits.

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1 hour ago, 36-Josue said:

monies didnt transfer in time, if ya need to offload one, lmk. 

a solid record, my favorite is No I in Threesome

While the US store is now sold out there are still copies available on the UK store.

They went up the next day after the US store got them.

Initially they were priced €26.99 (I dont know why but I now see that I was charged €26.09) but a couple of days later they went up to €37.99


Shipping to Greece was €10.61

Maybe it ll be similar for US addresses and if you are lucky they ll retract VAT because you are a US citizen.

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