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35 minutes ago, JohnMatrix said:

Still waiting for mine. Nobody got notification that it shipped right?

Last month I reached out asking if they had an expected timeline for when they would ship and was told to expect to hear from them mid- to late-July. But I still haven’t heard anything yet.

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Using the word 'limited' to any number above 500 is ridiculous

Surprised there is no Test Press version limited to 100.

Looks like my toilet, most mornings.   Stoked.

So I'm in the Jeff shitposting FB group, and here's what I've seen: my partner got notification that theirs shipped, but the tracking only said that the label was printed, and it never updated and the record arrived Saturday. Other people in the FB group had the same thing happen, I think some people had a regular shipping/tracking experience, and some had no tracking email at all. I personally got my tracking email Monday and other people in the group still haven't gotten anything. I think it's all just a lot of USPS being really fucked right now stuff on top of the RR being essentially two people stuff.

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2 hours ago, Dropboyy said:

My blue/pink has arrived today - very noisy, even after a clean. Lots of pops and clicks in the quiet parts.

Anyone else having the same issue with this variant?

I’m hoping mine comes soon, I haven’t gotten any shipping email or anything yet though. 

My GITD copy is out for delivery today thoug

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My seafoam arrived today, in great condition, as well as the tour variant of Post- I ordered. I only recently got really into Jeff, with No Dream being potentially my album of the year. I will be keeping an eye out for one of the cooler variants, particularly that tour one that people keep posting in here. For an album this special to me, it would be nice to have a more special variant.

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