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  1. I got my target version in the mail today. Shipped in a huge box with air pillows but actually arrived fine. I got a shipping notification for my copy from her merch store on the 19th but it hasn’t moved yet.
  2. My copy from target is in the mail now. I really hope they ship it better then my last order from them. I got a copy of Sam Smiths new album and it was shipped to me in a bag basically.
  3. My revolver copy says it was delivered yesterday but it never arrived. I’m hoping it comes in the next couple of days still.
  4. I tried to find a thread for the album, Arrows and Anchors and found nothing. There is an indie release of the album that looks to be coming out on October 23rd. If you google around you can find it. I’m not sure if the band was/is planning on announcing it or anything.
  5. If you scroll down past the track listings you can. Does anyone know what the craft version is limited to?
  6. Has anyone received their Rock Sound variant yet that lives in the states?
  7. Yeah, I ordered it when the additional amount went up. I think it was just damaged from shipping though because the box didn’t look pretty at all. Other People already shipped me a new copy out after sending them an email about it.
  8. USPS delivered my black copy of Down Through today and it’s warped super freaking bad. 😩
  9. My pink/blue copy arrived today. Was shipped in a box much thinner than my copy that came from the us and is in perfect condition. What are the odds?
  10. My GITD copy came from Polyvinyl today. The outer sleeve is in pretty shitty condition from shipping but it plays fine. Anyone know if polyvinyl will send a replacement sleeve?
  11. I’m hoping mine comes soon, I haven’t gotten any shipping email or anything yet though. My GITD copy is out for delivery today thoug

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