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  1. Cancelling my fye order for this and keeping my rock sound order.
  2. They confirmed on Twitter it is the full album and that they made a mistake in the listing.
  3. So I have a question that might be silly, I currently have the Lp60 turntable and I can get the LP120x right now for $163 on UO with cyber Monday deals and my discount. Should I bite the bullet and upgrade?
  4. Britney - Circus, limited to 5000 https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-circus-limited-lp?color=070&size=0000
  5. So Jeremy responded to a tweet I sent to him about receiving the wrong version of the 7” with this...
  6. Didn’t see this shared yet but they just released a pink variant of Stage 4. Varient limited to 1000 and proceeds go to a breast cancer organization called Breasties. https://kingsroadmerch.com/touche-amore/view/?id=16554&cid=1723
  7. If anyone missed out on the previous variant, they found 40 more in the warehouse and they’re up!
  8. Just a heads up, the live chat team member adjusted the prices on my preorders when I requested it.
  9. Wondering if I should bite in upgrading from my lp60 that I’ve had since I started collecting. Would you recommend this one as a good idea? Also with this new sale, all the vinyl I’ve preordered would have been cheaper if I waited until today to order. Anyone know if UO will fix the price or should I cancel my orders and reorder to save some cash?
  10. I can never say no to buying every variant of any The Chariot album.
  11. What are the chances this will be available in the states though?
  12. Is this not the same as the hot topic version?