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  1. I was looking for lights Siberia acoustic and didn’t see it but I noticed you have signed copies of midnights available. Got one. Thanks!
  2. Got mine today and it’s a rainbow splatter. The splatter isn’t the heaviest but it sounds pretty good!
  3. People aren’t wasting any time, there are copies on eBay for $500 already. Lol
  4. I saw them on this tour twice and didn’t look. Someone on discogs made a new variant page for a tour exclusive blue splatter that’s /1000 but it looks identical to the blue and black splatter that was available during the album preorder.
  5. That works for me, let me know what shirt and I’ll try to grab it all for you.
  6. What exactly are you looking for? I’ll be seeing them on the 22nd in Hamden.
  7. Love this album so much! I think I just bought the last colored copy available too.
  8. If you’re serious I have a copy that arrived yesterday, still sealed. Just looking for what I paid.
  9. I ordered an extra of the pink/yellow/green tri if anyone wants to trade for a copy of the ep on CD. It’s the only thing Spiritbox released that I do not have.
  10. The EP is finally being repressed and going up tomorrow!