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Minus the Bear test pressings?

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Ok, I need your feedback on how I should handle this. My pressing plant suggested I do 20 test pressings and I am thinking about doing so. I would give all of the members of the band a set, david from suicide squeeze a set, and then I would have a handful leftover. The pressing plant suggested putting them up for sale, but I wasn't sure if that seemed shady. What do you think?

1. Is it lame to see labels sell test pressings?

2. What is a fair price to sell a set of double LP test pressings for Minus the Bear?

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First and foremost, keep in mind that they may end up on eBay anyways. So if you feel like you should be making money off of them if anybody should, then just sell them and put it towards future releases.

If you don't care, I say include them with the pre-orders but completely at random.

Lifeline Records did a neat thing where they allowed anyone who pre-ordered a certain LP to buy a raffle ticket for $1 for a shot at winning a limited edition pressing of a 7". That way only the people that care to win are entered, they can buy as many tickets as they want, and you can potentially make a nice chunk of change yourself. I'm guessing you'd hit three figures easily. Although pre-orders already started so I suppose people could feel slighted if they find out about it until later.

I really like what Lifeline did, I think it's fair for everyone. And I'm EXTREMELY jealous of whoever it was on this board that won a copy of that 7". Congrats!

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being both a label owner / test pressing collector...

i think its totally straight that you sell them man, or trade them with other labels for their tests. Theres such a low profit margin on vinyl as it is (especially if you're doing multiple, multi-color configs) every extra dollar can make the difference between releasing more vinyl, and going into debt. I'd rather see you selling test presses, and making a little extra scratch for yourself, than the chance of you losing money in a market thats already dwindling for music sales. Plus you're not ripping anyone off. The casual vinyl buyer cares not about a test press, and isn't going to spend out the ass to get one when they can buy the actual record.. its just us super nerds that care about them.

altho.... test pressings are technically the very best sounding pieces of vinyl you will ever get from the technical standpoint, since the stampers are totally fresh, and they get worn down with every record pressed ;)

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Well, the "Collector of the month" should get one for sure...

But seriously, I think what Brent at Magic Bullet did was cool. Print up some hand-screened special covers for these and sell them on a first-come, first-served basis in the store starting at midnight on the day of the release. Hand number them and all that.

Or, have another contest and give them away. That first contest was so much fun.

Or better yet, do an auction to help pay for something for vinyl collective (bandwidth or whatever).

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I really like what Lifeline did, I think it's fair for everyone. And I'm EXTREMELY jealous of whoever it was on this board that won a copy of that 7". Congrats!

Hey. This is my first post as a logged in user but I was the dude who won the 7". I loved the raffle. Lifeline presses records at a loss and I had no problem paying for a raffle for the limited to 50 MLIW 7". It brought some extra scratch to the label and in the end I won a rad and super rad record.

That being said I think board members should get first crack. Or how about newest board members getting first crack.... :)

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