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Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

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I have been very cautious to not let my Pop collection get out of hand... Sticking with a very small collection


this has been my go to for exclusives and generally awesome selection.


shipping is a bit stiff, but the prices on the figures is fair...



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I try not to get too many of these cause I just have no room for them but I've got a few of them at home on top of one of my expedits.


Luckily, I've gotten all mine for free cause we have tons of samples of these in the office.

My favorites so far al the set of 5 Big Lebowski characters.


I really wanna get the new Ghostbusters ones coming out soon.

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I never really knew what these were but Arrested Development peaked my interest so I Googled... the real question: Is there no Lindsay or Lucille figure?


Also my Google search led me to the Back To The Future series.  I think I need a Marty McFly one.


Marty McFly http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/PopCulture/Accessories/ActionFiguresToys/Back+To+The+Future+Marty+McFly+Pop+Movies+Vinyl+Figure-10118696.jsp?CM_MMC=CSE-_-GGL-_-APPRLACCS-_-1_9999WEEK1_CSE_GGL_APPRLACCS_10118696&CAWELAID=820566640000015508&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CKfH-p68pL0CFcWTfgodIwkA1A



Doc Brown


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