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  1. yeah... I've had mine for quite a while. Purples were shipped out around the release, and my split was shipped out about a week or so after the album release. EDIT: I'm assuming that about the purples... there were lots of instagram posts with them right around release time, and I didn't see a single split until I got mine
  2. I actually have all their albums... so personally its not a big deal, but I'm just looking at it from the bigger picture. I don't understand why (since everything has been pressed on their label) they don't just press more? If you want those first presses to be special/unique/exclusive then do the represses on black... but don't hold out on your fans that really want them, and there's nothing like an old/major label standing in your way of making it happen. Just order some test presses and reprint the jackets exactly like they were before... all the hard work is already done.
  3. I love everything about this band and how they are 100% fans first... except for their stance on pressing records. Screw exclusivity and make them available so fans can get them without having to spend hundreds.
  4. Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away | $10.68 James Bay - Chaos and the Calm | $9.71..... "Used-Like New (Still Sealed)"
  5. Let the shit hit the fan in 3...2..1....
  6. It's a thread that was on the second page, and already has a decent conversation going about the repress. I didn't respond in a whiny/angsty manner... I was just informing you there was already a thread (and I thought my comment on thread/Threads was "dad joke witty"). I'll be sure to be more gentle for you next time.
  7. Already have a thread for Threads
  8. Days Are Gone was in the upper $20s for a while, and has since dropped to the lower $20s... so I would assume this would follow suite (and I would assume this will also be 45rpm like DAG)
  9. LOVE both songs that have been released... but not digging the studio version of Right Now as much as the live version. The middle seems to get kinda messy, and the weird low harmony when they sing "right now, right now" seems to throw me off.
  10. Ordered. It says there's only 25 copies left... but there's no limits on the bundle... so I'm curious as to why the stand-alone option has such a small quantity. I would bet it was an input error... they'd be dumb to limit this, especially during a preorder situation for THIS album.
  11. Dave posted online that he finished writing the lyrics about a week or so ago, so they should all be shipped at this point... mine is set to arrive tomorrow!
  12. Preorder NOW! From Beyonce's Webstore: Limited Edition Box Set w/ 600+ page book "How To Make Lemonade" and 180gram yellow vinyl - $299.99 Standard 180gram yellow vinyl - $29.99 BullMoose PreOrder - $28.97's finally happening.
  13. Yes, please report back!