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  1. This ebay listing (including shipping cost) is cheaper than what my store had it for
  2. The original pressing of Bangerz goes for BIG money. I'm hoping to see a standard retail variant get announced after all the RSD stuff blows over. Clearly they knew the 1300 would go quick.
  4. Had Bangerz in my cart and checked out with Amoeba. After processing, it said my card was invalid, then I realized it still had my card that was stolen (then obviously cancelled) saved. I put in the correct one and it then immediately notified me it was out of stock.
  5. I recommend everyone being on the look out for eBay/Discog flippers actually being Record Stores.... I reported a number of stores last year as I found that they had all signed the RSD pledge and then were selling their leftover (or maybe held back???) stock for high prices. The RSD people seemed very appreciative of it.
  6. I don't think you'll have any problem finding that online tomorrow... all the stores around me had a bunch of copies left. If you don't come up with one, let me know and I can help out
  7. Their shipping sucks butt... wish they'd just keep their "Free Shipping when you spend $60" as the standard.
  8. Me: I'll only need one copy of this album. Also Me: ALLLLL THE VARIANTS MOTHER FUCKER.
  9. My thoughts exactly... would buy Boy vs. The Cynic in a heartbeat!
  10. I would really love to get my preorder.... I thought maybe all the records got delayed, but it appears lots of people have gotten theirs (all variants). I emailed and they said they're still shipping them out. WTF! It's being handled through Hello Merch (8123's distributor) which makes it even more weird since they are usually on top of stuff.
  11. new song is killer (duh) ordered marble variant (presumably limited/exclusive) and another copy of Don't Take the Money emailed to cancel my original order of Don't Take the Money... Harry Styles (yep) emailed me back saying he's working on it
  12. SOTT is excellent. It's the song Nate Ruess wishes he wrote for Grand Romantic.
  13. OMG. That's insane... I would have killed for one. Jack has been a long time fav and Strange Desire is in my Top 5!
  14. Fuck! I missed them... how much were they?!?!!