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  1. Well this was a first... I opened my limited variant, and there was a live bug crawling around inside the vinyl sleeve. Maybe it had a clue about a secret album... too bad I killed it.
  2. Album is on sale at Barnes and Noble (they have a 1 week exclusivity, I guess?) Retail is $39.99, on sale for $37.99 plus there's a 25% off code taking it down to $28.49 shipped! You can pick it up in stores using the 25% off coupon, but you'll miss out on the extra $2 discount
  3. I had 1500ish boosts, and got access within the first hour last night, for Atlanta. I was able to get tix in the 4th row of the lower bowl, up by the stage... $159 each plus $30 in fees
  4. anyone know of a free shipping code for FYE?
  5. never heard of that site... assuming they are legit?
  6. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Didn't he end up keeping Blond up for almost 48 hours last year? Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly...
  7. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Give Endless another listen... I was the same way, until I was able to look at it separately from Blond, and it's got some really good stuff on it
  8. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Ordered the vinyl and cd/dvd combo (because why not). I got a copy of Blond last year, and that pressing was stellar
  9. I’m gonna guess there will be something to “justify” the big price (please note I’ve got justify in quotes). I’m wondering if it will be a pressing similar to Watch the Throne and it’s picture discs and packaging
  10. Quite the contrary for me. Each listen gets better... there’s so much going on in the music (mainly the Jack songs) and the lyrics are really starting to “process” with me
  11. If so, I'm with you. Impatiently waiting for my 2 magazines and my UPS Special Edition of the cd to arrive!
  12. super heavy paper bag sleeve
  13. Target Vinyl Purchases?

    My Target store just redid the music section, and added in a small (yet fairly decent) vinyl section. There were all the "big releases" you'd expect to see, and prices weren't too bad. I'm wondering if they're going to try this more.
  14. PO: Lorde - Pure Heroine

    I’d say the exact same thing if it was Opposite Day.