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  1. What a doof. "Bass by ThunderCat... why would he...... I guess you have to call in a lot of people to make a song"
  2. Here's the song and includes chatting with Annie Mac
  3. Looks like they bumped it back up and there's 98 left in stock
  4. OOOOOOOOH. That's got Queen vibes all over it!
  5. Jack Antonoff said he worked with them on the album... can't wait to hear what they cooked up together!!!
  6. oh I've had my S/T copy for quite a while... I'm pretty much over variants at this point... just give me the music!
  7. I've got an FYE not too far from me... I'll have to go hit them up this weekend!
  8. Just got my marble pressing from the web store, and there's hardly any depth to the sound. The uppers sound great but there's virtually no lows in the music (which when listening to the digital version, there certainly should be). I was able to tweak it a little bit with the receiver, but overall it's kind of a bummer that an album with so much depth to its music is very top heavy.
  9. They posted an update about them (I think it was on Facebook where they replied to someone), and it sounds like they maybe hadn't even been started?? They didn't know the colors and didn't know when they'd be released.
  10. I just checked both my clear and orange variant, and everything matches up and is as expected. Interesting little mess up you've got there!
  11. re: the clear single from my local record shop when I asked if they had any: "I heard back from Sony that quantities were very limited and not all stores were offered it. I asked if any are left, but doesn't look like it."
  12. Excellent parenting. My parents introduced me to it when I was in elementary school! Just maybe hold off on showing them the Sgt. Peppers movie... my parents got it for my birthday in 5th grade, but they forgot about all the sex and drugs hahaa. Although, at 4 it'd all be completely over their head!
  13. I as well will compensate if anyone can help me out!
  14. Taylor Swift - 1989 ... $12.78 (Prime)
  15. still haven't heard back regarding a little more clarification... but this is what I get from it ^^^