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  1. Bangerz went up in price, ended up paying like $40 for a copy. Not bad.
  2. I'm really loving Hard Times. Like everyone says it definitely feels like the 80's and it's awesome. Can't wait to see what the rest of the album is like!
  3. Being the variant collecting moron I am I bought that pop-up collection and the pink/black marble from Amazon UK. Lord help me if/when the HT variant gets announced... Pop-up is exclusive to the Blink store.
  4. Mine just arrived, with bent corners. My luck lol. I can't really complain since I was able to get one but I'll be on the lookout for that And I skip and -side issues.
  5. I'm pretty sure Derek was being sarcastic lol
  6. I'd be stunned if AFYCSO doesn't get its repress after we got represses for every other album.
  7. Home for me as well. These past few times they've been good and shipped in the normal vinyl boxes but I wouldn't be surprised if my luck changed for this one lol
  8. Same here!
  9. Happened yesterday in the morning. New Travis posted an I Feel So lyric in the Upcoming Hot Topic releases thread on Monday and it went up on Wednesday morning.
  10. I was able to get one ordered yesterday when they went up so I'm extremely happy that this press is finally happening! Sucks though for everyone who missed out :/
  11. Ordered. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Can we bring back the downvote button please?