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  1. standard black: £8 postage can gtfo though. Other sites will probably have it up soon.
  2. Really liking the new single. The album would have been an instant buy regardless 'cause i have all their other records but I'm psyched.
  3. Bully - Feels Like - £5.79 inc. delivery.
  4. False alarm
  5. My Wolf Alice collection, only missing the White Leather/Leaving You 7". I'll grab it off Discogs one of these days, there's plenty up so there's no rush.
  6. Did they have any copies of the LD/MDAM/SDF splits? They're what I'm after but I'm thinking they're all long gone. I would just buy them off Discogs but the shipping costs from the US kill me.
  7. Anyone here been to see them on this EU tour? I'll be at the Manchester gig and wandering what records they will have for sale...
  8. I'm expecting an email in a day or two when they realise what they've done, asking for the CD back or for me to pay for it. I haven't even opened it for that reason.
  9. Haha I got the apology email, the refund AND the CD.
  10. Pre-order up on Norman Records for £36.99. ships 17th Feb Edit: or in stock now for £35.99 at Transmission records:
  11. I'm not a die hard fan of the band but I like this album and probably would have grabbed it but for the shipping. Instead I just bought a different version from Discogs for €21.50 total (€7.30 shipping from Poland). Over €10 less than Record Records wanted to charge me.
  12. €18 postage to the UK? I'll pass.
  13. I'm thinking about getting one of these for my tapes. Not sure how many it will hold though, I'd have a look at it in the store first to check it out.
  14. I hope so. They've taken the vinyl listing down now but still have the CD up at £25 which is odd. If they do cancel it, in their T&C's they say: I'd argue with them that the £10.69 isn't obviously a misprice, it wouldn't be too unreasonable to pay that for an LP, they sell loads at that price. They probably wouldn't buy it but it's worth a shot.
  15. Nice spot! Ordered. It's clearly a mix up as they've got the CD up £25. Will be interesting to see what happens.