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  1. Yeah mine just shipped yesterday without any notification. I, too, realized it shipped thanks to a USPS notification. Something else I'm curious about. The VIP Edition from Joyful Noise states that it has some kind of "deluxe edition gatefold artwork". But now that it looks like all versions are gatefold, I wonder how (if at all) it's different.
  2. That sucks Bullmoose cancelled their deluxe copies. Hopefully Amazon doesn't cancel theirs as well.
  3. Still waiting for my preorder to ship. Though I have been listening to the digital, and it's by far the best album this year. "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' may be my favorite Richard Edwards of Margot track.
  4. And Blue Sky Noise Deluxe? That's one of my favorites in my collection.
  5. Just got an email from Amazon saying the release date of the deluxe version has changed to December 31st, 2018 (which means they have no idea, in assuming). So either they sold too many, or it really is getting pushed back.
  6. I've just never seen or heard of anyone doing that before.
  7. Some people already started receiving their VIP orders in the mail today. Checked the status of my order and it hasn't even shipped yet.
  8. So it sounds like the deluxe version will have similar packaging to the deluxe of A Moon Shaped Pool. Also, it's nice to have some clarity that the art book is included in the retail versions of the deluxe.
  9. Just preordered the indie exclusive. High hopes for this release.
  10. Great. Ordered from Amazon, thanks guys.
  11. Did I miss if the Deluxe Vinyl + Art Book was limited at all? Want to order it, but wasn't sure if I had a day or so.
  12. What's the point of a sealed CD?