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  1. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Thank you! It's a different cut than the original. Repress obviously cut and pressed at Optimal Media in Germany. Original was cut and pressed at Record Industry in The Netherlands.
  2. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Yes, correct! Thank you!
  3. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Good to hear! I have an original pressing of this and from what I remember it sounds great, too. Would you mind stating the matrix info for comparing it? Thanks!
  4. Another try because it would not let me edit my previous posting. Hope it's being displayed now as intended: First DRIPS LPS starting to arrive! Almost SOLD OUT! shop.riotstyle.com IG: totallytony We are now shipping June / July Preorders!!! NO your mail order isn’t lost. We are banging these out as fast as we can! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES TIL JAN 2018! https://www.facebook.com/riotstyle/photos/a.746466855381178.1073741825.307120979315770/1867815289912990/?type=3
  5. I received a 2€ refund today although I never contacted them about it. I ordered the vinyl bundle for 46€ while it dropped to 44€ in the meantime. It's not much but for me the gesture counts they are doing this.
  6. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Another question: is it embossed as the original jacket? Thanks!
  7. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Yes, very interesting and helpful. And yes, pretty sure the records were pressed at Zenith according to the matrix info. I assume the forthcoming EU editions were pressed by GZ Media in the Czech Republic and will have their matrix info. Obviously the jackets were manufactured there only and shipped then to Australia. Not unheard of. Thanks for this information!
  8. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Can you identify where these were pressed? Or can give the info from the matrix, please? I have originals of I and II and it would be very interesting to know if they used the same stampers/pressing plant. Does any of them come as gatefold, inserts/lyrics sheet etc.? Thank you!
  9. A little hard to tell but to me the one on the left looks like clear/blue and on the right white/blue. Would that be correct?
  10. @bluescreenlife: sorry, that I'm reviving this old thread. I have a question about your copy. Are you satisfied with the pressing quality of this red Ipecac pressing? Are you experiencing poor pressing quality with pops and crackling on both records and particularly on the first song of side D? I read some mixed opinions about it. Thank you!
  11. Only the E.U. Standard/Indie/Deluxe pressed by Optimal. Pressing plant for the U.S. Standard/Indie remains unclear. There is no indication. Definitely not Optimal though. U.S. Deluxe pressed by Pallas indeed.
  12. Went with the clear/blue variant, too. I hope it will not be pressed by United Record Pressing or Rainbo. The pressing quality of both would not justify the item price, in my opinion.
  13. From my experience, Record Industry usually delivers pretty good pressings but I have experienced the same problems with distorted sound/inner groove distortion with the Epitaph pressings only, e.g. Rancid - and out come the wolves (20th anniversary EU edition on 180g black vinyl) and also Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (green/black swirl and clear/black swirl variants).