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  1. Could it be the regular black variant is EU exclusive? I know of at least two EU mailorders which advertise it as that (EMP + finestvinyl). Or is the black variant regularly available outside of the EU as well?
  2. Yeah, I have The Show soundtrack on CD. The included version of Silence is by ALL with Chad on vox only though. I don't know where that version with Chad & Milo together was released. You can find it as a quite noisy Youtube video only. Was that version included on The Show video and ripped from the VHS tape maybe? Do you remember?
  3. "Grand Theme" is included as that hidden track on the LP. But yeah, they should have included "Gotta". Probably they keep back stuff for next Anniversary And I demand "Silence" with Chad & Milo on vox!
  4. He has edited his original posting: Wow, your copy looks great! You should submit your variant on Discogs and see if anybody else received one like this. Very nice!
  5. MarcRegan's Your images are not publicly available...
  6. U.K. pre-order here: https://cloud-nothings.tmstor.es/ Ltd Edition 180g Green & White Marbled Vinyl
  7. Only his voice or even the actual music of this album? I would assume you know the songs of this album? Or haven't you heard it before? Judging from the given etchings in the runout groove, I would expect the correct songs/music though. I don't know about the best way to post pics here, but you could always upload them to http://imgur.com/ Then insert the URL with "insert other media - insert image from URL". Just a suggestion.
  8. Have you listened to it yet? Does it have the album on it? I mean there's always the possibility of a mispress/packaging error/mix-up for the vinyl labels. Otherwise I would recommend to write to MOV directly. I heard they are responsive. http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/social-distortion/white-light-white-heat-white-trash http://www.musiconvinyl.com/contact
  9. Does anybody else have some sound issues on side A of the Orange Krush variant? It's a tearing sound at different spots. From what I read this is a defect called "non-fill" and usually come in batches. Side B plays totally fine for me though.
  10. Please post a picture. I am curious. Thank you! I ordered the Red Eclipse but haven't received it yet.
  11. Has this red Variant (/500) been posted before? Sorry, I lost track of all these variants... http://de.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=10007
  12. White Vinyl available at Flight 13: https://www.flight13.com/details/against-me-shape-shift-with-me-121765
  13. Hi guys, this is my first post. Been lurking for a while. I've got the Gold variant. I think the Mastering on Side A on Vinyl sounds flat while Side B sounds more dynamic and even a little louder. Has anybody else noticed this yet? Or is it just my copy?