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  1. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    Nice track!
  2. Oh nice! I have the original red w/black haze, but I am curious how the remix/master turned out.
  3. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    In Gumbo we trust.
  4. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    Put me down for the limited edition! Would also be interested in Skarntyde as well if you end up going the bandcamp route.
  5. PO Now: Frou Frou - Details (ltd red vinyl)

    Snagged! Cant wait.
  6. PO (12/29) BLAK - Between Darkness and Light

    Ill chime in and say that SMAD showed up in perfect shape! Let me know next time you do a post-whatever group buy.
  7. PO: S. Carey - Hundred Acres

    Lucky! I just got my shipping notification yesterday so it'll still be a while.
  8. Oh man I am so excited for this!!! I cant believe its finally happening.
  9. Preorders are now up via Thrill Jockey. Variant is a nice looking silver. Out 5/11 https://thrilljockey.com/products/i-have-fought-against-it-but-i-can-t-any-longer The new track featuring Kristin Hayter is insane!
  10. The only indication I saw of them going up was via FB and they had posted it 15 min before I saw it and made a thread here. Honestly pretty surprised I was able to get the deluxe.
  11. The time is upon us! Only 100 copies of the deluxe version containing both parts! Part one is more traditional BM, while part 2 is straight folk. https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/
  12. PO: Nils Frahm - All Melody

    Received my copy as well today. Like most Erased Tapes records there is hardly any noise at all since they were very clean coming right out of the sleeve. Lots of dynamics. It is a tough call for me as Baths and Nils are playing the same night here in Seattle...
  13. PO: Rhye-Blood (2/2)

    As punishment for my previous comments, I only received the Summer Days EP today. That said upon further listens I find more little details that are growing on me. The ep sounds and looks good. Its definitely not as bright as Woman is, so hopefully the Blood pressing is similar.
  14. I am probably the biggest Hammock fanboy in the world but $32 for 4 songs is redic.