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    Yamaha GT-750, JVC QL-Y66F
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    Magnepan MG3a
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    Cary/AES Sixpac, Odyssey Stratos, Kenwood L-07m
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    Electron Images MCP-1, Promitheus Phono 1, Kenwood L-07c
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    Denon DL-S1, Lyra Argo-i, AT-OC9mk2, Denon DL110, Benz Glider M, Dynavector 19a, Denon DL-301mk2, AT120e, AT155LC, Denon DL-300
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    DD 4 life
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    DCCA Eminence, DCCA Power Master, DCCA Passion Master, DCCA Passion Pro, Element Cable Terminator, VH Audio Pulsar, Gabriel Gold Reflection V2, Magnan Signature, Kaplan GS

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    Purveyor of Fine Analog Reproduction

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  1. EquinoxDesignLab

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Put me down for a copy of Swag, please!
  2. EquinoxDesignLab

    [PO] Vasudeva – No Clearance

    Really enjoying those reworkings! Snagged the tape.
  3. Metallic silver showed up today. The stock photo was actually quite accurate. Very cool texture to it. I only spoiled the first single so time to spin!
  4. Yeah I've got a small split on Untitled as well. Records themselves feel nice and heavy. Spinning Untitled now and it's very quiet as far as noise goes. Sleeve has a nice texture to it. Surely they were trying to replicate the hand made nature of the initial run.
  5. Both records did post to my paypal just now. What a stressful to start of the week holy shit.
  6. Finally got to the final checkout page. Spun for a few good minutes, then took me back to the front XL page. Both Jonsi & Alex and Alex's album appear to be out of stock....no idea if my order went through.
  7. Well my cart is empty now and they have been removed from the front page of XL. Tight!
  8. I can get all the way through checkout, but it times out. Surprised how cheap they are though. Really hope I get at least Jonsi & Alex and Alex's new material.
  9. EquinoxDesignLab

    Record Store Day 2018

    Was able to grab National and the Balmorhea 7inch. Couldn't find Eno, Piper, Arcade Fire, or the Buckley box.
  10. Snagged the clear as well!
  11. I am really digging pt. 2 as well. Really like the slightly overdriven guitar parts throughout. Anyone else notice how buried the vocals are on pt. 1? My system is pretty revealing and I feel at times I care barely hear him at all.
  12. Pleasantly surprised to see that my copy showed up today. The 'slipcase' is just a folded poster as stated above. Records have a nice haze effect, but pretty tame as far as his previous offerings go. Warming up the rig right now for a spin!
  13. Goldmund's latest is up for preorder over at Western Vinyl. Keith mentioned that he is wrapping up the new Helios record as well! http://westernvinyl.com/shop/wv169