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  1. NOW: Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter

    Agreed! My splat arrived yesterday and sounds quite good. The remaster was well worth the effort. Will def be supporting your label in the future.
  2. NOW: Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter

    Very nice! Snagged the splat.
  3. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    US variants are up....meh. Pelagic's is much nicer imo http://www.hiddendeityrecords.com/products
  4. PO Now: Lights & Motion - Dear Avalanche

    Thanks for bumping this, as I missed it. Normally L&M is too hit or miss for me, but after revisiting this album, its pretty good! In for the borealis variant.
  5. PO NOW: ISIS - Mosquito Control Reissue

    Snagged the clear! Haven't listened to this in many years.
  6. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Received my silver copy yesterday and it does indeed sound very good. No warps or practically any noise.
  7. PO: Rhye-Blood (2/2)

    The wait is almost over! Preorders for Blood are now up via Loma Vista Recordings. Lots of bundles to choose from including the album+EP. Stoked! https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/rhye
  8. Charcoal has been repressed! Comes out to ~$33 http://shop.serein.co.uk/album/charcoal-2014-special-edition
  9. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    I wonder what the US variants will be...That smoke sure does look nice!
  10. DACs

    Take a look at the offerings from Benchmark. You can usually find them for a bit less than 1k for the USB models. Additionally the BMC PureDAC is quite nice as well, but a bit redundant considering it already has a headphone amp built in. There are a couple benchmarks on USAM and CAM at the moment but most have single ended amps.
  11. PO: Nils Frahm - All Melody

    Quite surprised they arent doing a limited clear variant. Will probably pick up the RT version!
  12. Amenra . Mass VI

    My white copy from Neurot showed up today. Sounds great! Lots of low end. Can only imagine what the 2x45 sounds like. Since I didnt spoil any of it with leaks, I hope to track down a euro press to compare. Interestingly, the gatefold is reversed.
  13. PO: Typhoon "Offerings"

    So stoked for this! Went to highschool with like half the band.