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  1. You are not blind.....I hate write my credit card number on internet, but i did....
  2. Great call....That record is fantastic....
  3. I have an original black but this is one of my favourite Kozelek release so I will buy only if there is a colored vinyl option....
  4. If the main songwriter is no more in the band i can't expect much from this record....
  5. This is one of my favourite Dischord release ever and i have the original, but i really hope to be able to buy this because of the remaster/color vinyl/2xLP thing. Beauty Pill are amazing too, i'm still hoping for The Unsustainable Lifestyle vinyl press....
  6. The music is well written and various then for the most part my problem with this record is in the vocals...They sound for me "flat" and too much similar song by song....
  7. I was very excited about this record but after some listen i'm not much into it.....Maybe it will be a grower.....Who knows....
  8. I never liked them....For the most part because of the Palumbo vocal style.....Anyway i will listen to it to see if something changed....
  9. Hope it will be still available in 3 weeks, i'm really boke now..
  10. The splatter is not listed in the pre-order colors options. Maybe is it a special edition for the record release shows?