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  1. We should all order, then cancel and write the reason...this is stupid
  2. haha fuck, forget it....shipping to Germany for the boxset is $47....so, $117 in total + tax I hope some EU distro gets this...
  4. Some nice Gojira represses available for preorder... http://www.shop-listenable.net/en/3_gojira Each limited to /500 on splatter vinyl...
  5. Never heard of them before...listening to this as I write....love how the drums come in at ~3:40!
  6. WTF?! Man, I knew I should avoid this BN-thread...was just curious to see what's going on here...
  7. WTF is happening here?
  8. The sweeping, melancholic soundscapes that characterize Swedish instrumental rock band pg.lost‘s debut album „It’s Not Me, It’s You!” have been quoted throughout the genre innumerous times, but few of those quotes and quoters ever came close to the original, released in 2008 via Black Star Foundation. A career-defining debut album of a genre-defining band, long sought after and finally reissued on vinyl. Ltd. edition on clear and bordeaux-red wax. http://pelagic-records.com/product/pg-lost-its-not-me-its-you-2xlp-download/
  9. $35 for a single LP...this f*ckin' hobby is getting ridiculous!
  10. Athletics - BFRSD

    Hope it’s just repress so I don’t have to order
  11. Happy I cancelled my order and ordered at jpc. On the other hand, I think it’s rather USPS fucking up regularly...
  12. Amenra . Mass VI

    It's crazy...wouldn't be too hard to e.g. pierce or somehow mark the ticket when buying limited merch and only allow people to buy these when showing the ticket... Well, never-ending story...
  13. Amenra . Mass VI

    This is ridiculous...I mean they would sell out anyways, why not limiting this shit to 1 per person at least on the gig?!
  14. Any new APC is f-ing good APC!
  15. Yeah, I remember...well, at least that someone (me? Don’t know) posted a band with a track that sounded exactly like Quiet...unfortunately, I cant remember the band‘s name...
  16. Amenra . Mass VI

    Anybody who snagged an extra blue Variant?
  17. Wake me when a f*ckin‘ repress is finally happening!
  18. Hey folks, I'm Sasan, 33 years old, from a country far far away. Married to my wonderful wife for 2 years now and we have a beautiful boy who turns 1 on November, 10 (that day last year was easily the best day of my life...regardless of the ridiculous election result somewhere across the ocean). I'm a consultant for one of the biggest IT-companies in the world for almost 5 years now; although I have studied marketing and don't have a clue about the technology. Well, could be worse... I love playing guitar, setting up/changing my gear, playing around with effect pedals and (lately) soldering & creating my own effects. Unfortunately, band-wise I don't play with other musicians since I moved 3 years ago...it seems everybody in this city is only doing worldmusic, singer/songwriter, folk or rap stuff, which I can't stand. I'm rather looking to start something in the prog-rock/art-rock/post-rock direction...maybe with some psychodelic elements... My favorite bands: Porcupine Tree (or anything Steven Wilson related; I just love almost all the stuff he does; biggest part of my collection is anything SW-related...Bass Communion, Continuum, Blackfield, I.E.M., solo, ), Karnivool, Oceansize, Russian Circles, ISIS, Tool, The Cinematic Orchestra, Opeth (older stuff until Watershed), Soen, Agent Fresco....probably mostly stuff you haven't heard before... My album of the year has (surprisingly) not been released by Steven Wilson, but by a band I've never heard before: ELDER - Reflections of a Floating World! That record is so ridiculously good that I can't put it in words! I love it and probably listen to it 5x a week! What I don't like musically: I can't stand anything that has to do with HipHop, EDM, Folk, Punk, any Core, Alternative or Emo... Miscellaneous: Have been a huge movie fan, but lately (basically since the birth of our son) I rarely switch on the TV. I'm probably the only person who doesn't use (or understand) Instagram and Twitter...I don't get this shit Further, I have a crazy passion for the football club (it's football, not soccer...) FC BARCELONA since I've seen Romario play for them when I was a child! Collection/Tradelist should be found in my signature...
  19. Limited to 300 on Coke Clear https://themercuryprogram.bandcamp.com/album/chez-viking