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  1. Just saw a review stating that the 12" single on amazon.co.uk is in fact the orange press, I was initially concerned it might be a wider pressing on black , but apparently not! £8.99 // $11.50 (not shipped) Everything Now 12" @ Amazon.co.uk
  2. My deluxe shipped from amazon UK a few hours ago. I would be surprised if any of their stock gets cancelled considering it still says its available for pre order.
  3. This record has stuck with me a lot more than Another One did, nice progression for him. Very keen to get the RT purple onto my turntable asap
  4. Damn, the contents of that boxset sounds so great, but that price is pretty rich...
  5. Really sorry if this has been posted already, but here is a list from The Future Heart with an up to date list of confirmed releases https://thefutureheart.com/2017/03/19/record-store-day-2017-david-bowie-flaming-lips-pink-floyd-spoon-animal-collective-pearl-jam-international-space-station-concert-peace-st-vincent-records-war-drugs-air-confirmed/
  6. that is some really horrible album art
  7. Mine arrived in good condition, but I did notice that their mailers were different and better compared to the last thing I ordered from them. Only complaint with the record is that there is some serious crackles and static on side B, a wet wash helped a bit, but still a lot of the first track.
  8. There Is a lot of discussion about this release on morrissey solo, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus or any real insight if it is real or not. https://www.morrissey-solo.com/threads/the-queen-is-dead-12-vinyl-2017-warner-bros-uk-listed-on-discogs-help-needed.139458/ Possible RSD release ?!
  9. Across "The Far Field"’s twelve chest-pounding love songs and odes to the road, Future Islands brilliantly express the band’s central themes they’ve been exploring for the last decade: that there is power in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath – and be stronger for it. The Pre Orders Available Are... Standard LP Coloured LP Coloured and Autographed LP SOLD OUT Limited Edition Mini-LP Replica (w/ download) Bands Site Pre Order 4AD Pre Order New Single 'Ran'
  10. Didn't see this posted yet (sorry if it has) But Rough Trade UK have an exclusive for this "Rough Trade Exclusive Purple Vinyl Version housed in a Gatefold Sleeve with Download and Bonus CD. Limited to 1000 Copies." https://www.roughtrade.com/music/this-old-dog
  11. I think the biggest disappointment of this release is the inclusion of the butchered version of Frontier Psychiatrist. Will be very interesting if there is a vinyl version of the deluxe set they have been talking about for a while, maybe then they will get it right.
  12. First listen I was a little bit hesitant about the direction of it all, but just finished my second listen and it somehow it all clicked. Really fantastic album. Also find that this record is mastered extremely well, the bass is so powerful but so clear. I got a free A2 mirror poster with my copy too, so excited to get that all framed up as well.
  13. yeah those two songs aren't actually on the physical CD, just printed in the magazine. The only difference between the releases is that Nikes has a Kohh verse.
  14. They have repressed it. You can tell the new pressing apart from the first because it is now in a normal sized sleeve instead of the original 13" x 13" sleeve. https://www.discogs.com/Nick-Cave-The-Bad-Seeds-Skeleton-Tree/release/9299504
  15. Really loving the new track. Indie exclusive on clear + CD - limited to 3000 available https://www.roughtrade.com/music/i-see-you