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  1. Bunch of discount codes available for their US web store right, 'Don't Waste Your Wishes' is included of course victimsholiday (20% off) WONDERFULHOLIDAY (15% off) Killersholiday (10% off)
  2. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    Does your account on the Golf store say Complete or still 'Awaiting Fulfilment'?
  3. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    I copied the wrong thing
  4. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    My local store posted the standard EU pressing, pretty dissapointing that this one is out in the wild but not the special edition from months ago.
  5. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    A few other sites mention clear vinyl in their listing. I am reading it as the bundle of shirt + 7" single is limited to 500. But who knows really. Very surprised this hasn't leaked yet tbh
  6. Available for preorder now... 2LP - Double Heavyweight Black Vinyl With Download 2LP - Rough Trade Exclusive. Only Coloured vinyl version in the world. Limited to 5000 Copies. Double Heavyweight Peach Vinyl with Download. Utopia is the ninth studio album from the iconic Bjork via One Little Indian Records. The new album is another classic from the good lady and her current crew of music makers. It takes in everything from piano and strings to drum machines, beats, bleeps, harps, flutes and samples. The perfect example of how future music can be made by always pushing the boundaries but never forgetting the song. It's another organic and mesmerizing album that unfolds with repeated plays. Simply outstanding - Bjork always is.
  7. I really enjoyed the sound of Low, but the volume drop on Heroes is totally inexcusable. I thought it might have been a bunch of older audiophiles overreacting, but that drop is so clear. The set is really beautiful, so it is a shame that such a significant track has a pretty major issue
  8. PO: The Horrors - V (09/22)

    Wild new video...
  9. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    I bought a bundle and haven't received any code yet which is odd
  10. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    MOZMEFIFTEEN for 15% off the US Store, including album pre orders
  11. Lots of buddles for the new LP from MORRISSEY - 'Low In High School' - Available 17th of November 2017 Pre-orders available for Clear, Yellow, Orange and Blue Vinyl, 7" Boxset, CD and Cassette etc. https://uk.mporium.org/ https://us.mporium.org/ Track List My Love, I’d Do Anything For You I Wish You Lonely Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage Home Is A Question Mark Spent The Day In Bed I Bury The Living In Your Lap The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel All The Young People Must Fall In Love When You Open Your Legs Who Will Protect Us From The Police Israel New Single - 'Spent The Day In Bed'
  12. So keen for this release, a DVD from the era would have made this perfect, but its pretty great regardless. Although I do hope that it comes with a book, some replica posters or something "5LP Vinyl Boxset - Housed in lift off box with 2 double gatefolds and 1 single" Glad that all the seperate 'albums' have their own proper sleeves too.
  13. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    Just saw a review stating that the 12" single on amazon.co.uk is in fact the orange press, I was initially concerned it might be a wider pressing on black , but apparently not! £8.99 // $11.50 (not shipped) Everything Now 12" @ Amazon.co.uk
  14. My deluxe shipped from amazon UK a few hours ago. I would be surprised if any of their stock gets cancelled considering it still says its available for pre order.
  15. PO NOW: Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

    This record has stuck with me a lot more than Another One did, nice progression for him. Very keen to get the RT purple onto my turntable asap