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  1. Media mail option isn’t there??
  2. Okay allow me to rephrase: I am unable to see anything through the record, including light. Except of course through that weird hole in the middle.
  3. Its definitely standard black. Even the hype sticker just says black with no mention of translucent.
  4. I am unable to see through the "translucent" black.
  5. Hot topic is up. 20% off code worked too.
  6. FS: Radiohead - OK Computer 3xLP $25 shipped!

    If the City and Colour bundle is still available tomorrow night, I'll take it
  7. Ugh. Bought. Can’t wait for them to sell the yellow by itself in a couple months after I jumped on a bundle with a shirt I don’t need.
  8. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Mine was a amazon one. Happened constantly for over a week or so but now has stopped on its own.
  9. PO Now: A Lot Like Birds - Plan B

    They had the test pressings go up about two days ago. Out of 50. Went in under 30.
  10. Video for Midnight Crusade is up
  11. PO Now: A Skylit Drive - "Rise"

    Damn I thought this might actually be shipping.
  12. Set Sale:Underoath, Lovedrug, FYS, Frodus + more

    You’d be much better sending dms and not bumping 9 year old threads.
  13. Oh okay. I thought he meant as part of the new album.
  14. If anyone got the bundle with the /100 tri color, I’ll gladly pay you handsomely for it!