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  1. Pure Noise Records site says 2nd pressing of “Easter yellow” /1000
  2. It's also in the uk store. Looks like both are limited to 1000, just the yellow is split up.
  3. Getting crushed with shipping
  4. My guess is they pressed ~1000. Sold about half as vip and held the other half until now so vip people felt it was more exclusive.
  5. WTB Dance Gavin Dance-Mothership Gold VIP

    It's the same color but different fold-over cover
  6. Black /500 White, Orange Splatter /500
  7. WTB Dance Gavin Dance-Mothership Gold VIP

    Hey thanks a bunch!
  8. WTB Dance Gavin Dance-Mothership Gold VIP

    Bump! Will pay actually money!
  9. If anyone got the Vip to the anniversary tour and wouldn't mind parting with it, or brought a friend and don't need the extra, I'll gladly take it off your hands! Looking for the gold variant with the vip cover
  10. PO: Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage

    Never got around to picking up the first release so I figured this special edition would be perfect. That price is a fucking joke! 40$ shipped MAX
  11. Amazing. My favorite of the three,