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  1. the irony is killing me
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  2. I'm a Danzig fan. You won't get me to spend $12 and risk getting this record.
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  3. So I found a hole in the wall Thrift shop. Literally hidden in the corner of a small shopping center. There i found in the corner, about 50 jazz records up against the wall. Most were from the 50s some 60s and 70s. Couldn't buy them all. But came out with about five Brubeck and some Michel Legrand, Cal Tjader and Kai with JJ Johnson. Was a lot more but couldn't take them all. Also this popped up in my email: Really excited about this. But it's already sold out on Amazon. Hopefully my local will be able to preorder this for me. Freddie Hubbard Red Clay on MOV
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  4. I mean, the price makes much more sense once it's in your hand. Flimsy box, no-frills plain single sleeves, all black and white ink, no inserts, lyrics, or track listings. At least they opted for clear plastic inners instead of sandpaper. Only listened to 2x of them so far but sounded good to me. Still, super glad to have these at an affordable price in a playable format.
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  5. The Redditors got the Danzig to #1 lol
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