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    But you had the energy to go online and make a post about it? Conserve that energy next time for vinyl priorities
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    Do I need this? Absolutely not. Will I buy this? 100%
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    In Soviet Russia, IP checks you!
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    PO: Good Charlotte - Generation Rx

    Finally some real punk.
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    I have two extra tour variants. Hit me up if you want one. US peeps only. $15 shipped. EDIT: 1 left
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Thé gunship is available on Amazon for 10£ less. Just no embossed cover, classic edition.
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    I asked him a week or so back on his last IG post about his involvement, he said "stay tuned" and they'll be more OST involvement
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    You pretty much summed up this entire forum’s existence right there, buddy.
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    I ordered AFI's "The Art of Drowning" and they sent me Weezer's Blue Album. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

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    Been waiting years for this. Instant buy. $29 ppd to the US Limited to 125 white w/blue splatter 125 white/blue merge 250 random color http://slugdge.bandcamp.com/album/the-cosmic-cornucopia-2?from=fanpub_fb_merch
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    First round went up on Thursday, sold out very fast, second batch due soon. First batch was limited to 300 total copies, 150 on yellow vinyl, 150 on black. https://barelyregalrecords.bigcartel.com/product/brr042-clever-girl-no-drum-and-bass-in-the-jazz-room-12-vinyl-pre-order
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Isn’t that last year’s tour?
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    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    Good eye. I tag the home city of the artist I’m displaying. It’s an added layer of fun for me to see where they all come from. I also notice a lot of trends with LA, Chicago, UK and Texas for those interested @the_analog_ear
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    I really don't understand why you would go through the trouble of releasing a live record with only 4 of the songs from the show. It just seems like a waste of vinyl and a waste of money. I love Nick Cave, but easy pass.
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    We just got approval on the new artwork today and the tests also arrived today so it’s trucking right along nicely. We had to make new artwork because the original was made for CD sand englarged it looked awful. The hi quality scans didn’t look good either so we had to start from scratch.
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    PO: Good Charlotte - Generation Rx

    How are these guys still going
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    I think I'm the only one that fux with this mix. They did it this way so you can turn the volume way the fuck up and not have it go from nice crisp sounding to garbage. Just garbage the whole time but great garbage that doesn't distort at max volume. I did enjoy seeing "pixelated" refer to audio though gonna steal that.
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    I'm tired of these bundles, I just want the album and not go broke getting a copy. Keep your hoodies, buttons, posters, books and please just sell the vinyl by itself. Can't drop $65 on this right now.... MrMatt767, 500 are sold already??? Wow... The flippers must have just received their pay checks. Ha
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    Orrr SPINATURES, MOTHA FUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. My whole life has been leading up to this moment. https://waxworkrecords.com/blogs/news/spinatures
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    I canceled my pending no-rush delivery items and reordered with this as an add-on
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    They try, but they get stuck on that god damn bridge and then the show is over.
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