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    Probably a good idea to check shipping rates before buying
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    Hot take: everything this band released after Act III pales drastically in comparison to that first trilogy.
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    If you want to have a portfolio of value, don’t buy records, buy stocks and index funds.
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    i thought this was for the band thursday
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    Out July 17, 2020. Black, white (sold out), and Malört lps + shirt bundles https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/artist/?id=366 Opaque sunburst https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/lawrence-arms/the-lawrence-arms-skeleton-coast-opaque-sunburst-vinyl-record Pink (Europe) https://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/the-lawrence-arms/view/?id=17943&cid=2721 new single "PTA".
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    theres a reaction video from a past Riot Fest that has bands trying it or drinking it. the Lawrence Arms are in it, along with hot water music and others
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    I did actually put a Bad Rabbits 7" in one of them! I don't have any left of the American Love or Mimi singles, so it was slim pickin's Fun fact: I do have a completely unreleased Bad Rabbits 7" lathe cut featuring a song that I am legally not allowed to sell because of song clearance issues. Part of the whole Mimi delay fiasco. Anyhow, I allllllmost stuck one of those in these mystery boxes...but I don't want to get sued either.
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    I don't know the pressing, but I was just able to order Opaque Sunburst on Merchbar! https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/lawrence-arms/the-lawrence-arms-skeleton-coast-opaque-sunburst-vinyl-record Ended up ordering a white as well...
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    You folks might want to hold out. There's apparently a Sam Goody 'Goody Got it' exclusive on the way. Circuit City is said to have an upcoming version as well.
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    "The color is moon dust." Guess it's gonna be similar to the Duster box (not that I'm complaining, those turned out great). EDIT: Oops it's actually "moon shadow"
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    Repress of Blood Incantation's Interdimensional Extinction ep isup on Dark Descent https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/interdimensional-extinction
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    Found one listed on eBay It's kind of steep, but if you really want it.
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    JUST LIKE CHRIST A NEW VARIANT HAS RISEN AND ITS REDDER THAN THE DEVILS DICK https://www.fnac.com/a14718928/Creed-Greatest-Hits-Exclusivite-Fnac-Vinyle-Rouge-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=1 ordered an extra copy to hang on my Creed wall.
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    Updated the thread title with the appropriate info people need.
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    I hope it's a surprise 7" and then it's just the Kane entrance theme, go out on a meme
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    Finally figured out how to upload a picture. Here's mine
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    We do not force any of our bands to do a bundle or merch item they don't agree with, if they don't want to do something we don't do it, its that simple. All of our bands have final approval. There were other bundle options we came to them with and they said no, so we didn't do them.
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    This is why I stream collectible 90s/2000s ska punk records and purchase boring unpopular sad indie rock records that depreciate in value by 70% as soon as you click “Buy”.
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    Wally world exclusive is actually back up for sale. EASY PEASY flip folks! stl_ben get on it!
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    Okay this is the best use of a COVID stim check. Forget everything else you’ve heard.
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    They have the worst band name
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    Stop promoting suicide, Derek! (As some newjack reported your post) I’ll take my suicide tips subliminally from OZZY and Judas Priest, thank you very much.
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    This band peaked 25+ years ago, Billy Ray Armstrong is a whiney little dingleberry.
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    Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (5/17)

    Missed the UO. Again. But as been said...it'll be back. With 1,500 pressed as per the info...I hope it's just their usual staggering out the sale. Also...and this is a futile complaint...but man...it really rips my ass seeing copies of the signed LP already on eBay for $150+. Makes me want to message the sellers and harass them and insult them and just call them out for being opportunistic pieces of shit that they are. /rant
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    What the Golf also came out on Switch yesterday. Looks like a lot of fun. Gonna grab it soon I think.
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    End of an Ear has it posted as well: https://endofanear.bigcartel.com/product/elliott-smith-s-t-25th-anniversary-editionhttps://endofanear.bigcartel.com/product/elliott-smith-s-t-25th-anniversary-edition Not sure whether they ship overseas or not though...
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    The last couple months have been killing me. But getting things in the mail is the only I look forward to now.
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    .....signed print? Should we tell them?
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    General Pure Noise News

    not vinyl, but we signed The Bouncing Souls, new album later this year. heres a new song though https://bouncingsouls.merchnow.com/products/v2/313353/world-on-fire
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    I think my appreciation for Migrant stems from how I take in music. I love being able to sit down with a great album, listen to it in full with accompanying lyrics, and just solely focus on the music. However, that probably only accounts for 10% of my listening habits. I have a ridiculously short attention span, and am usually doing something else while I listen to music (driving, working, web browsing, etc). So the majority of what i listen to is easily digestible, less nuanced music. Which is why I think albums like Migrant appeal to me more. The great albums with vast soundscapes and incredible songwriting don’t usually click with me unless i sit down and take them all in without any distractions. In truth, I’ve only done what I described above with Act I. Acts II and III I thoroughly enjoy, but have yet to give them that deep listen.
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    Ian. Just listen to what we are saying. This is a band that doesnt condone this type of capitalism . You do this with every band. I get it. You're a label. You need to make money. But with a band like this, I severely reject to what youre doing. I know it's a contract, but fucking hell.
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    No. DeltaPlex is a convention center that has a large square room with side bleachers and a portable stage. Van Andel Arena is a proper arena in downtown Grand Rapids.
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    Upping pressing numbers after one sells out is always a shitty move. Just add a black option or another color it’s that easy. Not too upset because I’ve wanted these for a LONG time and would’ve bought an unlimited black version anyway but still..
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    This. Especially for records that are $60+ on the aftermarket now, it's only driven by scarcity. Eventually, there will be another vinyl crash where people want the space in their homes back and those values will not hold. Not everyone wants to be 60s and have their 2000's pop-punk and metalcore collection in their living room. If you were ever here for the investment, then it's your responsibility to watch for when that crash comes and get out before it's reduced back down to the price of plastic and paper.
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    I think you are in for the wrong reasons if you expect vinyl To “hold value” other than its intrinsic value. I buy records because I want music and I want something tangible. I suspect most are the same. Usually the argument about value only comes up when something like this happens. I’d much rather people get what they want rather than not. So changing the pressing details doesn’t bother me. “Value” of records just ends up being a dick measuring contest and it’s lame
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    I totally agree, but I also can see people who bought a $270 test pressing bundle that was initially advertised as "limited to 10" and then changed to be unlimited after they ordered feeling like they spent $270 on something they didn't order.
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    Lol at anyone who would freak out about their copy not being as limited as they thought anymore. I'm just stoked to finally be able to add these to my collection. People have been screaming for these for years, and now they're complaining? Yeesh.
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    Sustainable protective covers

    Inner? Do you live in Japan in the 80s?
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    PO: Jeff Rosenstock - No Dream

    Using the word 'limited' to any number above 500 is ridiculous
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    Sustainable protective covers

    It's that time of year again, folks! Even during a global pandemic!
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    Fearless Records Vinyl Sale

    And self titled!
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    I miss you all, I remember the good old days when I wasn't working and going through some serious shit and you all helped with the loneliness and we were churning out pages everyday. I hope you are all hanging in there, I'm still slinging records in KC, Just chilling with the cat and spinning records most days throughout this madness
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    This is a "the best of" Creed. It has etching on all 4 sides. No music. Framing purposes only.
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    Everything about the title of this thread is perfect.
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