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    Then consider mewithoutCruise.
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    With Teeth as been moved to the top on the NIN.com store followed by Broken which has been out of stock for months with Year 0 and the Slip a row or 2 down might be going down soon....tomorrow? God willing
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    I had never listened to them until this thread resurfaced a few months back. Immediately bought Untitled and Pale Horses. I've been on a huge Ten Stories and CFUTF kick for the last week. I can't believe I slept on this band for so long.
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    Second pressing of Blood Incantation's new album go up for preorder tomorrow. 2 new colored variants. Also up for preorder tomorrow - Starspawn reissue. Well shit... looks like I'll be double dipping on Hidden History just to get a colored variant. Wish I would've known this before I ordered the black edition.
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    Don't be bummed when this is just an announcement for the cruise. I'd LOVE an expanded/ remastered version, but I could almost bet all my money it's a Coheed cruise.
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    They are getting ready for the holidays. 😉
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    We are up to 4 labels going in on this. Deathwish, Eccentric Pop, Pure Noise and Hot Vodka. This is absolutely nuts, and pure fucking class.
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    Coheed and Cambria countdown 11/19/19

    Limit I'm willing to spend on a Coheed cruise: $40
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    hey mate i have a copy of Knocked Loose - Different Shade of Blue (Sea Blue With Black & Cyan Blue Twist) /500 she can have .. let me know how ya want me to send if wanted that is
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    MS is virtually dead, though neither of the owners is. This guess is not so far from the truth, but I cannot imagine the other partner being able to salvage the label. It is not my place to divulge things, and I don't know everything, but if you have an outstanding order with them, you should probably just cut your losses and be happy with all we got from them. I know the end of the label eats away at their soul, but I would not expect compensation or order fulfillment. A terrible situation but unfortunately that info is all I can offer.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Agreed. This album is incredible. I still listen to it regularly. Dear Tool: let me give you money.
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    the new track is actually pretty good. I hope that's a good sign because everything else she's released recently suuuuuuuucks.
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    Damn, I’m actually going to have to play this on the turntable then? How annoying.
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    I skimmed some sections of the mp3s they sent out switching back and forth version to version and I don't think they really sound all that different but I'm sure some audiophile wizard is gonna step out of the shadows and tell me why I'm wrong lmfao
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    This! I love It’s All Crazy and I had never heard of them until randomly going to the A-B Life anniversary tour. Their whole discography is special in its own ways. Thankful to finally have this for a reasonable price. got the red with white
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    Will be released on January 24th 2020 under Triple Crown Records. One song even featuring Kyle of Pianos Become the Teeth. First single Flowers of Light with b-side Barfly is up on Spotify at midnight. https://music.apple.com/my/album/on-circles/1485923749 https://open.spotify.com/album/0ox3znTxtUu4qkqW37r2Bc?si=K_P0npheReqg0ptDyBIIOQ
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    Went with the non galaxy colored version of Hidden History, and galaxy red/black on Starspawn. Glad I didn't pick up the picture disc of Starspawn I saw at the local spot recently. Almost did.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    On a serious note... Etymotic earplugs from Amazon ($13) have been with me through every show/loud work environment scenario since I got them years ago. Got me through 3 Sunn O))) shows with ease. Highly recommend everyone invest in a pair. Forget the orange foam crap. These bring the noise down to a very tolerable level without blocking out much detail.
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    I am also a fan of the tide pod
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    I wonder why SS/T&N aren't consistent with pricing... even on their recent (non-licensed) releases the prices can vary. But yeah, hopefully this will lead to their other albums!
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    This... although I disagree with your take on CFUTF
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    Keep Flying - Unbreakable

    There is also a clear with blue, red, and green splatter show exclusive variant that is limited to 100. The release show is 12/20 in Amityville, NY.
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    Usually the engineer doesn't get to strongarm the worldwide major record label to influence what the source mix is going to be for the cut. That's just not the power dynamic. I would love to believe that we don't live in a world where that would ever happen but it does happen. Here's to hoping its not the case with this title.
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    “I said, ‘Am I just the drummer now?’ They said yes. And I said, ‘Can you tell me if I am still a creative equal in the band?’ And they said no. So, I left.” Just one side of the story, but that is really really shitty.
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    PO NOW: FBTMOF - Art Damage

    the listings on the site were updated with in-hand photos of the completed vinyl so they will be shipping soon; also hasn’t even been a week past the ESTIMATED shipping time.. y’all need to learn PO patience lol
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    PO: Nada Surf - Never Not Together

    I love Nada Surf with all my heart but I did not love YKWYA. Hopefully this one sticks with me. The orchestra album was amazing tho.
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    Definitely interested in seeing the pedal boards as well as the video for division blues!
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    got the beach ball of agony variant and it's great
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    PO NOW: The Devil Wears Prada - The Act

    And funily enough, the "Lower ring" variant which mocked up like a white inside orange actually turned out to be like yellow inside red and matches the art perfectly. So glad I didn't order that one..... :')
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    I want to help.
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    AMAZING! Laughed out loud.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I felt pretty much the same. Only thing I'd add is that the movie seemed a bit long too. It made for a nice watch on a shitty night.
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    Man, Imgur really compressed the fuck out of these... cause they're shot on an iPhone Pro Max. I also have pictures of all but Jani's board if anyone is interested. I already have a break down of them all as well.
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    PM me, I'll send one or two things.
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    This is truly bonkers. So awesome.
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    It's going to make Fyre look like a Cub Scouts camping trip.
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    https://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/view/?id=11447 https://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/view/?id=11449
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    I bought it from my local store and it was the clear splatter, I'm guessing that's the standard variant
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    Sounds like your anti-skate is off. Also, if your needle is a diamond, it should be fine. You might want to clean it first with a stylus brush/fluid, before you spin your next disc.
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    I guess SRC is just carrying on the tradition of vinyl collective, Virgil must be so proud i think I had a year and a half preorder unless you count the under the influence preorders that never came out
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    Good looking out. It’s about a $7 savings for me. If that black copy is just a TC copy but shipped to EU, I’ll cancel my TM order and go through Banquet. And I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.
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    Gotta be all those power chords
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    Why? Like no actual release date, no single. No tracklist or even finished cover art and the 33 dollar preorder is up?
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    Yeah I just picked the Zacian/Zamazenta Switch Lite and BOTW this week.
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    This album is one of Joey's best. Can't get over how good it is. Thought the green vinyl turned out kind of eh compared to the mock-up but at least it's better than any of the other variants. I'm just not a big fan of half and half.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Hype faded and I don't need any physical media at this point, not even vinyl. I guess that's because I'm more picky about what I buy lately, due to reduced vinyl listening time, budget, and having combined household with my lady who is not a Tool fan. And after about 3 spins I determined it's 7/10 material, nicely done but I'm not gonna play it often enough going forward. I've changed and they haven't really.
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