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    Jesus f'ing Christ. I cannot imagine being so miserable that you'd bitch about someone trying to save you money.
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    Oh hey, it’s been like 2 years but the deluxe version of PS IS happening. Got to see the packaging yesterday and it looks super rad, so despite the label dragging ass hard on getting these made I’m stoked it’s finally happening. Trying to have proper info out within the next month or two.
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    Women have been afraid to speak up about sexual assault/harassment/abuse forever. So until millions of innocent men are harmed, "me too" has not gone too far. "Innocent until proven guilty" applies to a court of law. Where it's not uncommon for the guilty to be found innocent and vice versa. So that is irrelevant horsehit. Maynard has always been a piece of shit creep. This story is pretty believable and with the way dudes on the internet have been reacting to this, the victim was right to remain anonymous. Fuck that Blue Lives Matter shithead and his music.
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    Got mine today... Looks like I was lucky enough to score the "sacred" number...
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    Update: I won the paypal appeal and got the $$ back. Big thanks to @thievedrelic for the advice on checking the weight since I'm pretty sure that evidence tipped the scales in my favor. Here's the buyer's info for anyone who wants to make sure they avoid him. I'll be posting in the bad buyers thread too. Ryan La Rue Colton, Oregon https://www.discogs.com/user/Skeletal-Life https://www.facebook.com/ryan.larue.946
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    This isn’t a Deafheaven thread until Gumbo comes in here and posts about how the single moved him to tears but then clarifies that he’s not gay or anything.
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    Stress On The Sky

    Ultra Vinyl Releases

    all those bells and whistles don't stop it from being a Jack White record though sadly.
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    Well that's just what I needed.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    All junk. Nice.
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    I say we just combine every thread that’s ever been made into one.
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    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Can confirm. 10k pressing of the green. 2.5k went to stores. 1.5k went to various upholsterers in Belgium. 1k to Outpost 31 in Antarctica. 1k to Nick Alt. 1k to the band, but they got high and lost them. 1k hidden inside used Bay City Rollers albums 750 sent on a weather balloon into space 500 to Piggly Wiggly locations in West Virginia 500 were incinerated immediately to forge a new throne for Jack The remaining 250 were pressed without a B side, So Jack will put those up as rare for $420 next week. Hope this helps.
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    Guys, I don't typically do this but I need a favor. Can you one of you that are attending RSD please pick me up a copy of that overpriced record that nobody will want 3 months later. I really need one. Thank you. Will send presents.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    I like reading RSD lists because they make me wonder if I even like music.
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    No repress that I know of, must be leftover red/white. Deluxe version of PS I mentioned at some point in here is in production right now. As for Redeemer, I mean, we are doing a Redeemer tour, sooooo...
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    The sheer ignorance in this sentence is staggering
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    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    500 Clear with Gold Splatter 1000 Olive Green 1000 Black initially (although we will keep the black in press as we do for all releases post 2015). Don't believe in limiting the black. To us the black is the main one, the other stuff is bonus. Gatefold with printed inner sleeve. No download code with this one. Also doing a reprint of the Ccamo "Praise The War Machine" shirt to bundle with it. New 24bit audio master made from the final mixes so we could get as hi-def of a cut as possible - especially since we are REALLY pushing the side limits on this one. A double was unfortunately out of the question due to the cost of getting the license for the album in the first place. The "japanese" funeral of god artwork is also included as part of the packaging (the new back cover since the original CD technically didn't have a "back". All orders will go through the zao bandcamp page and will be fulfilled by Tragic Hero Records (who we are partnering with to do this) - Pricing will be Media Mail based for the most part. As a result of Tragic Hero shipping Funeral on their own. You can still order stuff that is out now and not have to wait for your pre-order. No cross bundling of Funeral and anything else we have. prices are about 23 for Olive and Black. and 25 for the splatter.
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    Just snagged HDVinylCollective.com so I can flip it later, suckas.
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    That one dude got a divorce so they're kicked out of Christcore.
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    I think he sold out long before you ever even heard his name.
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    mate youre 10 times more annoying than the deals guy, give it a rest
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    Yeah, honestly, fuck this band. I don’t really understand how you guys can keep listening to the same album time and time again. Deafheaven need to take one of these approaches to keep things fresh and win more of their fanbase back. Dirt Roads to Juder George and the boys go full twang. No less than three banjo solos from Kerry will be acceptable. Truly a hootin’ and hollerin’ output from the band. Bonus points if Dan incorporates some jug blowing into the percussion. No clear or articulate guitars allowed. Sunbizkit The most natural progression for the band, I think. George needs to get away from the growls and just rap with loose rhyme schemes while Kerry pumps out some sick nu metal chugs in the background. Really just getting away from that clear, articulate guitar sound, you know? I think this has a lot of potential and could really rebrand the group. New Bromuda Dude, fuck articulate guitars, bro. This shit is all about sick drops that will put Deafheaven on stage with the illest DJs you’ve ever seen. The beauty here is that the band can just pre-record their instruments and play them back in live settings with appropriate scratch effects. Think Dream House (House Edition). George could really mix up the vocals and go full autotune too. Tell me it wouldn’t work.
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    I’ve got preorders that are older than these kids.
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