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    Then consider mewithoutCruise.
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    With Teeth as been moved to the top on the NIN.com store followed by Broken which has been out of stock for months with Year 0 and the Slip a row or 2 down might be going down soon....tomorrow? God willing
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    Man, Imgur really compressed the fuck out of these... cause they're shot on an iPhone Pro Max. I also have pictures of all but Jani's board if anyone is interested. I already have a break down of them all as well.
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    Its a quality release 180g in poly sleeves in nice Plastic inners. Box is sturdy and printed with a neat texture. I can see how its $80, but I can also see how people probably don't think its worth that. Its a great release. I'd love for the other soundtracks to be expanded and done up like this.
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    Probably the most wholesome VC thread of all time, this right here...
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    I had never listened to them until this thread resurfaced a few months back. Immediately bought Untitled and Pale Horses. I've been on a huge Ten Stories and CFUTF kick for the last week. I can't believe I slept on this band for so long.
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    Don't be bummed when this is just an announcement for the cruise. I'd LOVE an expanded/ remastered version, but I could almost bet all my money it's a Coheed cruise.
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    Dr. Dre - 2001 (2019)

    When and OP starts a thread with a PO link from SRC, said individual should be punched in the face.
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    was surprised to see this come in today
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    They are getting ready for the holidays. 😉
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    hey mate i have a copy of Knocked Loose - Different Shade of Blue (Sea Blue With Black & Cyan Blue Twist) /500 she can have .. let me know how ya want me to send if wanted that is
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Agreed. This album is incredible. I still listen to it regularly. Dear Tool: let me give you money.
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    the new track is actually pretty good. I hope that's a good sign because everything else she's released recently suuuuuuuucks.
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    Got mine yesterday and it was packaged the same way. Somehow showed up in great shape still. I can't remember if I requested it, but my LP was shipped outside the sleeve too. Mine has a bit of surface noise on the A side at the start of a track, but overall pretty clean sounding.
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    The STAR WARS Thread

    Yeah dude hahaha I just ordered a baby yoda plush the other day even though it won't be out until may 2020 🤣
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    right, the original presses were clear and black for Sonno and white and black for Risveglio, which is what are listed on Boomkat for these releases. I'm all for them being back-in-print, but I'm surprised they didn't (a) just do black or (b) do new color variants to attract collectors. in any case, I should revisit these albums. I like Alessandro's more recent albums, but I never really got into either of these...
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    Look forward to hearing the Man Overboard song.
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    I had slacked pretty hard on picking up a lot of HOF's discography, but that black friday sale they did got me to pick up 4 albums I was missing. When i ordered all they had were black copies of most of them, but they ended up sending limited colored copies anyway! Pretty amped about it. Now to just pick up a copy of Snakes for the Divine, and De Vermis Mysteriis.
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    RSD Black Friday 2019

    This is outstanding! https://twitter.com/teakayakaet/status/1202401732699009025 WOOF 👇🏻
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    looks nice. i will probably try and pick one up on friday
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    RSD Black Friday 2019

    For sure. As someone on the consumer side, it’s just as frustrating. Yes, I ended up with everything I wanted, but to see Plaid room with 19 leftover Claypools the next day and I couldn’t get one locally when I was 10th in line doesn’t really add up either. I also didn’t realize different distributors would carry the same titles. I would’ve thought there would be some sort of exclusivity that the distributors would leverage to try to make ordering through them more appealing.
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    I used to see them all the time when they played as Smackin Isaiah, this stuff is good but I’m more looking forward to Benefits press.
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    RSD Black Friday 2019

    Seriously. About two out of 15 stores in my city got stuff in, and even they had about two or three releases each. Other stores are saying it's just getting too expensive to buy stock.
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    My fiancé and I were scoping out Target earlier and we passed by the vinyl display. She found the last copy of Lover they had, and said to me “you better pretend to be surprised on Christmas” and put it in the cart. 😁
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just a couple things! If you haven't seen the A Thousand Arms thread, starting tomorrow everything is 30% off! That includes new represses for Babel, Earthcult, as well as the Tukor release from Torz (post-rock literally recorded IN A CAVE) in addition to the new releases from Pray For Sound and Kokomo My wallet already hurts. secondly, some personal business. Mouth of the Architect - The Ties that Blind. Do I want the OG mix or the remaster? I love this album, and I need it. But TL is now out of the repress, so it's off to Discogs... What say you!?
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    Stress On The Sky

    UK vinyl deals

    Recordstore.co.uk are having a sale at the minute with some stuff that may tickle someone's fancy with some LPs down to £8.99 before postage. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Cheap-AF/ Notable artists included The Cure, The Killers, Frank Turner, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Brian Eno, Rihanna. There's like 7 pages so its a quick scroll. Used them before and they know how to pack records.
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    VC Year End Lists

    Albums Toro y Moi "Outer Peace" (1/18) Wristmeetrazor “Misery Never Forgets” (1/18) Cherry Glazerr “Stuffed and Ready” (2/1) Set It Off “Midnight” (2/1) Masked Intruder “III” (3/1) Denzel Curry “Zuu” (5/31) Hot Chip “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” (6/21) Chase Atlantic “Phases” (6/28) Drab Majesty “Modern Mirror" (7/12) Shura "Forevher” (8/16) Kublai Khan TX “Absolute” (10/4) Shows (I have 6, sorry) Wristmeetrazor with Heaven's Die, God Program, Drowse and Binary The Interrupters with Masked Intruder and Rat Boy Hello Donuts Pre-opening Fundraiser with Tigers Jaw, Dan Campbell, Ace Enders, Kevin Devine and Shannen Moser Hundredth Governor's Ball warm-up show Drab Majesty with Xeno & Oaklander, Body of Light and Lovelorn The Devil Wears Prada (holy crap they're so much better now) with Norma Jean and Gideon Might have to add the upcoming August Burns Red Christmas festival that'll be in December because it's stacked
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    Will be released on January 24th 2020 under Triple Crown Records. One song even featuring Kyle of Pianos Become the Teeth. First single Flowers of Light with b-side Barfly is up on Spotify at midnight. https://music.apple.com/my/album/on-circles/1485923749 https://open.spotify.com/album/0ox3znTxtUu4qkqW37r2Bc?si=K_P0npheReqg0ptDyBIIOQ
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    after postage + packaging (and they use good mailers), it's probably more like $1.50. lots of spilled milk to cry about still, i'm sure. considering their manager's recent tweet thread decrying customers choosing media mail for non-media orders (costing mwY considerable money), i imagine the modest price hike is to help them offset the cost of past & future customers taking advantage of them offering media mail in the first place.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    For anyone that may be interested and doesn't do the streaming thing, I have an extra download that came with the record: https://wearetimelost.bandcamp.com/yum c5lh-kdlk Thanks for the recommendation on this. I love the Dead Swords album, so that definitely got my attention.
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    I skimmed some sections of the mp3s they sent out switching back and forth version to version and I don't think they really sound all that different but I'm sure some audiophile wizard is gonna step out of the shadows and tell me why I'm wrong lmfao
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    On a serious note... Etymotic earplugs from Amazon ($13) have been with me through every show/loud work environment scenario since I got them years ago. Got me through 3 Sunn O))) shows with ease. Highly recommend everyone invest in a pair. Forget the orange foam crap. These bring the noise down to a very tolerable level without blocking out much detail.
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    I wonder why SS/T&N aren't consistent with pricing... even on their recent (non-licensed) releases the prices can vary. But yeah, hopefully this will lead to their other albums!
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    PO: Nada Surf - Never Not Together

    I love Nada Surf with all my heart but I did not love YKWYA. Hopefully this one sticks with me. The orchestra album was amazing tho.
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    AMAZING! Laughed out loud.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I felt pretty much the same. Only thing I'd add is that the movie seemed a bit long too. It made for a nice watch on a shitty night.
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    Good looking out. It’s about a $7 savings for me. If that black copy is just a TC copy but shipped to EU, I’ll cancel my TM order and go through Banquet. And I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.
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    Thank you for getting us past Page 11.
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    this happened to me when I saw pity sex, haha. there was a hip hop guy called Jacquees playing the much larger room, and I had to ask somebody where the line was for the other show. It became obvious when I saw a few skinny white dudes standing in line.
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    Thanks Derek!!! So happy to finally get my hands on this. Got the opaque yellow off Thrill Jockey. It’s sold out from LBs band camp. Those prices are awesome!!!!
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    Well, hell. Got a shipping notification late last night. May have it on hand by Saturday according to the tracking.
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    PO: Alcest - Spiritual Instinct

    Got my shipping notification yesterday, it already departed Shenzhen.
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    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S3D966F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Photo has parental warning and the listing specifically says "explicit version" in multiple places, so I'm not sure where you're getting that idea.
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    wristmeetrazor follow up their debut LP with a new two song EP. The A side track is a new song "Take Your Shot, Funboy" and it's arguably one of their heaviest to date. The B side is a cover of the Sisters of Mercy song, "Black Planet". They add their signature sound while maintaining a faithfulness to the original track. Both tracks were recorded at Bricktop Studios. Lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers. Cut at 45RPM and pressed on three different vinyl colors. The 7"s will come in deluxe multi color screen printed covers - printed by Death By Ink Print Shop. We also have a CD collection of the early wristmeetrazor EPs and the wristmeetrazor demo pressed as a 7" flexi AND a Glass Killing Floor CD which is 2/3 of wmr. VINYL- 100 glow in the dark vinyl (sold out) 150 opaque orange 150 black http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Digital tracks will be available at most streaming and download outlets via Prosthetic Records. Neither the tape nor 7" will come with a download.
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    Looks like SFTD from VMP should arrive on Tuesday. Very much looking forward to it.
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    No way! I was looking for a copy this week. Copped!
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