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    And the winner is...randomfortunepa. There were a lot of gasps and awws from my wife as she looked through the entries. Her reasoning for the winner was, "I love black cats and I love Halloween." So there's that. Thanks for everyone who joined! Full disclosure, the shit that went down when I was going to give this 7" away initially was that one of our cats was diagnosed with cancer and was gone within a month. It was one of the hardest things I've had to go through, so sharing all these cat pictures was a great tribute. Hug your babies close!
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    PO: Weezer "Van Weezer"

    Please stop buying their music, guys.
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    It has officially been a year since our bet. Post has his face on bud light cans nationwide and the number 4 song on Spotify’s global top 50 songs. Post Malone is still relevant. @B-dosia owes me $100 my Venmo is @thedillon
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    sorry your favorite band fucking sucks
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    Does this Green Day band have anything to do with the 90s band Green Day that broke up after their final album Warning? Cause that band was pretty good and this is not pretty good.
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    In case anyone missed it, you can get 25% off in the SideOneDummy store this weekend with code WORKSUCKS: https://www.sideonedummy.com/store
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    green day really going hard with the terrible album art this century.
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    Every time this thread goes bold I get the same feeling as when my ex shows up on my caller ID.
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    That was their other middle finger, index finger, pointer finger, pinky finger and thumb.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Your mom's a woman.
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    Super glad we have two threads for tool jokes now.
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    @B-dosia know you've been looking forward to this
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Official side durations below: Side A A1. Fear Inoculum [10:20] A2. Pneuma [11:53] Total duration: 22:13 Side B B1. Litanie contre la Peur [02:14] Total duration: 2:14 Side C C1. Invincible [12:44] C2. Legion Inoculant [03:09] C3. Descending [13:37] C4. Culling Voices [10:05] C5. Chocolate Chip Trip [04:48] C6. 7empest [15:43] C7. Mockingbeat [02:05] C8. Locked Groove Bonus Track Total duration: 99:99 Side D Holographic Spooky Spider Skelly Etching
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    Can confirm.
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    Theres distortion on the album art stupid
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    What happened with the last 5 albums?
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    PO: Origin of Muse 9CD + 4LP

    I was always under the impression this was the origin of Muse
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    Definitely needed more versions of this. I listen to my eight variants of the standard score daily.
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    Nah, you guys just showed me once again quite plainly why I barely visit the board anymore...what a shithole this place became!
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    Here’s the best part, for me: the stem of the problem is so obvious. The culprit is so obvious. The solution is so obvious. So why is it being handled so poorly? On several occasions I’ve read posts where the staff self-deprecates themselves, stating that moderating is a thankless job and how everyone else just shits on them. While I completely agree with the first half of that sentiment, the second part is tough to sympathize with. Shitty decisions (or lack of decisions) will warrant a negative reaction from the community. Smoke, fire, etc. If a toxic troll is very obviously bent on derailing a thread and abusing the feedback / trade system on a forum, that should be an instant ban. Not a timeout. Not a slap on the wrist. That should be a straight-up boot. But far be it from me to voice how I think the mods should do their jobs – the “timeout” system is used at their discretion, so that’s fine. My qualm comes from this same offender diving straight back into the same shitty behavior the moment they’re able to do so, and nothing being done about it. Despite tagging appropriate moderators to the issue, myself and others still have negative feedback that hasn’t been amended. I know that natural disasters – or the threat of them – have impacted some of the staff on the boards over the last few days. So, yeah; seeking shelter or preparing for the worst definitely takes priority over sorting out VC hooligans. But it seems like things have mostly subsided and as far as I can tell, we’re still stuck in the same boat? Correct me if I’m wrong. When the obvious bad apple is threatening to spoil the whole barrel, it makes sense to reach in there and chuck it out. Not seal the barrel and deprive the rest of the community from participating in a discussion. This is where the “lol mods suck” memes sprout from, and will probably continue to do so until less questionable decisions are made.
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    3" mini turntable bundles

    Yeah, but you also gobble up gimmicky shit and you’ve gone your whole life handling 3 inches. If anyone would advocate these, it would be you.
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    Tool were my favourite band for a very long time I probably considered them as such up until 10,000 days was released (and wasn't anywhere near the 2 previous albums imo)... Anywho the way they are going about releasing this new album is actually really pissing me off, I was only probably 25% chance to consider purchasing it in any form, I'm now at 0% Tool are now a parody of themselves any one buying a 'deluxe limited' physical version of this is as stupid as people who believe in god...
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    500 Pink / Yellow / Black Swirl (RFC Store Exclusive) 500 Black in Green (Turnover Exclusive) 500 Yellow & Purple Pinwheel (Rough Trade US/UK / Cooking Vinyl AUS) 1000 Half Blue / Half Yellow (Newbury Comics Exclusive) 1000 Black and Yellow Galaxy Swirl (US Indie Record Store Exclusive) 1000 Yellow Cloud (INTL Indie Record Store Exclusive) 5500 Purple https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/650879-turnover-altogether
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    Thankfully my ex only shows up on my caller ID about as often as we get new TOOL albums.
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    PO: Weezer "Van Weezer"

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    Trying really hard not to use up my daily allotment of yikes on this.
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    NOT Record Store Day Black Friday 2019

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    Prepare to be super bummed, I guess.
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    Vinyl Record Only Plays One Side

    😵 in the
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    SOON: Mae - Singularity

    The everglow.
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    It's bananas to me that even though those dudes put out a damn RSD release for a woman's charity they're 'problematic' because John Bradley wrote a shitty wannabe Bukowski story on Tumblr lol. Everyone has done douchey edgelord shit in their early 20's, I just don't see why people discredit all of the band's work over a wack fictional story one of them made up/intended to share annyomously. All I'm saying is that we should hold artists accountable for actual reprehensible bevahior, not for typing words we don't like into a computer.
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    I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to tell us how you feel about a band you don't like! I'll just not comment on the posts that feature music I don't like at all since that's a waste of time.
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    Nimrod is the last record I loved by these dudes. That was a lifetime ago.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    New Tennis System is a banger indeed. I’m obsessed with the drumming here. Such urgency all throughout.
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    I’ll be open about it. If someone is bothering someone else, the person being bothered should block the individual doing the bothering and report it to the mods. End of story. Encouraging further bothering by repeatedly responding in threads, calling names, and then crying victim is ridiculous and is just as responsible for thread derailing and closures as the alleged bothering. I want ant to say more, but I don’t think I need to.
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    bumping the old thread since the new thread got locked instead of just permabanning the obvious one single user who is the problem.
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    PO NOW: From Indian Lakes - Dimly Lit

    No one should have to finance the purchase of a vinyl record.
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    Vinyl Record Only Plays One Side

    I'm gonna say this nicely. Throw that "record player" in the trash. Smash it. Burn it. Use it as a coffee table. Join TRNQT and throw it in the crowd during a show. There's no helping it.
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    Won’t happen until the mods take out the trash for good, but I like your ambition.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    So who wants to make a 3rd Tool thread so I can actually follow one that might be helpful when the LP gets released?
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    I do like the idea of a catch-all shitshow for album impressions, redundant jokes, and general tomfuckery... but I’m all for keeping this thread clean and relevant with actual PO info, since a lot of folks are probably looking for just that while trudging through the other thread and regretting the use of their free time as a result.
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    My seventh son sacrificed me to satan when he was 66.6 days old while listening to apator, fuck all you pussies
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    I mean, you post something like that and you’re sorta asking for it
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    $53 in taxes is what made me hesitate for one second......then bought.
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    Thinking of giving up The HobbyTM

    I just turned 40. There was a time (around 2011) that I almost quit. A lot of the same reasons. Burn out, cost, moving, portability. Glad I didn't. I would honestly miss it and would probably be buying it all back now that money is not as tight. I did make a few changes though: 1. No variants - I only need one copy of a record 2. Sell the items I don't listen to 3. Only buy new releases I have already heard and believe they belong in my collection long term 4. No 7"s, singles, novelty items, etc. Just download that stuff. 5. Record player is in between my kitchen/dining room. Not sure of your layout but I would remove the player out of a small "listening: room if that is where you keep it. I play it while cooking meals, friends over, etc. I use a portable bluetooth speaker outside with phone, digital in the car.
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    Shitty Rambo

    3" mini turntable bundles

    Nah man, some people like the "novelty" of vinyl, but a lot people (on these boards specifically) collect records because we prefer the format, and like to support the bands/artist we listen to. Hell, most of us got into vinyl when it was aggressively unpopular, and the vast majority of threads on this board were about $10 records from punk/indie labels that kept the format alive because it was a cheap physical option (then, not now).
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    3" mini turntable bundles

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    If u dont beleive in god your gay tbh
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    3" mini turntable bundles

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