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    i thought this was for the band thursday
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    Imagine going on a ventilator because you have to own the soundtrack to Austin Powers on vinyl.
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    People complaining about mail delivery during a pandemic can kiss my ass and anyone’s ass out there delivering mail. It’s so insulting. Stop being a self entitled twit and realize right now things take longer and may get lost in the insane shuffle of facilities closing. Get a life.
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    Hey I made a simple tool to filter Amazon vinyl records by price. If you enter $10 - $12 you can find some cool stuff. https://budgetvinyl.000webhostapp.com/ no longer working https://wp.me/p82fcI-2V filter in some categories here
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    No fuckin way this soft ass bullshit belongs here.
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    I'll try and attend at least one of these dates but it's not just about the limited releases for me anymore. The last 5 years or so I've taken my Dad to a couple of shops and we grab a beer and lunch after. We don't stand in line or anything, we tend to shop in the afternoon and usually there's a RSD release or 2 we were looking for along with some used stuff we end up grabbing. If we miss anything I just go online and grab them on discogs the week after. My Mom has even started framing the exclusive RSD posters my Dad picks up while we're out. So yeah, it's become more of a father and son thing over the years, which is awesome and we both look forward to it every year.
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    Dumbest thing I’ve read on VC in quite a while, and that is no small feat.
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    No splatter!?
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    The suspense! I feel like this could strike at any point. It could...strike anywhere. I'll show myself out.
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    Hot take: everything this band released after Act III pales drastically in comparison to that first trilogy.
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    If you want to have a portfolio of value, don’t buy records, buy stocks and index funds.
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    PO Now!: Into It. Over It. - Standards

    Looks like the new album is on the way!
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    might as well. the hobby. before after jazz corner
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    How bout I post what I like, sorry you find it stressful lol
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    Welp, I'll be the one to say it. Are you seriously denying Pure Noise pulls that shit?! Almost every fuckin release you need to buy some hoodie/pin/bag/frisbee/whatever in order to get the rarest vinyl variant. Let me say this, Jake is an old friend of mine and I have nothing but respect fom him and the label. You represent that label, therefor I respect you. But common man, don't call someone out for cracking jokes about the fact that you guys pull that crap. As someone who ran a label myself for years, I get it. You gotta move records, you gotta pay bills, hell pure noise even has employees, that something I know nothing about. I had bundles in my webstore for a few preorders myself, but ultimately it was just pissing off my customers. Which results in less records sold, which hurts releases/bands, and so on and so on. So I eventually moved away from the bundles. And starting seeing how it felt on the other end as a customer. It sucks! I can't tell you the amount of releases by Pure Noise I passed on and just said "I'll grab that eventually" because I didn't want to pay for the extra crap. We're here for the vinylz bro! Not the other goodies we're being suckered into buying. Hopefully if anything comes of this conversation, we can get the rarest version of the new Strike Anywhere LP by itself. No disrespect. Long live PN!
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    updated thread title with appropriate dates.
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    Thanks to all of you who have listened so far. We are super excited about the band and album. We hope to get physical copies available for Pre-order soon. We actually had test presses in-hand before the world shut down. So yeah, Friday = Listen on all streaming services. If you are inclined to support us, pick up merch from my store and/or the DW stores. Keep in mind that on Friday Bandcamp will be forfeiting their profit and giving everything to the labels/bands who supply them with content: Ie: Buy the album there on Friday to help us all.. Thanks again.
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    Probably a good idea to check shipping rates before buying
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    I did actually put a Bad Rabbits 7" in one of them! I don't have any left of the American Love or Mimi singles, so it was slim pickin's Fun fact: I do have a completely unreleased Bad Rabbits 7" lathe cut featuring a song that I am legally not allowed to sell because of song clearance issues. Part of the whole Mimi delay fiasco. Anyhow, I allllllmost stuck one of those in these mystery boxes...but I don't want to get sued either.
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    Imagine all labels adapting this mentality. Flippers would increase their resale price to make a wider profit margin if $40 LPs were the new norm, and it’s not hard to fathom the cycle ramping up from there. Picture someone like Mondo or VMP implementing a direct rarity-to-price ratio... where they’re aware that a $30 exclusive is guaranteed to sell out in hours and fetch big bucks on Discogs shortly after, so they assign a $70 price-tag to “offset” the difference. With this approach, everyone is punished. You’re essentially saying that it’s “business savvy” for true fans and vinyl enthusiasts to pay an extra $10+ per record, to make up for the minority of greedy assholes. It’s disturbing to me that anyone’s grasp of the hobby could be that impaired in the year 2020. I hope and pray you never have any kind of influence or input on any release I may be interested in down the road.
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    I'd rather complain about this ^^ Why do you always sound like a late-night TV ad?
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    Dude, just stop. Admit what you did is inappropriate and move on. People who can’t admit their faults are the worst. You act like you’re being victimized when really all that’s happening is people are telling you what you did is shitty and to stop. They’re right, you’re wrong. Plus, you’re the genius that came in here and blew off at the keyboard with what you did, nobody forced it out of you. What did you expect the outcome to be? Cheers and a parade for you’re self righteous thievery? GTFO. I can’t take you seriously.
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    While I 100% agree with @jrodan and wouldn't do what you did, I understand why you did it. If I ran a business of any kind, I'd look for every way to save some $. Unfortunately the USPS can't make "profits" or anything of the sort and are in a kind of stranglehold. If they had to cut delivery to a few days a week, I'd be alright I guess, but I'd really like to maintain the status quo. So, I've been trying to buy and sell as much as I can/ want. @Shitty Rambo If we still had downvotes, I wouldn't downvote anyone over this, but I do think that we'd all be broke as fuck without the USPS. Ever tried to ship a record with UPS? Fucking costly.
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    Because he is a serial cheater and kinda creepy - grooming her to be his wife when she was only 17/18 (and also cheating on Sherri at the time)
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    I would live your best life, call eBay on the phone when you have time, and just relay that you believe the feedback is unwarranted and why. If you have extra time and they tell you “no”, hang up and call back a few times until you find someone who gets your situation. In the end, if they still won’t remove it, I’d just offer a good riddance to the whole thing and enjoy seeing the negative feedback fade from the 1 month column to the 6 month column and then, eventually, out of view. eBay and Discogs buyers can drive you wild if you try and meet them in their arena of dumbness. Build up that zen brain for when you get an especially zany one. ✌🏽
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    General Pure Noise News

    Not vinyl but a new Can't Swim ep dropped today https://open.spotify.com/album/2vsNr3uR7EfWMj2Qqt0i4U?si=N3DCU7aJRnKP_K7_TZfy-w
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

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    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    a static lullaby - ... and don't forget to breathe
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    Spontaneous think-tank session: a PIXAR-type movie where mail packages have personalities, and a group of them decide to fraudulently change their destination to Miami to finally see the ocean and go on vacation. One of them is a record with a sad corner bump.
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    Fuckin' meat and ammo are scarce and marked up. These releases will for sure get the red marker treatment, especially since businesses are severely struggling right now and will be absolutely desperate in a few months (if they're even around by then). I wonder if a couple stores will be like, "yeah, fuck this, we have them in stock and bills to pay, buy em online now." If even one did this it would snowball and kill this entire dumbass idea lol
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    I'd be into this if it stays focusesd on hardcore and punk. I feel that if this gets into pop punk and ska, it will be redundant and useless.
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    unknown pleasures

    Record store gofundmes

    I mean, it's funny how quickly people's conception of things change. Not to defend Amoeba, but it wasn't that long ago that record stores were disappearing left and right. Truth be told, it's a minor miracle a place as large as Amoeba managed to stay open through the early 2000s when everything was going digital. As others have noted, it's not like they have small shops in low cost areas. Then the vinyl boom happened, turntables are featured in every trendy Netflix series, a new VYNL vinyl subscription service pops up every other month, Urban Outfitters has a whole section of their megastores dedicated to records and everyone thinks these venerable indie shops just rake it in but the places like Amoeba and Reckless and Bullmoose didn't just pop up overnight in the middle of the vinyl boom, I'm sure they had many lean years leading up to the 2010s and the age of Record Store Days.
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    Record store gofundmes

    100%. I was and still am totally onboard with supporting local anything - especially when I can tell those companies are grinding as best they can. My local sit-in pizza place created a website and now takes orders online and via the phone for pickup/contact-less delivery. Nice. The local craft brewery in my old neighborhood can't open their taproom/bar. They're still brewing new beers every week and offering pickup/delivery on everything. Nice. A record store with 300 employees (what the fuck) and a well established online order system can't pay rent on the building they just sold for $34million. Fuck off. It's not just Amoeba, either. Shit like this: https://www.gofundme.com/f/landlocked-employee-tip-jar They aren't paying their hourly employees, but want me to? For... free? Same thing from Bowery Ballroom: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-bowery-ballroom-and-mercury-lounge-staff Turntable Lab: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-the-turntable-lab-storefront-crew I understand people like to be charitable, but man there's something super gross about an employer laying off their staff and then putting that on their customers by guilting them with shit like "Have you ever bought a record from that nice single mother at the checkout counter? Have you ever seen a show here and been pointed to the bathroom by one of our staff? Have you ever enjoyed the smile of the nice bouncer outside keeping you safe at one of our events? Well those employees are STARVING now because we FIRED THEM! PLEASE consider donating ANYTHING you CAN!!!! SHOW YOUR LOVE!!!" I guess no harm in asking for it since it sure seems like people are more than willing to give out money for free - in this economy - lol. But, I know I'll be remembering what companies did everything they could to adapt and survive - and the ones that begged me for free money because I once gave them money for goods/services in the past.
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    Looks really nice, but overall these OSTs are pretty forgetful.
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    Bruh aka "I can't believe I paid $35 for this shit"
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    This is why I stream collectible 90s/2000s ska punk records and purchase boring unpopular sad indie rock records that depreciate in value by 70% as soon as you click “Buy”.
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    Fearless Records Vinyl Sale

    I just wish they'd press Gatsbys Volcano
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    The debut full length “Everyone I’ve Ever Loved“ from Valleyheart is finally being released on vinyl! This is a phenomenal record that didn’t get the attention it deserved when it was released on Rise Records a while back, so give it a listen if you haven’t heard of this band. There is also a shirt, wall flag, and 8-track available both individually and as a bundle. 1st pressing: Navy and Gold split / 500 Pre-Order Listen on Spotify
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/products/nick-drake-five-leaves-left-lp Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left also marked as free on uDiscover
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    https://deathwishinc.com/collections/safe-inside/products/stepping-stone-escape-from-the-junkyard new stepping stone. The single rips.
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    Didn’t actually look at the image and was frantically searching the PV item description to see if I was still getting the special artwork. You got me.
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    PO: Gleemer - down through

    This will be a sick album! a
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Vinyl up on ambientinks for US: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/themidnight/featured?fbclid=IwAR0Bxgh1ZMCdhV0ycnVeUOhJJMYT1gCGFOaPYqeHeAyl2fx1NAQuY6TMukk And midnight store for UK: https://store-uk.themidnightofficial.com/
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    https://magazine.vinylmeplease.com/magazine/tidal-info/ Andrew: This is the first black vinyl Record of the Month we’ve done since, what, Big Bill Broonzy 15 months ago. Why did we end up doing black on this release? Cam: Fiona’s camp decided that since this is Tidal’s first release, they wanted to try to keep it as much as possible like it would have been if the vinyl came out in 1996. If they were doing the vinyl package in 1996, they would not have put it on color vinyl. They would have included a lyric book identical to what came with the cd. They wouldn’t have added bonus tracks or an additional disc or done alternate art work. It would have just been the album, on high quality black vinyl, and that’s it. So that’s what we went with. And I actually love the simplicity of it.
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    Norma Jean - Meridional Repress

    While they’re at it press I Am Hollywood already for fuck sake
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    Norma Jean - Meridional Repress

    I just wanna say whoever actually has the rights to these old school metalcore releases, like NJ and UØ, that isn't pressing them to make bank is a big stupid idiot.
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