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  1. No one is saying you support it by liking something in the past. But giving that artist money now would be.
  2. I don't think I have ever owned a single Manson record. I was a fan about 25 years ago, but that phase of my life has long passed. So sorry never sold anything Manson. Now I have sold off most of my Brand New records. I get that its hard to be a fan of something that is vey problematic now. I also have several Wander Franco cards that are now probably trash....But yeah IMO there is a big difference between getting rid of something you already have then spending money that would continue to go directly to these probablamatic characters.
  3. I can't imagine any label wants to be associated with him currently.
  4. No one should be spending any money that goes to Marilyn Manson......
  5. I have around 3,000 7" I would sell for $1 each. Hit me up in a message and we can set up the details.
  6. Sure I have hundreds I'll sell for $1. How many are you looking to buy?
  7. If you can shoot me a message about anything you interested I'm happy to set you up a better price. I'm not seeing $40 on my end, but not sure how to see international prices to simulate it.
  8. Shipping a small item (CD, Tape, 7") to Canada is set at $15. If it's not showing up right on a specific item just let me know!
  9. Well...me not knowing the abreviation is probably a bad sign to start with? Looking through my listings I Am the Avalanche? If so the only thing I have of theirs is the split 7" they did with Saves the Day.
  10. Did you see something that you wanted yesterday that was priced at $24.99?....well today its now dropped down to $19.99. And if you see something you want and I don't have the lowest price on discogs already let me know...LETS MAKE A DEAL!
  11. Hey why not seeing more and more thread that state collection for sale and then links to discogs so.... https://www.discogs.com/seller/stl_ben/profile I just dropped prices on a lot of my inventory. Currently have over 500 items listed for $10 or less. If you see anything are interested feel free to shot me a message here as I am happy to make deals if you are wanting to bundle some stuff together.
  12. California came out in 2016 and has great artwork from acclaimed street artist D*Face...so not sure how thats stoping being creative.

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