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  1. That works well for a very small venue, will calls aren't equipped for a larger floor section entirely being will called. You want CC-only entry. u2 did it for all the floors of the stadium Joshua Tree tour and other than Vancouver which was the first stop on the bill, it was a massive success. I was on the floor in Toronto and I walked up, they scanned my credit card, it beeped and they gave us two GA Floor wristbands. Bam. Took all of 5 seconds.
  2. StubHub is actually scalpers though, not necessarily TicketBastard moving tickets as they own TicketsNow while StubHub and eBay are partners. TicketMaster makes their money with "Platinum Tickets" and you know they can very likely move tickets as "reseller" tickets without anyone being the wiser. Most people are probably not going to buy $500 tickets thinking they can scalp them for a tonne of money, most of the tickets on StubHub are higher and lower bowls not the expensive front floors. They've made their money already. I just counted 1042 tickets on StubHub for the Detroit show, capacity is 15,083 for concerts. So they have 6.9% of the tickets on there. They could help by making all lower bowl seats and floors CC-only entry. Then you can't scalp them outside of NY state where the laws are very pro-scalper and require paper options be made available. Trent Reznor made a good post about it in 2009 ahead of the fantastic NIN/JA tour, the old NIN site's forums are gone but his post is archived in several places like this one - http://www.brooklynvegan.com/trent-reznor-th/ The attorney general in NY had a scathing report come out about the current state, really good but infuriating read - https://ag.ny.gov/pdfs/Ticket_Sales_Report.pdf
  3. Because the CD talk is almost strictly to do with market availability, not fidelity or mastering, etc.
  4. Sesquipedalian should only be capitalized at the start of a sentence.
  5. At 8 I was telling my parents what a Googolplex was. At 8, my first born was telling me that a Googolplex is no longer the biggest defined number and it’s now a googolplexian.
  6. Over 300 seeding the CD-quality FLACs at the current incarnation of Oink > What.CD > Xanax > Apollo > xxxxxxxx Don't know if allowed to mention it directly, but I'm sure mentioning the defunct versions is okay.
  7. Weight has nothing to do with sound, but there was only one master done by Bob Ludwig for all media so it literally cannot be "more dynamic" than any other version. Classic Records also prepared the inital pressing for Zoo, which is likely why it was also done at RTI (same as the 200g TPs) Original 180g test from RTI -https://www.discogs.com/Tool-Ænima/release/7763661
  8. It's cut from the same lacquers so we know it's not possible to have a different mix or master and thus will not have different dynamics, likely the differences are either placebo effect or the original copy just happens to be a bad individual record which happens occasionally; for the VAST majority of people, they will be identical.
  9. Classic didn't go out of business until @ 2010, they did the Peter Gabriel catalogue on 200g single-sided 45rpm Clarity Vinyl in 2009. The reissue of AEnima just fell through, so probably someone from the label pulled the plug on it. The original vinyl of AEnima was prepared by Classic for Zoo (according to Discogs info on the Classic 200g test pressing) and was pressed at RTI so if you have an original, there's no sonic reason I'm aware of to seek out a Test Pressing. The TPs of the 200g will sound good because it appears Classic had quite a number of them done vs. the standard 5-10 copies for QC you'd typically see, but Classic did that a lot. Their TPs are legit, but certainly not limited to 10.
  10. Pretty sure a high resolution download will also be available on that date, given that's likely the master for everything else I will just purchase that and be done with it. Also, I gave up quite quickly on 10,000 Days when it came out...rediscovering it this week via the new 24/96 remaster and I'm so much more into it now than I was back then. I really like the mix and the production also, sounds fantastic on my main HiFi.
  11. Well The Beatles just took over the internet with a 50 year old album, haha.
  12. Thank you and bless ye! Always happy to see others out there that care about video quality and audio fidelity. I upgraded last December to 4K, Panasonic 65" 4K OLED, Sony X800 which allows DVD-Audio and SACD playback also, and bumped my 5.2 system to 5.2.4 Atmos/dts:X-capable with the addition of four Pioneer Atmos modules. Bought my first Blu-ray in 2006. The new 4K Ultra HD format is the single biggest upgrade in quality from one format generation to the next I've witnessed in my lifetime, HDR on an OLED rules.
  13. That's just covering their butts, goes across the Atlantic and tranfers to Royal Mail same as USPS does. Don't know why they put such absurd transit times. I've ordered cheapie shipping to here from UK, DE, ES, IT and FR and never taken more than 2-3 weeks regular mail. Of course if you're wanting it more quickly, Amazon US' courier options for expedited/express/etc will definitely be cheaper. I can send a record from Buffalo, NY to UK same price as it costs me from Toronto > Montreal. Canada Post rates are ridiculous.