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  1. Adam's newest Instagram post shows they're recording and mixing to analogue tape. \m/ \m/
  2. Agreed! Tracks like Routine and Home Invasion, terrific drumming. I love the HCE album, even the more atmospheric stuff like Perfect Life sounds bloody terrific in surround.
  3. Other than 10,000 days, the masterings of all the Tool albums on CD have been excellent and have avoided The Loudness Wars, and even 10,000 days is still nowhere near the dynamic range compression levels we see on NIN and Red Hot Chili Pepper records...they've done a really good job with mastering. Hopefully that won't change on the new album. However for those that don't have $400 to plonk down on AEnima on vinyl, the idea of getting one pressed at one of the top houses mastered by someone like Grundman, Bellman, RK Smith, Gray, etc., cut directly from the original analogue master, it's hard not to get excited. If they're done properly and they do a box set, day one preorder for me. I went through two US copies (2006, using the same lacquers as the 1999 release) of Undertow and they both stunk compared to the CD. I listened to the shit out of this album when it was released, as an angry 19 year old sometimes with a brain full of acid, it is a deeply personal album for me...would love a copy on my turntable that does it (the album) justice.
  4. The label wasn't going to do anything, Steven mentioned as much in a Q&A on Quadraphonic Quad a few years ago: Dec.14.2014 - Hello folks Firstly, I'm very glad you enjoy these records. In Absentia especially remains an album of which I'm very proud. Unfortunately as the sound recordings are owned by Warners, and they seem neither interesting in revamping them, or allowing anyone else to license them to do the job, at present any kind of reissue of these 2 albums seems rather remote. S http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/showthread.php?18341-Will-In-Absentia-or-Deadwing-be-Reissued Now that Kscope has the rights to these albums Steven has been able to remaster them for vinyl without the ugly loudness wars mastering found on the existing stereo masterings. No doubt they're going to sound fantastic. Suck it Warners!
  5. Confirmed that AEnima was recorded and mixed entirely analogue (mixed to 1/2" tape) whereas Lateralus multis were transferred to ProTools and then mixed to 1/2" tape. So the possibility for a new AAA release of AEnima is certainly there. In order to do Lateralus AAA they'd need to remix the album, I don't see that happening - but if they cut it directly from the unmastered 1/2" stereo mix then we could still get a bloody brilliant fully dynamic release of Lateralus as well. Fingers crossed that magic will occur.
  6. They also did a 2LP 45rpm release in 1987. The original vinyl is cut at a very low volume due to the running times per side and as a result has a high noise floor. This is just science.
  7. We need a remix, not a remaster. The lack of bass is in the stereo mix, so no amount of mastering is going to fix it. The album desperately needs a new mix and release it alongside the original mix so that no-one can say revisionism is bad as they wouldn't be trying to replace it. Hopefully the original multitracks are in good shape. Heck if they managed to find the original PRE-bounce tapes for Sgt Peppers 50 years later to create new stereo and 5.1 mixes, there's hope for AJFA.
  8. I think you're correct, I'm pretty sure Ron and Sylvia mixed Undertow on a Neve 8038 console. Even 10,000 Days appears to have been kept all analogue right until the final mastering stage when Bob Ludwig used a Pyramix DAW which in 2005/2006 would have been capable of DXD. Final master was 24/96, but does the stereo master mix (ie - before the mastering) exist on tape? According to mixonline's interview with Barresi and Ludwig the multitrack format was analogue tape but also dumped to ProTools "to preserve it". It also states the album was mixed by Barresi on an SSL G+ console which is an analogue mixing console. So was the ProTools dump just for archival purposes and the mix was all analogue right up to the mastering stage? I do like what Bob said about it: "If any record deserves to be heard in surround sound, it's this one. There's so much tone painting and so much color. It would just be a thrill to hear it in surround sound. And with 96k, 24-bit masters, we're ready for any kind of high-resolution digital projects.” I'll see if Mr. L can shed some light on the final process, he's usually very responsive to courteous e-mails. Have also asked Adam for some insight on the earlier albums. It does sounds like Opiate, Undertow and AEnima were all mixed on Neve consoles.
  9. I'm cautiously optimistic about the Tool reissues. From the sounds of things they aren't well underway, and Adam Jones has been taking thoughts from lots of people at SHTV including myself and seems to be really noting the information/recommendations. Lots of recommendations for 5.1 which would be aces, but he's a vinyl fan and he's heard a lot of feedback on how to do vinyl properly so hopefully they'll be involved and ensure the remasters are treated with care and not just "180g audiophile whoo hooo yay" marketing BS. He has liked a lot of the posts supplying insightful information...I recommended using a mastering house that can cut and master in an all analogue chain and suggested: i) Bernie Grundman Mastering (either Bernie or Chris Bellman would be fine) ii) AcousTech / Cohearent Audio (Kevin Gray or Steve Hoffman with Kevin Gray) and iii) Sterling Sound (Ryan K. Smith who took over from George Marino and now masters in George's old room, Ryan was his protege) I would easily buy both AAA 2LP vinyl release for stereo and Blu-ray for 5.1 of any of the Tool albums...cost is no barrier when it comes to these works of art.
  10. Ludwig doesn't cut vinyl and hasn't in ages, he masters and then his digital files will be send to someone to cut lacquers.
  11. Often you'll find 15% off coupons for these guys and their inners and outer sleeves are excellent (the Diskeeper ones) and their pricing ordering directly is better than their pricing on Amazon. For box sets, these have been aces for me - http://www.sleevecityusa.com/ultimate-outer-boxed-set-pack-of-25-p/9350.htm
  12. Discogs is pretty sloppy like that, I know it's the users that are sloppy but it still irks me when people don't use the system properly.
  13. One good thing about the inner labels on the records, we can see that Dirt was recorded to 24-track 30ips analogue tape. Hopefully some day Alice In Chains' masterpiece (IMO) will get the proper 2LP AAA treatment it deserves, c'mon Analog Spark!
  14. Currently a difference of $0.13 by ordering from Amazon.