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  1. My box set is out for delivery today. I got no email but it showed up on my informed delivery.
  2. I have so many memories of my grandmother playing this game. I haven’t actually played though it but randomly bought it when I saw it was released on the switch. I picked this up just because it’s something that will remind me of her.
  3. This just arrived on my doorstop. It’s a big yellow box, the hoodie, a metal arch card and the vinyl sealed.
  4. A couple of these already sold on eBay for $200. This can’t be real life.
  5. Black copy of first pressing that was limited to 250. $35 shipped.
  6. New album March 26th. Vinyl and other bundles here. https://68.tmstor.es/
  7. My copy “shipped” on the 12th of December and just now finally made it to UPS.
  8. https://otherpeoplerecords.store/collections/gleemer?page=3 they’re up! - also, does anyone have experience with fixing warped records? I have an extra black copy of down through that arrived warped. I have it under a super heavy book and a bin of other heavy things. It’s been a couple months now but I haven’t checked if it worked.

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